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A Bedroom & Closet Reveal with Target’s Made by Design Line

Have you ever gone to an organizing store and after buying an insane amount of bins/boxes/supplies, you leave feeling so much more elated and excited? It’s a scientific fact that you release serotonin when you shop for organizational goods. There is something about the fantasy and furthermore ABILITY of your life being more pulled together and easier that physically makes you happier.

Well, that’s how I feel after styling this shoot and writing this post. Today, I have a bedroom and closet makeover that is 100% Target with most things being from the new Made By Design line. This collection is full of home goods including furniture, lighting and accessories, so it’s not just organizational. It’s not meant to be decorative at all, instead focusing on function in a way that’s simple and attractive to create solutions for our everyday home problems and frustrations. At first, I was like “Okay great, everyone needs good basics” without inducing the same excitement in me as say Opalhouse when I first saw it simply because it’s seemingly so basic. But by the end of the week, after interacting with the pieces and really understanding how each item is solving little everyday problems, my tune changed. I realized “Okay, I NEED this because it will make my life easier,” and THAT emotional response honestly trumps all others right now. What good are decorative knick-knacks if they don’t actually add value to your life (well, yes, decor adds emotional value, but not in the same tangible way that something that helps you get dressed in the morning without bemoaning your lack of smart storage does, or even charging your phone without having to irritatingly reach deep behind your bed to find an outlet for your plug does.) THAT is life-changing, as in it can actually change how you live. Sign me up.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Half Bed Vignette Accent Pillows

Somehow the designers figured out ways to make day-to-day life slightly less annoying, with solutions to save a little time and effort here and there in an affordable and attractive way. You’ll see.

First, let’s get into the closet (this collection is heavy on the organization, after all)…

When we started, it looked like this:

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Empty Closet

I fall into the trap of devouring decked-out closets, just to realize that I simply won’t ever have that life because they are massive, walk-in closets with an island in the middle, etc. As you know, the closet in our LA home is TINY, but we do have a hall closet that we haven’t addressed yet, and doing this project inspired me to use this line to make mine FAR more functional.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Closet With Emily

This closet is just a reach-in with no built-in storage, just the rod and shelf and yet LOOK at how functional it is now. We maximized every single inch of it and it STILL looks pretty.

We started with the white basic furniture pieces and mixed in the pretty linen and see-through white metal mesh.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Closet Details Vignette

All of it is meant to be able to move around and fit into each other.

Now, I am not a professional organizer, which is precisely why I can speak to the benefits of this line:

  1. The linen is SO pretty in person. It looks super high end and high quality. Thank you, Target.
  2. The linen boxes have handles on all sides so that it can be pulled easily no matter which way you orient it.
  3. You can treat the canvas hangers like dressers by adding the bins or just stacking sweaters and jeans.
  4. The see-through mesh are obviously great for visibility (you won’t have to guess where your scarves are, etc.).
  5. Everything is affordable and the collection will not change. That means if you want to add to it in two years you can without having to mix in a different color or style.
  6. There are even under bed bins with tops that flips open so you don’t have to pull the whole box out to access that swimsuit.

Under Bed Box

I’m buying all of this. Writing this post has given me such an organizing bug.

Closet Organizing Tips

Perhaps my favorite thing here and something that I am buying today is the hanging shoe storage. Over-the-door shoe hangers are ALWAYS ugly or when they are pretty, they are canvas so you can’t see the shoe. This is nice, with pretty mesh that you can see through (and it ventilates which I realize sounds gross but, listen, it is a selling feature and now not having something that vents seems disgusting). It’s very durable and can hold many, many mules. We could have easily doubled the shoes (it can hold 26 pairs) but for photography purposes, we kept it simpler.

Emily Henderson Made By Design Bedroom Organization Shoe Rack Side By Side

We styled the hanging shoe container with sneakers and flats and then put the heels on the shoe shelf that has customizable dividers.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Closet Details Shoe Cubby Emilys Hand

I couldn’t stop talking about the shoe storage and how much I loved it, how smart it is, how much I needed it, etc., when someone joked “I know some people have a shoe fetish, but I think you might be the first person to have a shoe STORAGE fetish.” I think I do. I don’t even love my shoes, but I have no space in my closet and we could hang this on the inside of the hall closet for all my sneakers and flats. It’s just so smart.

On to hanging:

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Closet Garment Bag

I don’t know what I have that is fancy enough to put in a wardrobe bag but I’m going to buy some fancy clothes just to have these pretty linen wardrobe bags in my hall closet. The clear plastic side lets you see what is inside before you take it down to open. Smart. Pretty. I want. Also please note the beautiful, matching linen hamper. Smart. Pretty. I also want.

