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Most Comfortable Chair Ever – A Roundup (for Elliot’s Room)

Oh folks. My obsession with comfort has reached a personal high. I know that a lot of you have been on this (comfy) train for years, and it’s not that I was anti-comfort, but I often saw it as anti-style. And sometimes, fine often, it is. But as I’m designing this house, which includes two small kids and two exhausted parents I just want every room to be as inviting as possible. It’s not a huge house. We can’t have rooms that we don’t use or don’t want to be in. You tend to hang out in the rooms that are the most comfortable so it’s become priority #1 for us. Congruently I need more places to snuggle and read to the kids (they get stories, you get full body contact = win, win). Elliot’s room had that awesome green rocker in it from her old room and while it looked cool, it wasn’t cuddle-worthy and didn’t fit both of us easily. So I went on the hunt for a big cozy, comfortable chair to manipulate her into being in my arms for hours a day.

Emily Henderson_Girls Room_Big Comfy Chair_Flokati_Pink_Reading Nook_1

Charlie’s room can’t fit a very big chair so in a perfect world I could find one that would fit all three (or four) of us. That is a tall (BIG) order. I found this one (I test sat in this one from Sixpenny before I got it -which you may have seen on my instagram story), and it’s insanely comfortable, like a feather bed in the form of a chair, that you never want to get out of.

But I wanted of course to give you guys many options as this size or style might not be for everyone. So here is our roundup of big, comfy cuddle chairs and chaise lounges.

Emily Henderson_Oversized Chairs_Chair and a half_Chaise Lounge_Roundup_EDITED_1000px_1

1. Neva Chair | 2. Sloan Chaise | 3. Velvet Salon Bench | 4. Everton Down Blend Arm Chair | 5. Abigail Arn Chair | 6. Bliss Chair and a Half | 7. Keegan Chair and a Half | 8. Sloan Chaise | 9. Durrell Fabric Chair and a Half | 10. Double End Chaise Lounge | 11. Remi Chair | 12. KIVIK Chaise | 13. Cushy Sleeper Sofa | 14. Moderna Track Arm Chair and a Half | 15. Cooper Lounge Chair | 16. Lounge II Chaise Lounge | 17. Chair and a Half Sleeper | 18. Amalia Chaise | 19. Slub Velvet Gwinnette Chaise | 20. Capri Slipcovered Swivel Chair | 21. Cargo Lounge Armless Chaise | 22. Natale Five Button Chaise Lounge | 23. SÖDERHAMN Chaise | 24. Antoinette Accent Chaise | 25. Berlin Lounge Chair | 26. Maxwell Chair | 27. Carraway Elm Gray Chair and a Half | 28. STOCKSUND Chaise | 29. Belgian Track Arm Slipcovered Chair | 30. Belue Chair | 31. Basketweave Linen Tassa Chair | 32. Berlin Lounge Kashmir Faux Fur Chair | 33. Chamberlain Slipcovered Chaise | 34. Henry Chaise | 35. Lounge II Slipcovered Chaise | 36. Asher Cha

There are so many good ones. We just ordered a vintage French chaise lounge from Jayson Home that is arriving on Friday, which is super exciting. Meanwhile Elliot’s mid-century green rocker (which is now in the living room) will be up for sale soon. I love that piece but for this time of my life, I need one that I can snuggle down in and cuddle in for as long as they’ll tolerate.

Emily Henderson_Oversized Chairs_Chair and a half_Recliner Chairs_Chaise Lounge_Emily_Elliot in Chair

This chair, actually holds all four of us. Brian and I fit comfortably with the kids either on our laps or snuggled in next to us. It’s HUGE and has made reading time at night so much more enjoyable.

Emily Henderson_Oversized Chairs_Chair and a half_Recliner Chairs_Chaise Lounge_Emily_Elliot in Chair1

Here are a few quick sources for some of the items in the room: Chair, Woven ThrowFloral Wreath, Dresser, Llama Lamp, Toy Storage. And a big thanks to Jane Denton for the custom X & O Art, and World Market for that cozy Flokati Rug. If any of you have any other comfy oversized chairs that we are missing or that you have tried and love let us know below, until then we will all be snuggling in this chair as long as possible.


