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The Link Up: Emily and Jess’ Favorite Christmas Decor Item, A Hack That Makes Freshly Baked Cookies Never Turn Stale, And Some GOOD Early Black Friday Sales

Hello all! We are all gathered here today to chat about something fun: THE LINK UP! We’ve got some super special and lots of practical links PLUS some really great sales happening this week (it’s like Black Friday came early this year) so let’s jump right on it so we can get to the good stuff (we know you’re probably here for the cookie hack so let’s not waste another second).

This week’s home tour is a domino double whammy. First up, their first-ever digital edition is here and features DJ Mia Moretti’s awesome LA abode. It’s VERY calming and it’s fun to see such a lively and interactive version of the space. Then, if you have another second check out a very impressive $32k kitchen reno by This House 5000 (that tile!!)

From Emily: Joy never ceases to amaze me! Her newest book “A Kids Book About Confidence” is out for pre-order and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I think we all can relate to having confidence issues so the sooner we can help/ nurture our kid’s confidence the better. Congrats Joy!

From Mallory: I’m passionate about the idea of a flowy but festive ‘thanksgiving dress’ because ya body needs room to breathe both while prepping your meal and post eating your meal (for obvious reasons). This year I’ve been doing some online searching and love the idea of a corduroy dress with loafers and socks (like they styled it in this Madewell photo) but I’m also never not into a plaid dress on thanksgiving. The other 2 options I have are either a sweater-dress vibe (I’ve tried this one on and it’s SO COMFY) or I might go with a peter pan collar/gingham vibe. Let me know which one you guys like best & also if you plan out your outfits like this or if this is odd hahaha. I’m just very excited to see lots of family again this year and am down to dress UP!!!

From Jess: I’m not someone who is overly worried about my privacy in terms of my phone or computer camera ‘watching me’. Maybe I should be idk? But this little camera privacy slider was in my cart as soon as I clicked the link. Gone are the days of post-its and masking tape. A little more protection never hurt anyone:)

Also From Jess: I have coveted these accordion Christmas trees since I saw them in Em’s house a few years ago. They are so pretty and chic and now I have my own! The green ones have already sold out so I wanted to give you a chance to grab the ivory ones before they sell out too.

From Ryann: This is technically not a link but boy do I have a hack for you. If you bake cookies and notice that they go stale after a few days, you need to try sticking them in the freezer. Frozen chocolate chip cookies taste EXACTLY like cookie dough. Just make sure you don’t overcook them because I don’t think you’ll get the same effect. Perfectly warm and gushy cookies are obviously amazing but I think they are even better frozen. I said what I said! (from Mallory: I had these frozen cookies at Ryann’s apartment and can vouch that this hack works and rocks).

From Caitlin: Since I’m about to head home for a while, I just grabbed two of these smart wifi plugs so I can control the lights in my apartment from the east coast. My building is super tiny and close-knit and my neighbors are keeping an eye out but there’s just something about making my place look occupied at night that makes me feel a little better, you know? They were only $14 and setup is a breeze (even for those of us who have been pretty resistant to the smart home trend :)). My favorite use case in the reviews is from a mom who says she uses the smart plug to control her kids’ gaming systems, ha. Highly recommend if you’re going to be out and about this winter!

Some Sales Happening This Week:

Sephora: is doing an early holiday sale that’s 15% off for VIB members and 10% off for insiders. The sale ends 11/15 so y’all better get goin! Use code YAYHOLIDAY and FREESHIP for free shipping. An awesome gift would be this perfume sampler set, an eyeshadow palette like this one, or this drybar blowdryer/hairstyling tool set.

Eclectic goods is having a sale wahoo! Use code EARLYSTART for some 15% off action!! Home decor items make great gifts for family members in our opinion so why not snag some while it’s on sale! Our picks are this marble chain, these vases, and these found bowls.

Material‘s third annual Kinder Kitchens Sale is running through November 30th. Kinder Kitchens is an opportunity to give back to organizations supporting Material’s community. For every discount you receive (up to 20% off sitewide), you’ll have the option to give a donation from your discount to Star Route Farm’s food access work. Star Route Farm, this year’s Kinder Kitchens partner, is an organic farm on a mission to confront the inequities in our current food system through crop donation and investment in an organic regional food movement. In partnership with food pantries, mutual aid groups and organizations throughout New York State working to end food insecurity within often overlooked communities, Star Route Farm directly donates the vast majority of their harvest to those in need. 100% of all donations from the Kinder Kitchens sale will benefit Star Route Farm’s Food Access work. Material is hoping to surpass their donation amount from this initiative last year, which was $20k. Jess has the pan, knives and board and loves them all so much.

Industry West: An EHD favorite that is giving 20% Off Black Friday Sale sitewide plus an additional 5% during their Weekend Flash Sale on Case Goods! Truly their stuff is awesome so go check em out.