I feel like a crazy person writing this post, loving this line so much, it’s just so pretty and simple and smart. I want that life with that closet, even though it’s just a basic closet.

Target Closet Organization

Even the hangers are pretty, and the back of door rack has S hooks that you can add to if you want to really load it up with purses and scarves.

Emily Henderson Made By Design Bedroom Organization Closet Bins Side By Side

There are belt drawers with dividers (can also be bras, underwear or socks) and we couldn’t get a few of the scarf organizers in time, but you can find them all here.

Okay, let’s talk bedding and then about this chic, simple furniture now.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Across Bed Vignette

How could those sheets be better than other basic white sheets? Here’s what I learned and experienced:

  1. They are designed to dry quickly.
  2. They are wrinkle-resistant. Not stiff, mind you, just have the ability to let wrinkles fall out more easily. Anyone who likes their sheets to look crisp yet soft, you’ll be glad to know you can stop your Saturday morning sheet ironing routine.
  3. The sheets have “top and bottom” labels. The troubleshooting for which side is which isn’t panic-inducing but it’s just kinda annoying when you guess wrong and find that the side you thought was the top turns out to be the longer edge and you have to pivot. Problem solved.
  4. They have ties on the inside of the duvets. I realize that this isn’t a new idea (they’ve been doing this for a while now), but it’s a detail that’s sometimes lacking in cheaper options. Oh, and do yourself a favor and just don’t buy a duvet without ties inside to tie onto the comforter, you WILL regret it as you battle nightly with yanking your comforter/duvet insert from the bottom of the cover. I can honestly say that the biggest thing we are missing in our society right now is a service that inserts your down comforter inside your duvet cover. Uber for duvet…Duver? This at least makes it easier because it stays put after you’re done sweating.
  5. The sheets are designed both for shallow mattresses AND thicker ones with two sets of elastics.

That’s smart. And YES they are of course very soft and simple and affordable at $35 for a queen set (which is hard to beat for great cotton sheets).

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Corner Vignette With Emily

This line also has pillows that are designed for back, side and tummy sleepers. I haven’t tried them personally but check them out if you are unsatisfied with the level of firmness under your head.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Nightstand Vignette

The designers went minimal in the shape for the furnishings, allowing for smart function like laptop or book/magazine storage on top, a drawer for nightly needs and room on the bottom for something larger like a basket, or—in this case—a collection of pretentious black and white art books because right before I go to sleep I typically like to brush up on my “Byzantium” knowledge.

I love the tone of the wood and that simple minimal finger pull. It’s just really pretty and looks far more expensive than it is ($80).

On to why my brother and the director of the video FREAKED out. Yes, you can plug your phone or anything into the lamp. I’ve seen this offered by newer, hip hotels and it makes SO MUCH SENSE. Depending on where the outlets are in your room, you might not have anything convenient by your bed, so you either have to leave your phone somewhere other than where you actually need to access it, run an extension cord across your floor or have that annoying reeeeeach behind your bed every night to just barely fit your charger.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Nightstand Drawer Detail

The lamp also has touch functionality with three different settings—so smart so you can really customize how much light you output at any given point of the day/night. The shape is simple, it has multiple features that make your life slightly easier, plus it’s affordable.

Touch Lamp

On the other side of the room, we have the matching desk, which is such a great piece for a first apartment/home or a small office since it’s not TOO big, but just big enough.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Desk Computer On Top

Again, it’s in the same pretty wood tone, with open storage for books or laptop and one drawer for pencils, etc. The chair was designed to be ergonomic so even while it isn’t padded, the shape of it is supportive (and you can add a seat cushion, obviously).

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Desk Overhead

The collection also has a ton of lucite dividers and organizers, which we used in both the desk drawers and nightstand. Check them out next time you are in the store or see the collection here.

We created a video showing you the whole collection in action. Please take a peek if you are interested in how to have a slightly easier life :).

This whole line can be layered on of course, but at its core, it is a line of well-designed essentials for home, kitchen and closets, inherently non-decorative, no extra bells and whistles, with the goal instead to be smart, attractive and affordable solutions for living. That sounds like a bunch of marketing speak but these are my true words after spending two days immersed in the product for the shoot.

Ehd 180628 Target Made By Design Portland Overall

If it weren’t 105 degrees, I would be rushing right now to Target to buy all the goods to redo my hall closet.

