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Comfortable yet Chic {Mom} Clothes #1

Or clothes for anyone that wants to be comfortable all the time …

After you give birth you actually kinda need to live in your pajamas for a while because you are mainly just cuddling and feeding baby for months. So even if your ‘good butt jeans’ do fit, they don’t make sense to wear. You need clothes that are first and foremost comfortable (for you and baby) and secondly easy access to those milk pillows.

I ended up wearing my old sweat pants with Brian’s really baggy shirts … and not in a way where he’s like, ‘its so sexy when my girlfriend wears my white t-shirt’ like in a 90’s movie poster. And it’s not like I’m was blowing my hair out and curling my eye lashes either. Its a slippery slope and I was hanging out at the bottom of it.

I kinda just looked like I had no self-esteem.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s just about enough of that’. It was time to find cute clothes that I could wear around the house, possibly sleep in if I need to and possibly leave the house if I need to – and all the while be breast-feedable. That is a tall order, especially when you can’t leave the house to shop very often. But I did, and here is what I found:

1. Grey suede Oxfords Sadly I haven’t bought these … yet, but they look like cute day shoes that look like I care.

2. Striped pants I own these and they are VERY comfortable. They hide my not so flat belly really well because they have a really loose fitting waist (I have a medium and it fits perfectly so go one size bigger than you normally would with these), and they even make my butt look good – not awesome, but a semblance of what it used to be. Sure, they are kinda pajama pants, but with some flip-flops and the right top, they can double as ‘oh hey, i live in california and mainly i go to intelligentsia and do yoga’ pants. They would probably be great maternity pants, too.

3. Trouser sweat pants These are great ‘bed to errands’ pants. They are almost as comfortable as sweats, yet they have cute pleats and a cut that says, ‘I’m trying’.

4. Denim shirt Duh. Its cute, buttons up so I can pull the girls out, and it doesn’t wrinkle easily so no one will know that i’ve been in bed all day.

5. Blue polka dot scarf In case you are anti-hooter-hider (which I’ve needed less and less as we’ve gotten better at navigating that situation). This scarf is pretty lightweight and cute. Plus you could just throw it on with a simple t-shirt to distract from your other parts that are less exciting to look at these days (I’m projecting, obviously).

6. Metallic slippers I’m cute and cozy yet I have enough glam to hint that I still have a bit of sex appeal hidden deep inside.

7. Striped shirt I love this shirt because it has enough structure to make your ribcage look small, but its loose enough that it doesn’t hug your belly. Plus it buttons up and its lightweight. I’ve worn it A LOT since I bought it.

8. Patterned shirt Because I can’t get enough ‘fitted but not tight’ button ups. Charlie would prefer that I don’t wear these because he doesn’t think i am unbuttoning them fast enough and screams to try to convey that thought, but one must clothe ones top.

9. Striped cardigan I don’t have this but I love it. I’ve been dying for cute, cuddly, cozy sweaters to cuddle with Charlie in. And I like that this is bold and distracting. It has enough style to look like you aren’t on the edge of giving up.

10. Cabled cowl cardigan I can sneak little Charlie under this sweater effortlessly – again with the cozy, blousy and yet presentable.

I shall be wearing many of these things this weekend with my parents in town, lounging around and going on walks. This is going to be a regular series for me because now that i’ve found comfortable clothes that aren’t embarrassing, its all I want to wear. Check my pinboard for many more and stay tuned to more posts.

Happy weekend, folks.


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