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70 thoughts on “Most Comfortable Chair Ever – A Roundup (for Elliot’s Room)

  1. This is very cute. We bring my son into our bed each evening for story time, and then fight about it being bedtime once we are done. I wish there was space for a cozy chair in his room!

  2. I’ve been up working late the past couple nights and I want to MELT into that chair. Question though, how would you style/arrange a big comfy chair with other, more modest sized furnishings? How do you choose a chair that doesn’t overwhelm your room or other furniture? Elliot’s new room is looking so cozy! Excited to see more.

      1. It works in there because its the only piece of seating. YOu can’t mix a huge chair with a small one. So you have to have a big living room with a big sofa and a big coffee table to have a big chair/ottoman. Make sense? If you have a 6′ sofa, you can’t put this chair next to it 🙂

  3. Goodness, I love when you talk about your kids. The love you have for them is so evident in your writing. You sound like an amazing mother, emily!

    1. wow thank you. I’m missing them like CRAZY right now. Like i just showed the bartender at the hotel photos of them because I needed to show someone. xx

  4. I have three littles and am pretty sure I NEED this chair in my life. And such a sweet photo of the two of you snuggled in there reading!

  5. That chair looks wonderfully comfortable and a lovely place to curl up with your loved ones.

    However, it would drive me nuts as every evening I punch the cushions back into shape (been there, done that!)

    1. loose back cushions bring the loose back problem- needing to prop them. this doesn’t fall down that far, i promise and we haven’t had to really punch it back into shape.

      1. Could you have a zipper put in? I was recently at HomeGoods I think and there was a loveseat that I took a pic of because while it looks, from the front, to have loose back cushions if you look at it from above you see that there’s a big serious looking zipper across the upper back of the cushions holding them in place (one for each cushion). No idea if that could be retrofitted into an existing piece of furniture, but it might not hurt to ask one of the upholsterers you know.

  6. This chair looks amazing. Could I use this in a nursery instead of a glider? All the gliders I have found just aren’t doing it for me- and this looks so much more comfy!! Or do I really NEED a glider like “everyone” says?

    1. I have 3 babies: 6, 4 and 2, and we never had a glider. I think whatever you decide will work out. Moms all over the world (with far less resources) tend to do just fine without gliders;).

    2. Well, you don’t really need a nursery. People raise their kids in one room huts with dirt floors. I had a and old rocking chair with my first and a glider with my second and I am now very pro-glider. I spent a lot of time rocking my babies in the middle of the night though. I also bought it after I had my second, so you could just see how it goes. Mine was cheap and from Target. It looks as unoffensive as a glider can. More like a normal chair – just not a style I would buy if it hadn’t served a purpose. That said, Emily’s chair looks more amazing and more comfortable and will outlast a glider’s usefulness.

    3. My only concern would be getting out of it while holding a sleeping baby. It looks like it’s nice and deep and might require use of both of your arms or at least one to get out of? I know when I nurse my babies while lounging in bed, often times I end up waking them up because I jostle them while awkwardly getting out.

      1. I don’t think its ideal for a baby, baby for that exact reason. Elliot is sleeping through the night (for the most part) so this chair is used more during the day. x

    4. We bought a rocking chair – a big, comfy, beautiful one that was more money than I ever thought I’d spend on a chair (cheaper than the chair Emily bought though). My daughter is three, and she still loves being rocked before bed at night. I appreciated having something comfortable and supportive to sit in during late night feedings. So no, you don’t NEED a glider, but I definitely recommend something that moves if you’re going to buy a chair for the nursery anyway. Gliders are nice because they don’t shift around. We’re constantly pulling the rocking chair back away from the wall. Also, you might want to consider how easy it is to get out of a giant squishy chair. You don’t want to try heaving yourself out in the middle of the night with a sleeping baby in your arms.

    5. I’m getting the Babyletto Tuba Glider. It’s extra wide so should fit a kid or two for years to come. So happy to have Emily validate my thinking, though not my exact chair! This is my first baby so can’t speak to the necessity of a glider, but hoping this is the best of both worlds.

      1. We bought the Babyletto Tuba glider from Target for the same reason. Currently have a 7 week old so it’s plenty big so far and the gliding part is great! We bought a pouf ottoman as a leg rest.

    6. We bought a small profile recliner (like not an overstuffed, Lazyboy situation) that rocks, swivels, and reclines. I think we got it from Wayfair or Target 3 years ago, but it’s amazing because you can sleep in it (not super comfortably, but it’s possible) if you have to hold up a sick baby all night, rock them when fussy, tuck them in next to you for cozy reading times. Highly recommend over glider (I never really liked the look of gliders, so I knew they weren’t for me). Kinda similar to this but mine is shorter, wider, and a different fabric/style:

    7. 3 kids, never had a glider. You won’t miss what you never had I guess ^^. (But a lot of it is cultural – we lived in Asia then and we slept on floor on futons. I remember when my first was a baby I saw this documentary about an American mom who didn’t have legs. But she lived a very active life (moved around on a skateboard). At one point, the interviewer asked her if she had difficulties raising kids and she teared up and said the one thing that pained her was how she couldn’t get her babies out of the crib and her husband was always the one that got the babies and brought them to her when they cried at night. And I remember watching and wondering why they insisted on using a crib then ^^.)

      1. Wow. Yes to everything you said. You don’t NEED anything if you are a good mom. Sure, there are things that make your life a little bit easier, but your kid just needs you, not those things. Period. And that story about the crib, that made me tear up. xx

      2. I would be crying so much at that part, I’m sad just reading it. I was so upset when I couldn’t pick up my daughter for just a little while after having an emergency C-section, and that is like not even the tip of the iceberg compared to that lady. 🙁

        To the main thread point: gliders will still slide around if there are on hardwood or a flat woven rug – or at least ours did. I would say if you are looking for something that makes taking care of a baby easier and more comfortable focus on a chair that reclines rather than the rocker vs. glider vs. stationary chair decision. We did not have a rocker or glider with our first and I just rocked my body back and forth or side to side (newborns) in a comfy armchair. But, when we got our glider it also reclines and that made the most difference. When you are holding a baby upright on your chest all night because they are full of mucus and that’s the only way they can breathe and sleep, you want to be able to lean back a bit and rest too. It kept me from feeling so crazy (and I mean that literally, I had PPD) the next day. Recliners are the shizzle.

    8. No glider here either. My baby just didn’t really need it. She was fine and happy without it.
      I felt a lot of pressure to get one, but I didn’t like the way they looked and had so little room in her nursery. I told myself that if I really did need one, I would simply order one online or pick up a used one on Craigslist. Either way, I could have it in a couple of days.

    9. Our kids were bounced to sleep on exercise balls oddly enough. We had a glider but that never did the trick. Bouncing them worked magic and we discovered it completely by accident. All kids are different, so you have to experiment!

  7. Target outdoor collections are starting to come out! Can we get a roundup of your faves before they all sell out?? I know you have more pressing interior decor needs with the pending shoot for the new house, but maybe one of your faithful staff could even style some out at their own place? I have a brand new deck and selfishly need your guidance to get it kitted out for spring!

    <3 your blog!

  8. I have had my eye on that Anthro chaise for a while now–does anyone know if it is comfy? I’m hesitant to pull the trigger without being able to sit in it.

    1. That chaise is a thing of beauty. The moment I saw it I was wishing I had the room and the money. It’s so lovely, that blue!

  9. Hi! That chair looks amazingly cozy. I don’t have kids but want this as MY reading chair =)

    How do you like the World Market rug? I’ve been looking for a rug for my bedroom and this looks soft. Would you recommend it?

    Thanks so much for always sharing your design expertise!

  10. But does it have machine washable slip covers? –question from a mom of two young children

    1. Ditto…curious about the fabric (Neva Chair Washed Cotton Linen Corn Silk) or if you went with a different material.

    1. They are great for an area in between two different areas – like in a living room near a fireplace or in the middle of a lounge area in a large bedroom. make sense?

  11. I would love something like this for my living room but I am worried that with a toddler and two cats it would get destroyed. Is there something that I am missing that makes this woven white chair kid/pet friendly??

    1. we have a white upholstered rocking chair and with two kids it’s been totally fine for the past almost 4 years. It’s slipcovered, but we’ve only washed it 2x. I think as long as you make a “no food on the chair” rule and you don’t let them on it when they’re muddy, it’s not really a problem.

