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by Emily Henderson


I’ve been pretty obsessed with this shot for a while now.  I think it was in House Beautiful a few months ago.   I can’t get enough open shelving – to house all the books that i refuse to get rid of because i either a. will of course read them someday, for sure, definitely, just need the time – (infinite jest anyone?), or b. will reread them because i love them so much (anything joan didion or paul auster, and yes, i actually do reread), or c. they are just pretty and make me happy.  (really i fear that the reason is they make me look smart, and i need all the help in that…)
So, while i’m not prepared to fork over real dough for this Dutch-Etagere-open-shelvesDutch-Etagere-open-shelves
Restoration hardware, Dutch Etagere $1295.
I might be able to do this: (which I actually prefer)


Decker Shelving, anthropologie, $698.  Not now, but it could be something to save up for.
For now I have a couple of these:


Ikea, Gorm $29.99, which even as i’m typing it i’m thinking ‘lord, how boring’ but also, ‘wow, that there is a price difference’, eh?  So i have my wallpaper that i’m going to put behind it.  Which now is looking super nuts, but no turning back  – literally no returns or exchanges, those brits apparently aren’t aware of my penchant for returning things.
Osbourne and Little Maharani.  (it’s a lot brighter and lighter than this, and remember the scale is huge)

Decisions have to be made in the next couple of days of where to put it, if at all.  I leave town for a couple weeks next week, and mr. brian said he will put it up when i’m gone.  and when i say he ‘says’ it means when i ask him, he will probably give in due to incessant begging.  cross your fingers.


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