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Budget Room Design: Colorful & Modern Scandinavian Dining Room

It’s Friday and we thought what better way to head into the weekend than a colorful and modern budget dining room. You may have noticed that bright and saturated tones are having a major comeback and we are very much into it! It’s fun, fresh, and makes a room (and the people in it) happy. The dining room typically isn’t a place where people think to bring color in which is exactly why we did it here. Everything from your chairs to your water glasses are great opportunities to show off your ‘colorful’ personality. So with this space, we really went for it with the color and then balanced it out with hits of graphic black to give you the ultimate “grown-up-yet-still-cool enough-to-drink-out-of-multi-colored glasses” dining room where the food is always delicious and the conversation never boring. Let’s get into it.

Emily Henderson Budget Room Design Colorful Mid Century Modern Dining Room Under 5000 New

Table | Pink Chair | Bench | Rug | Serving Bowl | Framed Art | Chandelier | Pitcher | Colorful Glass Set | Tall Candlestick Holder | Short Candlestick Holder | Table Lamp | Wine Rack Console | Decanter | Tray | Wine Glass | Coaster Set

Our first version comes in just under $5000 and is giving us big style and lots of color! These dining chairs might be our favorite thing in the room. They are simple in shape but then turn very playful with the blush seat cushion. Win-win. That chandelier is also too good. It’s understated with its two smaller pendants but as a whole piece completely striking. We decided to give the room some more visual interest and keep it casual and playful by using benches instead of 6 chairs. This helps give the room some levels. And speaking of visual interest, let’s talk console. You know we love a piece a furniture that doubles in function and this console does just that. Not only is it a great spot for a lamp and setting out glassware but it also holds 77 bottles of wine. Yes those squares are for wine! We all decided that we would never be able to keep it stocked due to our inability to keep wine in our homes for more than a week (because we drink them) but stocked or not it’s a very cool piece.

Emily Henderson Budget Room Design Colorful Mid Century Modern Dining Room Under 3000

Table | Pink Chair | Bench | Rug | Serving Bowl | Art | Frame |  Chandelier | Pitcher | Colorful Glass Set | Tall Candlestick Holder | Short Candlestick Holder | Table Lamp | Console | Decanter | Tray | Wine Glass | Coaster Set

In this next version, we chopped off 2k but switched out only a handful of items. The dining table was switched out for a slightly softer and lighter toned version. The chairs are still simple but with a bigger dose of blush. We aren’t complaining:) And while the console no longer holds all that wine it’s still very cool and has the same feel. Let’s also talk about those water glasses. Like we said before glassware is the easiest (and usually cheapest) way to bring in fun and unexpected colors. This set is colorful while still feeling modern. Shall we move on to our final and most budget-friendly version?

Emily Henderson Budget Room Design Colorful Mid Century Modern Dining Room Under 2000

Table | Pink Chair | Bench | Rug | Serving Bowl | Art | Frame |  Chandelier | Pitcher | Blue Glass Set | Pink Glass | Green Glass | Tall Candlestick Holder | Short Candlestick Holder | Table Lamp | Console | Decanter | Tray | Wine Glass | Coaster Set

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This is an entire dining room for under 2k. Once again we switched up the chairs. Still with our favorite blush color but this time with some arm rests. We might actually prefer these to the one’s in the previous version. The rug was swapped out for a less textured and grayer one and the benches for a simple all black version. The colorful glass set was changed out for these VERY affordable ones that are mostly sold individually. We kept the chandelier and art for all three because of their neutral tones and beautiful details. Overall we think this version holds up quite nicely to the original and most expensive one:)

What do you think of all this color? Are you on the color train or staying in the neutral world? Could you handle drinking from multi-colored glasses and being the person that entertains in this room? Either way we hope you have a colorful weekend full of delicious treats and great company. In the meantime let us know what room and style you want us to pull together next.

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5 years ago

Cute vibe and combos. I’ve tried lots of rugs under our table and I don’t recommend the first two shown here even though pretty. Unless is has some weight to it or backing, the rug just gets pushed around and looks messy – even with a pad.

5 years ago

Emily, I’d like to say that your blog has been so helpful since we bought our first house. I was totally lost in terms of interior design and your blog came to the rescue. I love that you post every day. It’s amazing and incredible the amount of effort you put out there as free and public content. Checking your blog every day is seriously one of the highlights of my day. I just wanted to say how grateful and appreciative I am of this blog, so thank you! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Stephanie

I complete agree with this, thank you for all of your effort and for posting everyday. I’m in the same boat, trying to design a whole house and your blog has been hugely helpful!

5 years ago
Reply to  Andrea

I completely agree, as well! We’ve just moved in from a small apartment and tackling an entire house is a lot, especially as I work to incorporate existing pieces. This blog is everything as I assemble pinterest boards, make and prioritize lists, and generally try not to pressure myself too much to do too much too quickly.

5 years ago

Okay, so this is a very specific question based on the last budget room post ( which I am basically attempting to recreate verbatim in my own home. The problem: my room has an actual full-size bed in it instead of a daybed (also, wood panelling). So, what color bedding works with Design 3? I’m thinking white or peach but do not know.

This post is great too, BTW.

5 years ago
Reply to  jessvii

White bedding is a safe choice and would probably work with every kind of decor. But, if you’re interested I think that blue bedding could also work, since the blue accents are already present in the art and pillows of the design, and also would contrast with the earth tones I imagine are present in your wood paneling.

5 years ago
Reply to  Colin

I’m not Emily, but those are just my two cents!

5 years ago
Reply to  jessvii

How about this bedding, which I have and really like? With white sheets and perhaps an accent pillow.

5 years ago
Reply to  Erica

And perhaps white bookcases instead of those shown, because of the wood walls?

5 years ago

I love these!! I think they have just the right amount of colour, and it’s not super saturated colours- though I am still firmly on Team No-Rug-Under-Dining-Table

5 years ago

Love these looks.

I’m currently looking for dining chairs. I like this style, but worry about how much weight they hold? I need something that will safely hold 300 lbs every once in a while. Anyone else in this bind?

5 years ago

The link for the decanter in the second option actually links to the tray instead (and the tray link also links to the tray). Would love the link to the decanter!

5 years ago

Color is totally my jam! I got some dining chairs similar to the ones you show in the “budget” option. Except ours were from a school that closed down. Mid-80’s maybe? And we bought them from kind of a dark, scary warehouse from a not scary guy. $20 per chair. The color instantly brightened up our dining room.

5 years ago

I really appreciate yours style and theme of home decoration. It rally cool.

5 years ago

ummmm can we talk about the coasters in d1 & 2?! AMAZING

5 years ago

That chandelier may just have to be my new lightening situation over my kitchen island ???

5 years ago

I’m a bit of an IKEA snob, but I found those pink glasses a few months back ($2 each) and they are amazing! Perfect for the house or office. I now own 8…

5 years ago
Reply to  Laura

I have 2 of the pink glasses and the matching carafe in my office. Having the carafe on my desk gets me to drink more water, and the color is just pretty.

Lindsay Sue
5 years ago

Would you mind telling where the decanter with the white stopper is from? When I click on it the link for the tray is pulling up 😉