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Blue bells




I only wear blue.  You think i’m kidding, but catch me on 6 days out of the week and I’ll be wearing blue. Navy blue, blue-ish grey, electric blue, teal, turquoise, no baby blue, you get the idea.  I look good in blue.  White is too easy to mess up, black is boring to me, red can look slutty on me (I have big blonde hair), yellow makes me look nauseous, grey unfortunately makes me look like Powder (too bad, I love me some grey), and orange i’m pretty opposed to, in general.  So we are down to hot pink and blue and patterns of both.  And that’s what I wear.  The best style advice I ever got was dress your house like you dress yourself.  If you tend to look really put together, perfectly accessorized, hair perfectly done, everything tailored then most likely that is how your house is or should be.  I, am not so.  I wear blues, and lots of patterns, a gold charm chain, and brown leather shoes.  In my fantasy world I would love to look like these pictures; random, patterned, inviting and generally awesome.

but, like I said, in a fantasy world.  i’m not nearly this cool….yet.
credits:  (1) domino, (2) christine rudolph, (3) gourmet (sigh, tear, sob)



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