Macy’s is starting Black Friday early, so check out their deals here. Our picks would be this air fryer for $60 (originally $135) and this $8 turkey roasting rack (originally $30)…the turkey one is very timely.

Nordstrom has some Black Friday deals going on now through the actual day. Our picks are: The Always Pan set ($45 off!!), APL shoes (Mallory gave these to her mom last year and she loves them…plus they’re RARELY on sale), or this cute smeg toaster that’s 25% off.

Hope that’s helpful for ya to get your holiday shopping kicked off!! ALL OUR LOVE TO YOU AND WE’LL SEE YOU TOMORROW FOR AN EXCITING MOTO REVEAL! xx

Opening Image Credit: Photo by Yoshihiro Makino | Styling by Merisa Libbey | Home of Mia Moretti | via Domino

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2 years ago


  • Read Sally Rooney’s “Beautiful World, Where Are You”. First book of hers I have read although I watched “Normal People” on Hulu. An adaptation of her debut novel “Conversations with Friends” coming on Hulu in 2022.
  • Listened to Gail Honeymoon’s “Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine” read by Cathleen McCarron, the June 2017 Reese’s Book Club pick. Hello Sunshine and MGM have a movie in the works.
  • Listened to Kate Quinn’s “The Alice Network” read by Saskia Maarleveld, the July 2017 Reese’s Book Club pick.


  • The darkly comic Emmy-nominated documentary “Dick Johnson is Dead” about aging parents on Netflix.
  • The first 2 episodes of Season 4 of “Yellowstone” from Paramount.
  • Seasons 8 and 9 of “Shameless” on Showtime (on Netflix too).


2 years ago
Reply to  Kj

I love the link up but my favorite part is when I get to read your comment! I love reading through your list to find new things to check out.

2 years ago
Reply to  Victoria

I agree. I always like KJ’s comment filled with goodies!

2 years ago

@Mallory – ASOS has a dress quite like the gingham one. I got one in a plaid and LOVE IT. Target has a super cute corduroy dress too:–39-s-balloon-long-sleeve-button-front-ruffle-cord-dress—universal-thread–8482–gray-xxl/-/A-82708441 I’m all about cute dresses, tights, and super comfy flat boots this fall! (true confessions, I think I have ordered like 5 dresses this weekend!)

2 years ago

Hahaha I was so confused about how the $14 plug was related to the cookies in the freezer! Realized I think there’s a slight error in the title.

2 years ago
Reply to  K

EHD outsources the job of copy editor to the readers.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lynn

Oh man, I just thought it was funny that I was trying to make the connection!

I guess I feel like it’s okay to give creative people more leeway with things like copy editing, just like I hope people give me (a very right-brained person) more leeway when things I create are not visually very impressive.

No harm, no foul, just a funny.

2 years ago

Thanks for frozen cookie hack but how does it work? Do you keep them frozen, then nuke them to serve them? Unsure of the actual cookie procedure….

2 years ago

I always freeze homemade cookies. Take them out of the freezer one at a time when the mood strikes you. Soft cookies could be eaten right away, but just let crispier cookies sit a minute and they are fine to eat. Also, no knit dresses when you’re in a hot kitchen getting a meal ready! At least for me, that would be way too hot to be comfortable.

2 years ago

Domino won’t let me read either without an email. Bummed when that happens. The opening image of the orange wall is stunning

2 years ago
Reply to  Susan

I put my email address in but couldn’t read the articles on my iPad in Safari. The font was huge and only half of each photo displayed at a time on my screen. Very unsatisfying considering they now have my email address. 🙂

2 years ago

When I was little my grandma always put the heel of the bread (or any piece of bread) in the Tupperware or bag she kept the homemade choc chip cookies in. The cookies magically absorb the moisture from the bread and they stay soft. It’s a great hack when you have or want to avoid crispy cookies!

2 years ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Yes, this is the “hack” I expected to see here! I always use that trick when making batches of cookies for an event a few days in advance. If making cookies for myself I simply freeze the scoops of cookie dough (freeze on a tray then put into a silicone bag) and bake a couple right from frozen on a little quarter sheet pan, since I always prefer a warm cookie.

2 years ago

Hack if you love freshly baked cookies: scoop the dough out and then freeze it in balls. Pull out a couple at a time and bake them whenever you want cookies!

2 years ago

Thank you for the introduction to Material! I was planning on gifting my parents new knives this year and just got the whole set (and more!) from this beautiful company. Love the opportunity to invest in quality items while supporting important work.

2 years ago

Mallory I loved your Thanksgiving dress picks. I am old enough to be your mom and I bought the peter pan collar because I cook the meal I want to be comfortable and with a pair of leggings under this dress (with pockets!) I will be comfortable and look elegant.

2 years ago

Like everyone else into design I love the always pan but the reviews very consistently say it’s a temporary thing – will last 6mo-2years max and it’s not the price point, $30 for a non stick, that makes that okay in my book. Your mileage might vary.