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Blue Tuesdays

You know I love this one.  Its the cooky cat woman inside me.  A client pulled it out as one of their favorite rooms when we were looking for inspiring tear sheets for them.  I had forgotten about it, shame on me. Domino, of course.

Ballsy walls below.   I tried the turquoise semi-gloss and hated it within a couple hours, but somehow this is way more sophisticated. From Patricia Gray’s blog.

This one is high gloss and its insane, in a bad way.  I mean, i like color and pattern more than anybody, but this makes me want to punch something.

OOh, but this kitchen is supes cutes.  I’m all about painted wood panelling these days.  you know this.

 I love this shot, its from ‘The Joy of Home’ (same with the kitchen, above).  Again, with the panelling, i know.

Naomi Cleavers book is pretty awesome.  It has a ton of pretty pics, but also a lot of useful information on when you should go DIY and when to hire a pros. Like:  ceramic tiles you can diy, stone and slate tiles, call a pro.  Good to know, Naomi. good to know.

Start sending me your favorite blue interiors or products.  Dying for more inspiration. Wow, that was a really douchey thing to say, but you know what i mean.

Bring on the blues.

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