A huge thanks to Brady, Priscilla, Emily B and Sara for their art directing, production, styling and shooting skills. I’m so lucky to have such a talented team (whom I love to travel with…yay!). And thanks to Harter Creative for being so lovely to work with, professional and fun! Brian is in a play in LA so he couldn’t come up to shoot, and we were lucky to find a crew that we loved working with.

This post was created in partnership with Target, my favorite store, with beautiful affordable things, created by a company with great values.

[drawattention ID=”159733″]

1. 3 Shelf Hanging Fabric Storage | 2. Over the Door Garment Rack | 3. Non Slip Velvet Hangers | 4. Collapsible Hamper | 5. 6 Shelf Hanging Fabric Storage | 6. Short Fabric Bin | 7. Deep Fabric Bin | 8. Slim Metal Shoe Bin | 9. Deep Metal Sweater Bin | 10. Short Metal Sweater Bin | 11. Garment Bag With Window | 12. Wood Pants Hanger | 13. Fabric Accessory Bin | 14. Over the Door Mesh Shoe Organizer | 15. Horizontal Cubby With Bins | 16. Fabric Shoe Bin | 17. 8 Bin Shoe Organizer

[drawattention ID=”159728″]

1. Gray Fringe Throw Pillow | 2. Texture Color Block Lumbar Pillow | 3. Glass Belly Vase | 4. Bed Frame | 5. The Casper Essential Mattress | 6. Nightstand | 7. Rug | 8. Bedding | 9. Microgel All Positions Pillow | 10. Underbed Fabric Bin | 11. Blue Sunglasses | 12. Taupe Sunglasses | 13. Watch | 14. Medium Plastic Organizer Tray Clear | 15. Large Plastic Organizer Tray Clear | 16. Solid Poly Fleece Blanket | 17. Solid Easy Care Sheet Set | 18. Glass Stackable Short Tumbler | 19. Marble Coaster | 20. Carafe 18.5oz | 21. Carafe 36.5oz | 22. Lamp Shade | 23. Table Lamp Base | 24. Bookends | 25. Cream Notebook | 26. Green Journal | 27. Black Matted Wood Frame 11″x14″ | 28. Single Image Matted Frame | 29. Stapler | 30. Black Pencils | 31. Table Lamp | 32. White Thin Single Image Frame | 33. Desk | 34. Desk Chair | 35. Ring Set | 36. Night Serum | 37. All Bright Eye Roll-On | 38. All Bright Night Cream | 39. Small White Bowl | 40. Gold Arrow Barrett 

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5 years ago

So excited for this line. Looks great!

5 years ago

I think you mean 26 shoes and 13 pairs of shoes. 🙂 I love this and am considering using the wire mesh baskets in my pantry. Also, to those people who complained that the Portland was too expensive, Emily does tons of Target posts like this one that are very affordable. I enjoy seeing what she can do in both situations.

5 years ago
Reply to  Azure

Hi Azure! It actually does fit 26 pairs! I bought it myself and was able to squeeze in that many. For the shoot, they just used 13 pairs to keep it nice and clean, but it can handle twice as many!

5 years ago
Reply to  Emily


I have another one of Target’s over-the-door shoe organizers and I load them by putting them back-to-back, like in the box. No scuffs that way! Now, if the spice organizing fairy would just come to my house I’m pretty sure life would be perfect. 🙂

Thanks and I so enjoy your blog.

5 years ago

This all looks lovely and I do love seeing smart function-based design. Just to clarify though, the sheets _aren’t_ cotton. They’re 60% cotton and 40% poly. Target does actually have great and very affordable lines of 100% cotton sheets, as I’m sure you know!

Antri C. | Beauty Blogger & Reviewer
5 years ago

OMG!! I am so excited that I found your blog! I really love this post! I dont know which picture to share on Pinterest ??

Jody Lane
5 years ago

I love this post! I actually just ordered that lamp and shade because I’m obsessed with the charging element! Quick question – Is the link to the lamp shade correct? It links to a floor lamp shade, but there’s also a small and large table lamp shade available. I was curious which one you used! Thanks!

5 years ago
Reply to  Jody Lane

Hi Jody! We actually just updated the link because you’re right…it was for a floor lamp! We used the large table lamp shade (link here: Sorry about that!

5 years ago

Hi! I am going to order the lamp but noticed that you linked to a shade for a floor lamp. Is that really the shade that goes with the large table base?

5 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

Hi Melissa! We updated the link above, but here it is for easy access for you:

5 years ago

I’ve been eyeing a few of these pieces for our unorganized closets and I’m excited to see this! I need the wire baskets ASAP.

