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Busy little beaver.

But who’s not, right?  THe launch is coming up and so press interviews have kept me super busy outside of the show.  Can’t wait to start blogging about the episodes starting next monday. For any of you loyal readers (or unloyal, who am i kidding) who live in LA and feel like coming to the party email me through the contact form and i’ll send you the evite.  We do have a limit, so i may have to stop at a certain point, but it seems crazy not to have the people who have helped give me the support and confidence not to be as nervous as i could be (again who am i kiddin, this chick is nervous) to not be invited to the launch of this crazy special show to me. 

Sorry its not a real post.  But episode 10 is kinda kicking my rear and the nerves about the launch are keeping me little brain busy.  

4 days and counting.  Geez.  


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