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A New Vintage Auction Format


I’ve spent decades thrifting in high (and VERY low) places, scouring through pages and pages of online sites, or heading to the flea market on painfully hot summer Sundays (all of which I still do, and love). The pieces are VERY GOOD, but with my growing business and family, it was time I free up some much-needed space. We started the flea which we sell some of my coveted smaller items through (and still do) but often those larger pieces which I love so much don’t go anywhere. I have historically sold my favorite larger pieces on Chairish, and here’s the HUGE announcement,  Chairish is launching auctions. That means that these pieces can go for $1. They won’t, but they could. Keep reading.


For those of you that haven’t heard about Chairish before, it is a simple concept – think craigslist, but classier, easier and more well refined. Their staff weeds through half the junk that some people think are “treasures” and curates a pretty wonderful selection of goods for you to shop.


Up until this point, you have been able to make an offer on an item, but now it is an auction based format,  which start at $1. It’s like Ebay, but with only good stuff that has been vetted. The auction format is a win win situation as it works great for sellers who are just ready to purge and want items out (ME), and for buyers who are looking for a great deal on said items (YOU).


So folks, it is official auction time (RIGHT NOW) and everything you see in these pictures is being auctioned starting at a buck. Including said vintage arrows, which I have had a very happy and monogamous relationship with for years. All 14 of us.


I’ll also be letting go a set of Italian lucite folding chairs that I picked up at a vintage store in Arizona, a pair of those Milo Baughman burlwood nightstands (which the chair is sitting on), that massively epic teal blue Mid Century lamp, which I am sad to see go as I still have never used it for a shoot, and a pair of perfectly sized parsons side tables which the lamp sits on. Then there are the blue seascapes, my pair of marble and brass side tables, a brass regency ceiling mount light fixture, and America’s headboard (my velvet blue tufted headboard). To say I am parting with some of my ultimate favorites would be a big understatement. It’s a veritable cornucopia of vintage happiness for your purchasing pleasure.


I will be sad to see them go, sure, but happy if you are happy to have them.

So head on over to Chairish and check it all out. In the meantime let’s take a walk down memory lane of some of my favorites I will be parting with in the sale in all their glory.

Emily Henderson_Emilys House_Living Room 1

Mid Century Coffee Table. WHAT. AM. I. THINKING. Here is what: this table is not kid-friendly what with those sharp baby-eye-piercing corners. I have to come to terms with the fact that I will have one form of toddler for the next 3 years. Hoarding this piece for 3 years seems weird and unnecessary. Will some non-baby or toddler owning person please take this off my hands?

emily_henderson_master_bedroom_isaac_201504 (6 of 16)

My old metal nighstands which I used to have in our bedroom, a pair of those wood table lamps, as well as that headboard and bamboo mirror. I know it seems as though I’m selling my entire bedroom but that’s because I AM. I like it all, but it was time for something new. I’m insane.


My Mid Century inspired desk which used to sit in my living room for those days when I was feeling extra inspired to sit at an actual desk and write and last but not least my Mid Century Dining Room table which extends with two leaves and some of our first family meals were shared on. bright-dining-room-1

It’s an awesome table that could use a light refinishing. I bought it for $1k and you could bid on it for $50 and win it. That’s a pretty bad loss on my part but we aren’t using it and its just sitting here (and I refuse to deal with Craigslist people these days).


That bamboo rocker didn’t make the cut for my “keep” pile, and that industrial drawer dresser is AMAZING but ended up not fitting where I had planned. ALL of this stuff is so good. My Oregon map was in storage for a year but I truly love it.


Those rugs. That regency light fixture! That macrame! THAT TEAL POTTERY LAMP!!! All so good. Then there is this guy:


“Random Senator From The Senators” sculpture needs a home. I don’t know why it’s not in my home, I love that ugly man, but its being sold. Also the nightstand that it is on is awesome and I actually wish I hadn’t committed to selling them. But I did. And once I emotionally say goodbye, I really say goodbye (note to all past boyfriends).

So here are some of my favorite “past boy-friends”. I’m selling over 50 pieces but here are my favorite 12: Lucite Folding Chairs,  Burl Wood Nightstands,  Moon at Night Seascape, Marble and Brass Console,  Mid Century Teal Lamp,  Brass Regency Light Fixture,  Arrow Collection,  Mid Century Wood and Brass Lamp, Mid Century Parsons Side Tables,  Marble Side Table,  Mid Century Coffee Table.

