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Customize It: Fabric Braided Mirror

Its another DIY post by my friend Stephanie Todaro of Maker Made. This time its a pretty darn cute braided fabric mirror for all of your vanity needs. Take it away, Steph!

Hey y’all! If you’re anything like me, you tend to keep a mirror in every room. No, it’s not a vanity thing. It’s a mirrors-create-a-larger-room-effect-and-reflect-great-light thing…with just a dash of vanity. But if you’re also anything like me, you always like to add a bit of spice to the simple and traditional.

So when seeking inspiration for this DIY project, I decided to keep it easy but fun by simply adding a hint of whimsy with a braided fabric detail.  It’s a pretty straightforward project with a nice personal touch.

Customize It: Fabric Braided Mirror

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Mirror (We chose a circular mirror for this project, but you could very well go with a square, rectangle, oval, octagon…embrace the geometry people!)
  • Serving tray is the same shape as mirror (Here’s where the circular mirror made things simpler. This IKEA one we chose just happened to be the perfect size!)
  • Fabric of your choice (Quantity will be based on the size of your mirror. You will be braiding this, so make sure you get enough to cover the circumference of the mirror with a little extra for hanging and obviously make sure it can be easily braided)
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint
  • Gorilla glue or hot glue + glue gun


1. Take your fabric and cut it into three, 2-inch wide strips along the longest side of the fabric.

Customize It: Fabric Braided Mirror

Customize It: Fabric Braided Mirror

2. Tie the three pieces together by knotting one end and start to braid the lose fabric. (If your fabric starts to fray, no worries, you can just trim those pesky strings later.)

3. Once braided, tie a knot at the other end to seal the braid.

4. Take your serving platter and spray paint it.

Customize It: Fabric Braided Mirror

5. Then take your Gorilla glue and glue the mirror to the inside of the serving platter. You’ve now created a lovely, framed mirror. And the edge of this serving platter will act as a surface for you to glue your braided fabric too.

6. Go ahead and polish that mirror so it’s nice and clean!

*HELPFUL HINT: Before gluing the fabric to the mirror, make sure to size the braid long the edge of the mirror so you can make sure you end up with enough of the braid at the top to act as your hook.

Customize It: Fabric Braided Mirror

7. Take your Gorilla glue again and adhere the braided fabric to the edge of the mirror. Be sure to press down on the braid along the edges to keep it in place.

8. Once the braid is securely glued down, take your two knotted ends at the top and fashion them into a single knot.

*HELPFUL HINT: You can get a bit creative here. You can tie one large knot. You could tie them in a bow. You could tuck the knots into one another (like in our version). You could wobble them to-and-fro…joke. Secure them however you like!

Customize It: Fabric Braided Mirror

9. Hang in your desired location and compliment yourself endlessly as you stare at your gorgeous face!




Stephanie Todaro is a Midwest-bred, West coast-raised, globetrotting gal who spends her days running a creative digital agency in Los Angeles. She recently opened up a small wood shop, Maker Made, with her dad where they handcraft simple and rustic items for the home and garden. In her time off, Stephanie likes to craft, blog about her pup, Mr. Harvey, and roam the streets of LA looking for inspiration and marvelous things to photograph.

All photos by Tessa Neustadt


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