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Designer, Phillip Gorrivan

The difference between interior stylist, decorator and designer can be a bit confusing, i still don’t know what i am.  

But last week at Vegas market i met some Designers; the real deal, the ones who’s projects take  3 years, the people who conceptualize, build, design and decorate a house or hotel from the ground up, the ones who customize every single piece of furniture and accessory. They were all so generous with their information and so lovely to be around.  

One of whome is Phillip Gorrivan. As soon as i left market i looked him up and this is what i found:

I wanted to do a round headboard recently for my Guest Room, but didn’t quite have the balls. I sure wish i had seen this picture before because it’s awesome. 

This might be my favorite. It’s high design, but totally eclectic. 

The day that i met him i was presenting at the market about trends and one of them was grafitti inspired design and i used this picture, not knowing that it was his.  It would be like hearing a song for the first time on the same day that you met the musician. Such a weird coincidence.  

Again with the balls, Phil. 

I love this chinoiserie bedroom SOOOOO much.  A total fantasy.  And while the matching of the wallpaper to the window treatment to the bedskirt seems very 80’s, get ready for it to come back, because it is.  

And there you have it.  Phillip Gorrivan, everyone. You all probably knew who he was but I didn’t.  Well now, Phil, i do.  I also met Betsey Burnham and her project manager of 5 years, Max, who were both soooooo awesome. 

Off to go tour the Breakers in Newport Rhode Island….follow me on instagram for pics this week while i’m on vacation ’emhenderson’ looking very waspy and rich.  I’m talking sweater over shoulders, vintage scarves in hair, and boat shoes at all times.  I’m going for that ‘Marilyn Monroe in Nantucket’ vibe. Stay tuned.   


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