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The Link Up: The Boots Em’s Been Wearing NONSTOP, A Cute Fall Dress Mal Found, And Our Great Org Hack

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you had a great final “official weekend of summer” last week. Actually, we let those warm weather vibes continue into the week as we revealed Emily’s whole backyard. Did you see it?? If not, go now and make sure you watch the full YouTube video to really get the full scope! The transformation is wild. Then after you do that we’ll have all of our links waiting for you:)

Oh and if you want a teaser of the full video, watch this below! (Just wait for the ad to play)

This week’s house tour is a glorious design collaboration between the homeowner (model, actor, activist), Adwoa Aboah and one of EHD’s favorite designers, Beata Heuman. It’s welcoming, lived-in, elevated, cozy, colorful, all the wonderful things! It’s clearly a space that was designed with intention and for the person living in it. Go check it out here!

From Emily: So I really can’t stop RAVING about my new chunky Sorel waterproof Chelsea boots. I know I talked about them in yesterday’s boot review post but I think they deserve another special shoutout. They are as cool looking as they are practical and comfortable which is VERY. If you see me walking around town there’s a high chance I’ll be sporting these guys. 10000/10.

From Gretchen: Our recent Labor Day break gave me some extra time to overhaul my apartment organization. I live in an older place (built in 1925) with a lot of quirks. It’s one of those paint-over-everything-including-the-hinges sort of spots, which means I have more wiggle room to drill into things without my landlord noticing. With that in mind, I tackled my very narrow, ridiculously deep linen cabinet, complete with built-in shelves spaced too far apart to function. If I were to stand up a collection of shampoo bottles in there, I’d have about a foot above them unusable and a foot and a half behind them unreachable–just so much wasted space! My solution? I installed these ClosetMaid drawers and basically doubled (maybe tripled?) my amount of functional storage! I can fit so much in each basket and can finally reach things in the back without a struggle. I ended up buying the single versions for my kitchen too because adding a drawer inside a cupboard (especially a deep, lower cabinet) is truly transformative!

From Mallory: I recently was introduced to the cutest clothing store. One of my friends was wearing this dress and I immediately fell in love. It’s flowy but polished and has the cutest contrasting line details that make it more elevated than your standard button-down puff-sleeve dress!! Also, let’s have a moment for this top!!!

From Arlyn: I’m not big on decorating for the different seasons but there’s something about fall that makes my palms itch to sprinkle in some new decor. I’ve been eyeing these beautiful colored glass taper holders from Crate & Barrel for the last few weeks and I think I’m ready to cross that purchase finish line. My dining room needs a pretty little vertical moment that these would provide. Now the question is…green or amber? I’m thinking green… 🙂 

From Jess: Another NY friend rec that I couldn’t stop using while I was there was this Everyday Oil. It smells so good and natural and can be used ALL over your body – I’m talking face, body, and hair. It’s one of those small luxuries that makes your day better. Plus who doesn’t love smelling good??

From Caitlin: It’s the last day to save up to $700 on a new Tuft & Needle mattress and if you’re on the fence about upgrading your mattress, I’m here to give my official RINGING ENDORSEMENT. I have one! Jess has one! Em has one! So do Bowser, and Julie, and Malcolm, and…you get the gist, right? We obviously have a lot of opportunities to try out and work with a lot of different mattress brands due to our job, but there’s a reason that we’ve all landed on T&N – they’re THAT GOOD. I’ve had mine for about a year now and it ROCKS – at first I was a little taken aback by the feeling of the foam and coils after 30 years of snoozing on classic innerspring mattresses (It’s so supportive? But also soft? How???) but I’ve literally never slept deeper or more comfortably. Beyond that, IT’S SO FREAKIN’ COOLING. T&N also has a great return process and a long test window if you’re on the fence…but I have a feeling you’ll find the perfect fit for you, too.

Hope you have a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: The Backyard Makeover: The Overall Layout – Our First Official Oregon Summer At The Farm


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12 thoughts on “The Link Up: The Boots Em’s Been Wearing NONSTOP, A Cute Fall Dress Mal Found, And Our Great Org Hack

  1. Those gorgeous candleholders sent me down a candles-and-candleholders rabbit hole, which made me want to ask: where are we all getting our pillar candles these days? I’ve had a hard time finding a reliable source of decent quality white pillar candles that don’t totally break the bank.

    1. I have a close-by Crate and Barrel. That’s where I get all of my pillars from. They are reasonably priced, come in all different sizes, are unscented, and come in white and ivory.

    2. Warman Candles! Small business and their pillar candles last FOREVER. I keep a delicious scented one by my bathtub and I’m going on two years with that puppy.

  2. I love all of these! Especially Arlyn’s green candle holders 🥰 Imagining them with green candles, a cream table runner, eucalyptus garland and white Casper mini pumpkins! I wanted to add a rec of my own, I’ve been loving all of Emily’s podcast recommendations (thank you Emily! Chores are so much more enjoyable now!) and ended up getting a set of ear buds to listen with. Quickly realized that with the earbuds in, I can’t hear my surroundings (my kids or my husband when they talk to me and think I’ve heard them but I haven’t!) and that they’re not safe to wear on walks or runs because you can’t hear your surroundings (which is why I think Em says she wears just one earbud on walks). Anyway! I returned the earbuds and checked with a friend who is an ENT physician & a marathon runner- and she recommended ! Super cool, they use “bone conduction” to deliver the sound to your ear, so you get decent sound while also having your ear canal completely open to hear outside sounds! I tried them on at a running store yesterday and they were crazy comfortable and stayed on my head despite jumping up and down in the store (haha!) I think they’re perfect for anyone who wants to be able to enjoy a podcast or music but also to be able to hear their surroundings. I assume it’s also better for not losing your hearing, since my ENT friend is a big fan!

  3. Gretchen!!! Could this be tge solution to my i possible 1950s kitchen cupboards tgat have me crawling arpund on the floor to try and find things in them? Thank yooooou!!!
    (Even if they’re out of stock; frustrating!!).

  4. Random question. I can’t find the information for the new roman shades in the family room that help darken the room. I need the name of the company, actually. :/ Perhaps Rusty would see this and know. Rusty knows all! Help. 🙂 thank you.

  5. I can also vouch for the Everyday Oil! It’s the best face oil I’ve tried to date (and I’ve tried a LOT) . . . cheap as chips AND indeed it smells wonderful!!

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