The sale starts NOW and lasts til’ April 21st (only 2 days) at 7pm (PST). All 51 pieces are starting at $1 and YES there is a “buy me now” option so you can fast-track it and buy it out-right if you know you want it (I put in my lowest price guarantee). There is local LA pickup for free and shipping is extra.

chairish-012_photo_via_TessaNeustadt     chairish-137_photo_via_TessaNeustadt

And… just because you know we love a good GIF around here, you can see how Brady and I put together this little vignette of everything we are selling. Head on over to the sale and get your bid on. Chairish_cropped
***Photography by Tessa Neustadt
Fin Mark


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Oh man, I want those metal nightstands! If I lived in LA I’d for sure scoop those up. But the estimated white glove shipping is $397, so there’s that. Sad face.


Um your top?? I need to know where you got it! This is important!


Here here!


this is such a great concept, thanks emily! i wish the shipping wasn’t SO high (actually i just wish i lived in CA.) just FYI, they automatically charge your card if you make a bid (and then release it if you don’t win.)

Every piece is amazing, your eye is incredible!


Ok – l.o.v.e. all of the auction items, but where did you find that AWESOME top?! 😉


If you are looking for another auction site I recommend Everything But The House, I’m not sure what areas of the country it is servicing at this point but the company started in Cincinnati and it has since exploded. It’s a bit less curated but the sales are broken out into themes and locations.

i’ve heard great thing about it!


Yes, It was started in Cincinnati, but has spread to many cities across the US (LA included). It’s basically like going to an estate sale, but it’s online. I live locally and have picked up items at their warehouse here. They actually have previews in the homes or sometimes at the warehouse, so you can actually see what you are bidding on. It’s a great concept and great company.

Emily K

You sure do gather a ton of great stuff. Wouldn’t you rather just open a shop? I really want to see a Style by Emily Henderson store even if I never get to visit since I live 2,100 miles from LA. It all goes together so well that to split up the family willy nilly online seems sad to me.

Speaking of stores I miss your posts where you feature small shops and interview the owners. I found them very useful as I want to open my own place one day.


Oh man, there is some fabulous stuff here. If I was local, I’d jump on this.


For the love of God, use that teal lamp in a shoot before you let it go!!

I know. I put it at $600 hoping it wouldn’t sell, but its an auction forma so we’ll see.. i love it so mucb


Emily. I wanted to post a bid, but realized that the site is not secure.
I am afraid to enter my credit card information. is there an option to do it via paypal??

thank you


I love this stuff but hate the shipping prices! Any lucky readers within pickup distance should definitely pounce on these. Especially that turquoise lamp and the headboard.


THE HEADBOARD! My husband just lost his job last week or I would literally buy it right now!!!


Hi Emily, great stuff! Could you please tell us about that shirt you’re wearing, and let us bid for it on Chairish? (Just kidding. But would love to know where it’s from.)


It’s from Anthro. Last year maybe?


So much I want and I can’t afford. Sigh. Now is not the time to be spending money for me, but I”m still going to bid on a few pieces that I can’t resist. I’ll get outbid, but at least I’ll have tried. And if I don’t get outbid, I’ll get a great deal!


Ok nobody has commented yet so I am assuming they went straight to your auction! 🙂


Are the rugs being sold, too? There’s no link to them.


Ahhh! I am dying some of my favorite items are finally on sale. I better jump on over and get bidding. PLEASE do this with the flea.

I scored your amazing embroidered fabric tapestry (! Do know any of the anecdotes/stories behind this piece? Where did you find it? I would love to hear more 🙂 I’ll be sure to tag you in it on Instagram when I’ve found a place for it in my house. The colors are incredible!

I love that piece. I wanted it on a bench or frame it for the wall. it is super special. congrats and thank you. xx


can someone explain to me how the auction doesn’t end for two more days and yet most of the items are already sold? that’s not how an auction works.


You must have missed the part about the “buy me now option”. Bay has been doing this for years, so, yes, some auctions allow you to buy an item immediately for a specific price rather gamble on winning a lower “auction” price.

Rebecca L.

Thank you! I have a bunch of vintage items that I needed to get rid of (spring cleaning) and had no idea what to do. I was worried that I would have to rent a booth at an antique shop! That site is amazing!! Again, thank you!!!

Susie Q.

I love your shirt; the style and colors are so cute. The first image in this post looks kinda pixelated/low-res: I wish it weren’t.
So last night I looked at your auction and for some reason had to add up how much $ you’d made so far. I’m looking forward to going back and adding up the final haul. Silly, isn’t it?

Samantha Zutler

Hi Emily! I just found your blog and love it. Will you share who makes your cute jeans and top in this post? I’m a shorty (5’1″), so not sure I can pull off the jeans, but your photo is encouraging me to give it a good college try!

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