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Color Palette Helper

We all get stuck on (or off) color palettes and i’m no exception. I love bright saturated colors, blues, greens, whites, hot pinks, yadda yadda.  But for the show i had to come up with color palettes each week that were different and when the show was doing two looks then i had to do two different color palettes EACH week.  That was the one stipulation by the network – make each week as different as possible.  

So Jessica from the blog Design Seeds helped me.  Well, not personally, she doesn’t even know me, but her blog totally saved me at times frankly from searching for hours for new color inspiration.  

She posts a million different color palettes inspired from EVERYTHING – nature, architecture, art, photography, travelling, history, bearcat.  Everything.

So when you are stuck or just looking for new inspiration, maybe this will help.  

My favorite ones tend to be inspired by nature because that mother knows what she is doing. 


grass color


frozen hues

color crawl

arctic tones

fresh green

culinary color

spring tones

provence country

crescent color

It’s so beautifully done, and so simple. Everyday its a new photograph with a new color palette.  Boom.

I often take out one of the colors – sometimes i feel like they can get cuckoo, but its such a good starting point that is so well curated.  

Had to share. And have to run.  

Nice job, Jessica.  Check it



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