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I met Maxwell, founder and Editor in Chief of Apartment Therapy, 5 years ago at Alt Summit. My firt thought was man this newly single straight dude at this all-girl blogger conference is going to get mobbed. And then after hanging out with him for three days I still thought that, but I walked away so incredibly impressed with him as a leader and more importantly as someone very generous with his hard-earned information and experience. For those of us making careers in digital media its the wild west, the new frontier, a constant mission to mars without any clear direction or experienced pilot driving the spaceship. And his advice and generosity on blogging and digital media was life (and business) – changing. 

Maxwell has been in the game for over a decade which makes him the sort-of father of all bloggers. When I feel lost or I have no idea what to do about a certain blog-related problem, I call him and we have dinner or just text about it. This is all to say that he is one of the good guys and everyone who works for him says the same thing – he’s a generous leader full of innovative business ideas and creativity. Also he used to be a teacher before he founded AT and because of that he is just so nurturing as a boss and a friend.

Enough with my love affair for Maxwell, but I think that having a backstory of who created this massive site is interesting.

Apartment Therapy has a new book, Complete and Happy Home that just came out and its beautiful. We didn’t want to give too much of the inside of the book away so instead I asked them to pull together the Top 10 all time most viewed/popular posts. Now you’d think that the top 10 posts would be the 10 best posts, but its not necessarily the case (no offense to these posts or anything). Sometimes posts just HIT and you don’t know why but its so interesting to see what hits and to predict why something went viral. I’m always shocked what ends up being a massive traffic driver for us (I just looked up our #1 post and the photos and links are all broken otherwise I would show you, but its a TERRIBLE post).

Here are AT’s top 10 most popular posts over the last 10 years.

Apartment Therepy_Emily Henderson_Most Popular Posts

1. Ten Always Entertaining Party Games – I think i’ve googled this like 20 times so no wonder its so popular.

2. How Well Do You See Color – I remember doing this and doing VERY well at it.

3. Ceiling Space to Playing Space – Impressive.

4. 10 Things That Will Make You Happier at Home – Yep. Makes sense.

5. Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day – Fine. I’ll do it. These are smart.

6. 15 Uses for Tension Rods You’ve Never Thought Of – Before life hacks were all the rage.

7. The Most Relaxing Song Ever – Ha. I just pressed play on this while we were on set and everyone found it stressful.

8. How To Clean Scorched Pans – I guess A LOT of people have scorched pans and aren’t sure what to do about them.

9. Gardening Without A Garden – Yea, I get this. I kinda want to get into this.

10. Ultimate IKEA Shopping List We got some love from this one.

Interesting, right?

But fine, if you want a sneak peek inside the book, here you go:

Apartment Therapy_Book_3

Apartment Therapy_Book_2

Apartment Therapy_Book_5

It’s useful, pretty and full of information. It was shot by an amazing photographer, Melanie Acevedo, who I used to work with in LA. It’s easy enough to pick up and read 5 minutes at a time, and pretty enough to pick up and not even read a word.

Now go grab yourself a copy of Apartment Therapy’s new book HERE. Also, while you are at it you can by my book HERE.

Fin Mark


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Looks great so far! I love the post about turning the foyer into a loft. Who’s idea was it to build all those 2 story foyers in the 90’s anyhow?


We did the same in our 1990’s-era home! Our 2-story entrance is now my loft office space. It’s the best thing we’ve done to our house and we loooove it.


Just want to say – tech wise – that this is the first time I’ve been able to see a current post since your style post about comfortable maternity wear!




I still can’t see anything current since September 18th post. I get to them through the back door, through the favourite post section at the bottom of the main page. The blog page is frozen in the past.


I have had this issue at random times since the new site launched. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the site cookies.

Normally, I use Firefox (Windows machine), and have found that clearing out the cookies will bring me a current blog page. However, that creates issues with other sites because they no longer remember me.

One more thing I tried that worked was to use a browser that had never been on this site before. I have Chrome but don’t use it. And this was a one shot fix anyway.

I also use a clunky feed reader and the content has always been fresh there.

Anyway, just a thought about something for the webmaster to check.


Same thing happens to me sometimes. Try holding down shift and hitting the refresh button in the url bar. It clears your cache so you’ll see the latest.


yep… haven’t seen any new posts in weeks! Almost gave up checking!

emily jane

Meredith, thank you, thank you, thank you! Shift + refresh worked!


I’ve had to clear the history to see new posts on my browser when using Mozilla…something might be up.


Hi, Emily.

First of all, I love your website. It is one of the first things I check every morning, if not the very first. I think you are absolutely funny and adorable.

I used to love Apartment Therapy. Sometimes I went to their website several times a day; however, all that stopped about two years ago. I noticed that they would delete your comments if they were in any way negative – especially in regards to their sponsors. To be honest, I have no respect for such websites. Why even have a comment section if they only welcome those that are positive? There are negatives and positives in life, and they need to learn to welcome both.

Karen Decker

These were fun posts to read! FYI – you linked to the before and after ceiling play space twice, and didn’t link to what makes a happy home.


Yep, I found the same problem.

Also, I do like to search your old posts for inspiration and (as you just mentioned in this post) a lot of old posts have broken images and links. It would probably take months fix it all and partly seems to be a result of switching blog formats every couple years, but it would be nice if posts from 3 years ago still had pictures (broken links I can deal with).


HI Emily!

Re: current blog entry– I’m using Chrome on my mac and I have to force a refresh which disregards the cached version of your blog each time I try to read your page. I had to do it again today, and I’ve had to do this each time since you launched the new site. Without doing so, my computer just goes back to whichever blog entry I read last.

Re: the new Apartment Therapy book– I have it and like it very much! I think they did a wonderful job; beautiful pictures of different styles and perspectives. I feel like following your work cloesly has spoied me, b/c your work is so damned good. Being the life-time student of design that I am, I find I’m getting more particular about design books under your influence… but I do like this one. Can’t wait for yours, though!! 🙂


I should always doubled check for typos! In my comment above, that’s supposed to read ‘spoiled’ me….. and ‘closely’. Sorry ’bout that..


No. 4 link is the same as No. 3 – they both open to the loft idea – which is great by the way.

It’s funny how some people see color differently. I’m always asking my friends “is this photo too green/magenta/yellow?” and they’re like.. they look exactly the same.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

Yay! The book is so great! and you are so right about Maxwell. SUCH a nice guy. We were lucky to have our house featured in the book – so, of course, I think everyone should buy a copy!!!


Spell check is a beautiful thing…why ignore it?

I haven’t been having any trouble with your new posts. Love the new format too. Maxwell is so great as is the book – but I’m biased. Our house was featured and I truly felt like I was in the presence of a celebrity when Maxwell came out to shoot it. Take a look! I’m buying copies for everyone for the holidays 🙂

i adore AT and you would think i’ve been living under a rock bc i didn’t know that there was a new book! i love the look of it so far – looks like there will be many great tips inside! xo


Love the coffee table under the book. Is it replacing the saarinen that was in the good housekeeping shoot? Do you have a source?

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