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Choosing The Wallpaper For Our Farmhouse Powder Bathroom

Our powder bath reveal is coming at you VERY SOON, so one of the last elements we needed to figure out was the wallpaper. I was SO happy with the color of the walls (soft and moody but with so much warm pinkiness) and my original idea of going quiet with the paper was starting to bore me.

As a reminder, here is where we are in the house (the circled part). So it’s near the family room (which is a very dark teal called Stillwater by Sherwin-Williams) and also near the mudroom (Dew Drop, also Sherwin-Williams) and our bedroom (Debonair, yes, Sherwin-Williams). We also plan on wallpapering that Anteroom (a fancy word for “before” room – as in before the primary bedroom) which is a whole debate too. Do all rooms need to “go together”? Meh, sure but not necessarily. But I do want them to flow nicely and not feel redundant. I want each room to feel like a pleasant surprise, but not like, “Woah, what house are we in now?”

At first, I tried to work with the original blue paint color, and I selected all these quieter Scandi patterns – sweet plaids and the ticking stripe (that we ended up using in the stairway and landing).

from: the farmhouse powder bath update (did we stick with the blue walls??)

At the time I was also playing around with skirting the sink with this vintage Japanese Boro fabric so that would help inform the wallpaper as well.

But after painting the walls this deep rose/mauve (Cocoa Berry by SW) those papers shifted, obviously. Up here you can see one from Farrow & Ball (I will always love their hand-painted papers) and a Kelly Ventura paper which I also LOVE.

I kept collecting and collecting, mostly from my favorite designers (Scandinavian Wallpaper, Schumacher, Rebecca Atwood, Kelly Ventura, Farrow & Ball, Sandberg, and Borastapeter).

Those were the final ones I stared at and stared at for a long time. But the skirt that we ended up putting on the vanity helped sway me into a clear choice. And you’ll have to come back Monday for the reveal to see how it all turned out. Also, I styled it out with some fun stuff that I can’t wait to show you 🙂

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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Mary Evers
8 months ago

I’m very much looking forward to Monday. When you post your big reveal, could you please provide links to the wallpaper samples that you collected in this post?
I saw a couple in your group that might work in my kitchen. Thank you. Have a great weekend everyone.

8 months ago
Reply to  Mary Evers

You may be able to find the wallpaper you like by taking a screen shot and doing a google lens search. Good luck!

8 months ago

Without seeing the sink skirt I LOVE the one all the way to the right 😍

8 months ago
Reply to  Dawn


8 months ago
Reply to  Sarah

Yep, the saturated colors and the classic pattern with those dark teals and lighter blues! That would be my pick too.

8 months ago
Reply to  Dawn

Me too!!

Anne Dorsey Hutton
8 months ago
Reply to  Stephanie

Same here.

8 months ago

Love that you are going with something with a little bit more drama, and I’m a big fan of the deeper tones of the print with what looks like oak leaves and berries. Love this room—can’t wait to see the reveal!

8 months ago

I enjoy blue /teal AND I’m excited to get a little break from the cool tones in this room for a slightly warmer paint color.

8 months ago

I love these process posts. Fingers crossed for Rebecca Atwood!

8 months ago

I would 100% go for the second one! Simple, graphic, modern but not too modern…

8 months ago
Reply to  Caroline

Agree – I do love the 4th paper but for this room, the second one is the right fit.

8 months ago

1 and 4 are too boring. They look like the prints that I saw in my parents wallpaper sample books in the 7-ies. I have to admit that none of these wallpapers seem ‘the best option possible’.

8 months ago

That Kelly Ventura wallpaper is beautiful and looks so good against the pink. I’m very sad it didn’t make the final choice — especially with the wood table.

8 months ago

I like the one in the center, it makes me think of some of the other whimsical touches you have included in the house. Any of these wallpapers will be lovely though.

michelle hammons
8 months ago

Emily, I recently found your blog when beginning the design of my kitchen. (love it ♥️) Many of the elements you have used in your farmhouse are similar to the design track I am on. With that said, I have a few questions: Im in love with the blue in your kitchen, the blue door, and blue washroom. Can you tell me the blue paint color on what I believe is your back entry door? I want to paint my kitchen cabinets this blue but I don’t want it to look like a boy nursery? Also, is you Aga range black gloss with brush gold knobs? I only have access to small paper color samples at my appliance dealer. There are no Aga’s on display in my home town. I like the low sheen of yours.

8 months ago

The Aga is matte black with polished brass knobs. The Sierra Pacific exterior doors are clad in a “Steel Blue” color by Sierra Pacific. See here: