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Designer Mashup Challenge with Project Runway

Big old announcement, friends. It’s a Designers Mashup with HP, Jeanne from Aphrochic fame, Hewlitt Packard, and ME for a big Project Runway project.


In case you don’t know Aphrochic, Jeanine is a designer and blogger who has really beautiful African inspired textiles and wallpapers.  They are rad.

I used her wallpaper in the recently aired episode of Secrets from a Stylist, ‘Sexy Aphro Glam’:

This room is one of my favorites i’ve ever designed, if i do say so myself.

I didn’t style these shots that were taken by Patrick, but he did a great job because that room had no natural light – that sole window looked into a wall.


It’s so girly and feminine, but i could absolutely live there.

Those tables are from West Elm, but everything else is vintage and reupholstered or refinished.  The rug was from Bonita Interiors in Pasadena (i want this rug so bad, it is exactly what i’ve been looking for for my entrance), and the drapes are custom made, hot pink linen from Grey Lines in New York.

So that is Jeanine, the designer of the wallpaper and an all around extremely lovely and talented person. The wallpaper is called ‘Vibe’ and i’ve loved it forever because the motif is African inspired but the colors are so updated and unexpected.  My client screamed and cried when she saw this room. Watch that episode HERE.   It’s called ‘Sexy Aphro Glam’.

So now Jeanine and I have been asked to partner up for a design challenge for Project Runway and Hewlitt Packard. We are to design a new product inspired by this season of PR and then during the Project Runway finale (s’right, i’m going to the final runway show and i’m going to the parties afterward) we will present them to HP and Project Runway with the three other teams that are doing it.

So what does that mean for you? You guys get to decide which outfit our product will be inspired by:



Jeanine and I will count up the comments between both blogs and whatever outfit/styles win will be the inspiration for the wallpaper we’ll design.  Then we’ll design it on one of those fancy HP Touchsmart with photoshop, like they do on Project Runway.

Then i’ll spend the next six weeks planning my outfits for the big night, which is really why i’m doing all of this. I’ve watched every season of Project Runway since it started and am a massive fan, so being able to go to the final show and the party afterwards is major.

Vote away, my friends.  Make it work…

1. Pattern gone Wild

2. Crazy 80’s or

3. Modern Floral

And naturally you can vote twice so head to Jeanine’s Blog, Aphrochic and cast your vote there.  You have til August 18th and then we’ll blog about the results and start the design process. We only have til September 4th, which is crazy, but sometimes the best things come out of really hard deadlines. Wish me luck…


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