But, please, PLEASE, for the sake of those gorgeous closet doors, take the hanging storage off! They are far too pretty to have anything detract from them when they’re closed!

5 years ago

Love this line, but also that bed!! Where is it from??

5 years ago
Reply to  Meg

Hi Meg! It’s from Target! You can see it here:

5 years ago

The link just goes to Target’s home page. Would you post the bed product name so I can search It?


5 years ago

Where is the ceiling light fixture in the bedroom from?

5 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

Yes, I’m obssesed with it as well! Must have this light.

5 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

I love this ceiling light too! Please let us know where its from!

Alexis Carrasquel
5 years ago
Reply to  Nicole

Yes, I need this light in my foyer!! Please tell us where you found it.

5 years ago

Looks kinda like this one. If you search for this you might get other suggestions that are even more similar to the one in this post.

Julie S
5 years ago

Target channels Ikea…. I’m kind of looking forward to checking this stuff out next time I’m in the city! It’s definitely a little easier to get to T than to the big I. The closet stuff definitely has me interested. We have three reach-in closets that the previous owners added some less than efficient rods and shelves to, and they are definitely slated to be redone for our current needs. I particularly like the semi opaque white wire bins and small closet cubby furniture.

Ali Board
5 years ago

Beautiful room! where is the ceiling fixture light from? I love it!

5 years ago

We have a very similar bed with room for storage underneath. How do you make the bed look finished and put together while also hiding all the stuff underneath without having a bed skirt?

5 years ago

I am getting that touch lamp. Thanks for sharing! I have been looking for a nice looking not expensive touch lamp for years and this one is perfect! If only it came in a brass looking finish…

Jamie G
5 years ago

Emily, everything you and your team touch is MAGIC. Love this Target line and the way you styled it! Keep it up!

Laura reynolds
5 years ago

Wow! Great post.

5 years ago

Love everything!!

5 years ago

I recently moved, and am coming to the realization that I only need about 20 outfits and 6 pairs of shoes and the rest is just crap I spent money on and pay money to move and store. I know there are a lot of people out there who get joy out of fashion and new clothes. I don’t feel like that anymore.

5 years ago

But your politics…

5 years ago

Thank you for this post! My closet just tumbled over the weekend so I’m in major need of an overhaul!

5 years ago

I cannot believe this bed is from target! They are killing it this year! Would you mind sharing where this flooring is from also? Thanks!

5 years ago

I am obsessed with this entire thing! The one thing I wish it had, is mesh bins with lids for stacking!

5 years ago

This is so great! I can’t wait to make a Target run!

Anne Bradley
5 years ago

Target sheets are THE BEST! I’ve been using them for years, such smart design, great value, and comfort.

5 years ago

Hi! I’ve been looking to replace my windows with slim black aluminum frames and noticed the beautiful windows in your bedroom. Would you mind sharing the manufacturer? Milgard? Thanks! I love all of the resources you provide!

5 years ago

In other news, I’ve been thinking about what style of base and window molding to put in our home remodel.. and I think I just found it in this room!

5 years ago

I love that blouse!!!! Denim with a feminine flair can be difficult to find.

5 years ago

Phenomenal! I love that it feels decorative and cozy, not sterile like a lot of modestly priced closet systems feel.
I also love that it doesn’t require any DIY skills… which would be perfect if you rent your home.

Any chance you have an estimate on the total cost for these items? TIA!

Arthella Starke
5 years ago

I did run to Target and buy some organizers. Actually, I just clicked the link above and ordered the over-the-door shoe organizer and several other items. They arrived in two days and I have put them to good use. What a huge difference they made in my small closet. This post was so great as it gave me ideas about storage and organization that I really needed.

5 years ago

This was inspirational. I was in denial about how unorganized my closet was and how much it couldn’t fit. Read this the other night then went to Target. Started with 2 mesh baskets and the hanging shelf and I’m ready to go back for more! Feeling so good and ready to tackle other areas now!

5 years ago

I love this line! Emily, what are the bins that are in the piece over the shoe storage? They look long like the fill up the space nicely and have lids, but I am not seeing them online and the link in your blog is to smaller ones. I really want to buy that whole section of shoe storage with the two shelf piece over it and the bins inside. Would really appreciate your input. Thank you!

Sushmita Shrestha
5 years ago

Thank you for the information about Interior Design

5 years ago

What color and brand white paint did you use in the room? I’m on the hunt for that elusive perfect white and this room is perfection.

5 years ago

NO shades or curtains?