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brassy chair

busy day but wanted to share:

I was walking on Lafayette Street and  BOOM.  There she was.  Nobody seemed to notice or care about her. But i noticed.  I cared.  I wept. 

$40 bitches.

Don’t know how i’m getting her home (i might go to Brimfield flea market, rent a uhaul and then get everything shipped and include this chair with it….)

Or i just resell it to a good home in New York. But i just couldn’t pass it up.  Brass and pink velvet and that crazy 80’s shape?  It’s the perfect corner sculptural chair – give it a drum table, hyde rug and call it a day.  Wait…or its a desk chair…or a vanity chair……in my huge metallic wallpapered walk -in fantasy closet…..oh man….

I love you, and your crazy shape.  


ALSO Check out my friend Scott in this pretty cute and well produced video from One Kings Lane about decorating outside – bringing the indoors out. 

CLICK HERE.   (he’s the really adorable guy).