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Cover girl, HGTV magazine.

YES!!! I’m proud to announce that  I scored a spot on the front of the HGTV magazine this month:

They don’t really put people on the cover as the ‘cover shot’, so to get to be a person on the cover means they like me.  And i like them, so that works out to be a wonderful, nay PERFECT relationship.  Thank you thank you. thank you

Inside is my living room (before i moved….which makes me miss it…although i can’t wait to also share my new one).

I’m soooo thankful and grateful because they have a HUGE readership and to have your house in a magazine (not a clients, not just your writing, but a space that totally represents you) is priceless.


That’s me, folks, shot by Victoria Pearson.  A real live spread in a PRINTED magazine, which is of course more rare and more rare these days.  It’s a total honor and pleasure and i couldn’t wait for it to come out.

It’s VERY, VERY hard to look at your own space objectively, but every time I look at this space i’m all, ‘Yep, thats totally me’. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment to myself an insult or just a statement, but i gravitate towards that room (literally, physically and figuratively) and yes, i love it.  I just makes me happy. Its the perfect combination of styles (‘Crazy English Grandma meets 70’s Palm Springs).

So where is everything from?

1. The amazing vintage velvet sofa – From The good Mod in Portland Oregon for $700 (yes he gave me a deal, it was originally $900…still a total score). I love it dearly. Its so deep and comfortable (probably because its 40 years old). I was totally nauseous when i bought it because i’d never spent that much before on one thing in my life (including a car and wedding dress….combined) but i’m so glad i pulled the trigger.  It is exactly what my person wants to sit on and look at.  Me, being ‘my person’.

2. The Rug – from RUGS USA. It’s the Plymouth Marfil pattern in navy and ivory, 7′ 6″ x 9′ 6″ (closest to an 8×10). It’s originally $819 but 35% off right now.  I totally love it.  It’s super plush and soft. It did shed for about 6 months, though, so don’t be surprised. It’s stopped now.  Link HERE. 

3. The leather chair – i found a pair of these in Salt Lake this year for $900 for the pair and had them shipped out. They are perfection in a chair – comfortable, 70’s, beautiful caramel leather, amazing rosewood and a steal at $450 each.

4. The graphic blue pillow on the sofa – Lands’ End. I don’t think its still available but they have the most adorable nautical ones right now, link HERE.  

5. Brass coffee table – from one of my favorite vintage dealers on Lankershim blvd in the valley. I think i paid $450, but it might have been $400. I forget. Doesn’t matter because it belongs in my heart.

6. Vintage Red Cross flag.  I got this at a vintage store for $175 which i actually think is overpriced, but then i framed it myself (with pine furring strips and black carpet tacks).  I’ve got a lot of miles out of that flag and am seriously debating retiring it for a while. But its just so ‘me’ at this point…..

7. Cement dalmation. No household is complete without some sort of over-sized and overweight lawn animal.  I got her at Staci’s store, 45 Three Modern Vintage for, i think, $200.  I bought it for the show, but it never made it in. Whoops. Its at my house now and it is very, very, very, happy.


8. brass drum table – dunno, probably the flea market. probably $75.

9. peacock painting – flea market for $60, but then framed it for $250. But i loves it.

10. Leather pouf – flea market $40

11. Porcelain bird lamp – 45 Three Modern Vintage. Another ‘I bought it for the show and i fostered it for a while and then no client wanted it…..’. such a shame that it has to be mine.  (read:  sarcasm, this lamp belongs to me and the inner crazy lady inside me that loves porcelain tchoktches).

12. My slippers, From Lands End. These slippers come in a bunch of different colors (although i do love the hot pink) and are pretty much perfect, especially for $29.99 (on sale right now).  Like HERE.

13. That plant is a Maiden Hair Fern – you can get them almost everywhere (and keep them for a week – 10 days before they die….these are fragile little buggers, but also super cheap)

Go pick it up and/or subscribe.  Blog, tweet, pin away, i’ll love you forever for it.  Comment away, tell me/hgtv mag what you think.

Thanks HGTV Magazine.  You can come over anytime.

Everything was shot by the amazing Victoria Pearson.  She’s the real deal, folks, and such a pleasure to work with.



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