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The Link Up: Em’s Gripping New Podcast Rec, Mal’s Favorite Cooling Sunscreen, And Two More Awesome Spring Dresses We Just Bought

Happy Sunday everyone and Memorial Day weekend! Hope you’re having a good one. Did everyone see the farmhouse back patio reveal?? I think ALL of us are ready to start eating outside full-time after seeing those pretty photos. And since it’s a holiday week for hopefully most of our American readers, here’s to an extra day of relaxation. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and of course, these links:)

This week’s house tour is a hotel! But not just any hotel, it was designed by the incredible Dorothée Meilichzon with the Experimental Group (check out their other collabs here). Montesol Experimental is in Ibiza and was designed to perfection. The interesting shapes (that headboard!), playful color palette, and wild textures make this hotel a new item on our “visit someday” list. Check it out here!

From Emily: I found a podcast series that was gripping (and makes cleaning the house or doing laundry FLY BY). I listen to 12-18 hours of podcasts a week (walking dogs and cleaning the house) and this is one of my favorites of the last two years. It’s true crime, but not in a creepy “can’t listen to while walking the dogs at night” kind of way. It’s about a murder that happened 35 years ago, and how the law enforcement may have put the wrong guy in jail for over 35 years – a real worst-case scenario situation. The journalists reported on this for over four years and it truly is so gripping. It’s excellently reported – along the lines of “In Your Own Backyard,” where the existence of the podcast itself turned the course of history for all involved. It’s not depressing (well, it’s not happy) but it’s more riveting and a cautionary tale about our justice system and how individual law enforcement can really change the course of so many people’s lives. Bone Valley, y’all.

From Caitlin: Obsessed with this article about the secret mansion located directly below the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. There are some gorgeous interior photos in there too that I NEVER expected after seeing some of the exterior’s wear-and-tear. Gotta admit that I don’t think I’d mind living there, despite the location (I mean, I do already live next to a 6-lane road, you know?). What say you???

Also From Caitlin: Coming in hot with my now-weekly dress recommendation (can you tell I’ve been trying to refresh my summer wardrobe staples?). I am a HUGE fan of this midi dress with a Swedish blue cabana stripe print! The skirt is pleated and lightweight (perfect for twirling!) and I love the way it fits on top (it has adjustable straps, so I could adjust the cleavage level to my liking). It’s another great basic that looks super cute dressed down with sneakers, but it can also be jazzed up a bit with sandals (plus, the more muted color scheme makes it perfect for year-round wear – will be so cute with a cropped sweater on top when the weather cools down!). It’s 30% off right now, too. Very excited about it!!!

From Ryann: The last day we were in Japan, literally hours before we got on the plane to go home, we happened to go to the famous Parco mall where this awesome brand had a pop-up. It’s a sustainable lifestyle brand called Puebco, that makes travel accessories, bags, and home goods out of recycled material. Everything they make has a very cool and industrial vibe that’s also eclectic and interesting. I got two tote bags and love them so much (and I think they are surprisingly affordable for the quality!). Run don’t walk!

From Mallory: As we get into warmer months it’s time to remind everyone (aka remind me) how important daily SPF is on your face!! I have a real hatred for thick gloopy sunscreen (especially when you have to apply makeup on top of it) so finding this Coola cucumber sunscreen changed my life. It’s so cooling and so lightweight, plus it smells unbelievable. The whole experience of putting it on feels incredibly luxurious. Could not recommend it enough!!!!

From Jess: Now it’s my turn to recommend a spring/summer dress:) I tried on this midi dress last weekend and instantly fell in love. It’s easy to dress up or down, it drapes so nicely, and you don’t necessarily need to wear a bra (I’m around a 36D)! I l also think the green color is so pretty. I know I’m going to get SO much use out of it. Oh, and consider sizing up one size.

From Arlyn: I’ve been using moderately not-super-poisonous cleaning supplies for a while now, but the last time I cleaned my daughter’s bathroom, the smell lingered in her room for days. Even with those “healthy” cleaners. So I went on an internet tear to find something better and I landed on Branch Basics. Anytime you can use the same cleaner on your toilet as you can your dishes or your hands, chances are, you’re in the right place (safety-wise). Basically, they use one concentrate mixed up at different ratios for the application you need. And you only need a tiny bit for each, really. I bought my own glass spray bottles because it was more cost-effective, followed the instructions on site for ratios to use, and made bathroom cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, and hand soap. I also picked up their Oxygen Boost and scrubbed the shower with it and it did a great job. I’m a convert.

Also From Arlyn: My beloved mattress from Avocado is on sale for Memorial Day! The brand rarely has a sale, so if you’ve been thinking about it, now’s the time! They’re offering up to 30% off sitewide (though mattresses are 10% off). For a king-size like mine, that’s about $260 in savings. I wrote all about why this mattress works for us in my bedroom reveal last month, but as a reminder: it’s certified organic, made of natural materials like wool and latex, has medium firm support which has done wonders for my bad back, and doesn’t sleep hot like my old memory foam. In fact, maybe it’s time I Avocado-fy my pillows, too…

Thanks again for another great week and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Emily Henderson, Yardzen, and ARCIFORM | Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Our Back Patio Reveal! (+ How Everything’s Held Up To 6 Months Of Portland Weather)

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1 year ago

Since Leo is still in prison, I’d say Bone Valley is quite depressing. But it is a worthwhile listen for sure.

1 year ago

Can we talk
About Tevas? How and why I want them. How to
Wear them?

1 year ago
Reply to  Sarah

I love my Tevas. I have the Teva Kayenta Sandals, which I wear with everything, and I can walk for miles in them. I like that they are a bit dressier, but Teva doesn’t make them anymore. But they still make a couple other favorites, the Tirra and the Olowahu (a more secure flip-flop). None of these are the ones seen trending lately, but I’ve been wearing them for over a decade.

1 year ago

Really enjoyed Caitlin’s piece on the Nimitz House. Having made many trips to SF over the years, I’d never heard of this historic building.

1 year ago

Since we are moving across country, we decided to donate our 10 year old + mattress and get a new one. We ended up getting the Avocado one, too! Luckily, in DC they have a storefront so we could try it out 1st and excited to have one in our new place.

1 year ago
Reply to  Sahaja

That’s exciting! I hope you love it.

1 year ago

Hey there! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday and enjoying the Memorial Day weekend.

1 year ago

Love the Avocado Green pillow! I tried many pillows and finally landed on that one. My husband prefers Boll and Branch down.

1 year ago
Reply to  Suzanne

Is it really dense like memory foam pillows? I hate memory foam pillows (and especially shredded memory foam).

1 year ago
Reply to  Arlyn

I’ve had various memory foam pillows, which can really vary in density, but ultimately I don’t like memory foam because of the first month of off-gassing, as well as not being able to form it like I like. I’ve never had a shredded memory foam pillow, though. It’s possible the Avocado Green pillow is similar to a shredded memory foam pillow without the off-gassing. It’s made with shredded latex foam and kapok, which is like cotton. The filling is adjustable, so you can add more (they provide an extra bag) or take some out to control the firmness. I like to squish it to create a neck cradle, and it softer and more comfortable than a contour foam pillow for me, while still looking like a regular pillow when my bed is made. Pillow preference is so personal, which is why I’ve ended up trying so many. Good luck, Arlyn!

1 year ago

Thank you so much for the podcast recommendation. I can’t remember the last time I listened to one that was so bingeworthy and had my attention for days. Yes, it is depressing but ended on up turn. Leo is unbelievably inspiring, as were those that worked so tirelessly on his behalf!