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by Caitlin Higgins

In a recent team hang out session, we found out that Caitlin, our Partnerships Director, has had a side business/hustle buying and selling furniture for years and when we prodded, which we do, she threw down knowledge that left us all writing resignation letters to EHD to explore this gamble. But I accepted no such… Read More …

by Emily Henderson

This is a good old fashion vintage “what I bought and why,” “what I realized I didn’t really need so I skipped” with a special edition addendum of “what I ended up not needing and returning and kinda feeling like an A-hole” post. I went to the Pasadena Antique Mall and annex, a frequent of… Read More …


First things first…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Emily Henderson. Yes, it’s our fearless leader’s big day and we hope it’s perfect. We will have to save the singing, hugs and inevitable treats until we are all reunited on Tuesday. But since today is also a Sunday (of a holiday weekend, no less), we have a GREAT Link Up… Read More …

by Emily Bowser

Hi all. I feel like I need to formally introduce myself. My name is Emily Bowser, henceforth called “Bowser” as to not confuse anyone! I am a stylist and a creative producer here at EHD, and I’ve been lurking for almost three years now. I first came on as an assistant stylist on a project… Read More …

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