      1. actually, our navy blue couch looks way worse – everything shows up on it! And I should say that the rocking chair is natural white, not white white. AND that my kids are completely normal – messy, crazy, you know – and we homeschool so they’re around it all day. I feel like natural white furniture isn’t a big deal with kids.

  12. As usual Emily you are reading our minds! My fam just moved into a new home with a reading corner!

    Couple things: this chair is WHITE and I am afraid! Are your kids this well behaved? (teach me your ways)
    And the link says the chair is $1,199 which is $200 more than you’re saying?

    thank you thank you!

    1. Oh no! did I say the cost is wrong? So sorry. this chair is on the second floor with generally no food or shoes. And its slipcovered so it can be washed. Do I think that a darker more busy pattern would be better? sure. but so far so good with this cream slip cover 🙂

  13. Emily, that chair looks amazing and comfy! I do have a practical question for you though as a soon to be first time mom. I’ve been on a serious hunt for a nursery chair and have been finding that I don’t love a ton of the gliders available out there because the fabric options are totally restrictive. I’m noticing a nice majority of the options out there are white/ light fabrics, and while I think that this is pretty and practical for palette purposes, I’m nervous about the practicality for a kid’s room. Have you had any issues or anxiety with white furniture in a nursery? I’m considering converting a regular armchair by installing a glider mechanism on the base as an alternative but would love your advise as a veteran mom 🙂

  14. I LOVEEEE that chair and have been admiring it since you first posted about it on Instagram (I think). It’s like my dream chair.

    So I live in a small NYC apartment. I had wanted to get the Ikea Kivik chaise with a skirted slipcover from comfort works but I measured it out and it just won’t fit. Would really love some sort of smaller chaise to fit in my living room (does such a thing exist?) as I’d love an extra place my BF and I can really lounge in. We have a Karlstad 3 seater sofa that we struggle to lounge in together and an eames-style armchair in there. Any suggestions on chaises or chairs that give you the most bang (maximum comfiness) for your [modest square footage]?

  15. I’ve been looking for an oversized chair for our family room – thank you for collecting these all together! So easy now to search.

  16. This chair you featured looks amazing. I’m concerned about the fabric options though – they all look like linen or linen-blends. Aren’t those tricky to clean? I need fabric thats pretty impervious to stains and easy to clean when accidents happen.

  17. We have the velvet Interior Define chair and it’s freaking amazing!! Large enough for me and my two kiddos to cuddle!! Highly recommend.

  18. Can we see a photo of the entire room to visualize the scale of the chair? Also, did you try the C&B Lounge II chair? Similar look and I’m wondering how they compare. Thanks

  19. This post is so helpful – going to be starting on a nursery for our first baby soon and a place for snuggle reading is a big priority! Are any of the chairs you listed slip covered?

  20. I’m in love with big chairs. I have one that I refuse to get rid of even though the dogs have peed on it 100, 000 times. It’s currently on the patio, because I want to reupholster it just so I can keep it. (and so it’s clean enough to come inside. My issue is that it really doesn’t fit in our smallish house and I can’t even manuever it into our bedroom due to the hallway. But I can’t give it up.. We have another one inside that also doesn’t really fit (but not peed on) and visually I know it needs to go but again.. I love lounging in it. It’s in a room with no tv by the perfect window for sun and the cat and I escape in it to read books. Ah comfy chairs! I love them, but they are hard to make work in a small house!!

  21. I always wanted a chair like this, but I didn’t know how it would hold up over time. Do you find that it looks nice most of the time or do you have to constantly fluff it?

  22. Love this room. Emily mentioned in an insta story that the round rug was chosen because of the odd room shape. Brilliant! I have the same problem but me next problem is finding round rugs! Any chance there is a Round Rug Roundup in the future? 9ft ones are especially difficult. Thanks!

  23. You may not see this, as the post is older now, but I’m hoping at some point you can comment about some of these online-only furniture companies, and give us an update? I love the look of both Sixpenny and Article, but it scares the bejeezus out of me to order major upholstered pieces online without sitting on them. I know you left the Article sectional at your old house so you may not know how it holds up, but I’d be curious for a Sixpenny update at some point:)

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