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Big (little) News …


Well. Our family is expanding, again, and we are not getting a pet chinchilla if you know what I mean. I’m pregnant!!! With another human little baby, and we are all VERY excited. Ecstatic, really. Well, Charlie doesn’t quite get it yet. He’s just a bit confused why mommy is taking afternoon naps – or at least trying to, and he’s so excited that he gets 10 minutes of Sesame Street when I’m desperate. And I get desperate – man, around 4pm that TV box thing is pretty magical with kids, right?

Let’s go through the frequently asked questions:


Was it planned? Lets just say this: we know how to prevent a pregnancy and we weren’t doing that. Getting pregnant with Charlie was a bit tricky. It took 16 months of trying before it was successful. Near the end of that 16 months our fertility specialist broke the news that some of our tests came back proving that getting pregnant naturally could be difficult. Little did any of us know, that I was actually pregnant when we were having that conversation. Thank god. So when we started talking about it this time Brian and I decided to give it a year of trying naturally before we had to go into the ‘IVF’ world. I have friends in that world and it’s a hard one to live in. So, we wanted to give ourselves ample time to try. Not having to try for a year is truly a gift. Trying is THE WORST. We were shocked, ecstatic and felt extremely lucky that it happened faster this time. Well, I didn’t really celebrate yet. If you’ve ever had a miscarriage (ours was at 10 weeks last time), you know that you aren’t really out of the woods til you have an ultrasound with a healthy heartbeat, so once that happened (7 weeks) we breathed a huge sigh of relief. And THEN I was just so excited. Charlie and this little one will be 22 months apart, which is pretty darn close and we may have a few years of insanity, but as if it’s not obvious, we love this parenting thing so we are extremely excited to do it again.

How am I feeling?  Let me put it this way: if ‘The First Trimester’ were to run for president I wouldn’t vote for it. I would take 2nd or 3rd ANY day – in fact I might campaign against The First, just so it doesn’t win. I don’t like how it governs both my emotions and my body. I can’t complain as much as so many people who puke all day during the first few months, but this time around I’ve felt more nauseous and tired, emotional and depleted of all energy around 3pm. Here’s how the day goes: I sleep as long as possible – til Charlie wakes up. I skip a workout because I’m nauseous and then go to work where I’m pretty normal the first 5 hours. I eat A LOT. OF CARBS. It’s the only way I can not be nauseous. P.S. carbs are delicious, folks –  Pad Thai, Chicken Tikka Masala, Spaghetti with meatballs – these are my cravings and you can see it on my body. Around 3pm I feel like I have a brick in the middle of my head. It’s not a headache, it just feels so heavy that I have to put my head down and it blocks all intellectual thought.

I sometimes try to fight through it, but often I just come home to lay down and then the second that Charlie goes to bed I crawl into bed, read 8 pages of a book, and am asleep by 8:30pm with the intent to wake up at 5am to work, but never can because the first trimester demands like 17 hours of sleep a day.

emily_henderson_brian_charlie_pregnant_hi_res (10 of 12 Edited)

Please don’t read this as if I don’t want to be doing it, it’s just not my favorite of the trimesters. For those of you who haven’t gone through it yet here’s my latest pregnancy metaphor:

Getting pregnant (if you want to) is like someone has booked your fantasy vacation for you, and while you don’t know where you are going or how great it will be, you are told by everyone that it will be AMAZING so you say, ‘screw it, lets just do this’ and you pack your bags. But the flight is REALLY, really, really, REALLY,  long. For the first part of the flight you are sitting in this tiny seat in the back of the plane, by the bathroom that smells so bad, with no legroom, no reading material, and a lot of jolting. You are pretty uncomfortable and nauseous – not in terrible pain or anything, you just can’t ever shift to get comfortable. But you still really want to get to your destination badly so you hang in there and try to sleep through it. Then after a while you feel a tap on your shoulder as they move you to business class and its wonderful. People are nice to you, you can stretch out, you aren’t sick any more, etc. Sure, you can’t have the free champagne, but other than that the second trimester (I found), is kinda great. You watch hours of TV and fly through Post apocalyptic YA series. Then towards the end (third trimester) they move you to first class and the real excitement begins. You know that the vacation is close, so you just lay back and milk the good service and pretty much get whatever you want. But that is VERY short-lived, and during the decent they move you to sit in the tiny bathroom for the remainder of the flight which feels like forever (this is the last month) and you feel disgusting and claustrophobic and just so uncomfortable. You just keep telling yourself This better be worth it. This better be worth it. Meanwhile your partner has been sitting in FIRST class the entire time, laying down in one of those pod seats, marathoning Mad Men, flirting with the flight attendant, drinking free artisan cocktails, eating hot nuts and just waiting for their ‘FREE’ baby.

Then … just as you can smell the ocean air and you can see your beachside villa out the lavatory window, you have a rocky, terrifying landing full of such turbulence that you are all sure you are going to die. But you don’t. And then all of a sudden you land. And everyone is safe and relieved. And you get to your destination and its even more magical than you could have ever fantasized. Everyone was right. It was worth it. You are so happy that you actually slowly forget all the discomfort of the entire plane ride and would even happily volunteer to do it again.

That’s how pregnancy is for me. It’s different for everyone, I know. Some like the entire 9 months and some hate the entire 9 months and muster through it. For me it’s a combo.

Right now I’m still in the ‘uncomfortable back of the plane’ portion of the trip, waiting to get the tap from the flight attendant to say that I’m moved up to Business Class. Although it should be noted that I went to bed on Saturday night at 10pm. TEN. Like an actual grown up. And yesterday I had more energy than I have in weeks, so I’m thinking that tap will come soon.

emily_henderson_brian_charlie_pregnant_hi_res (8 of 12 Edited)

The second pregnancy is already so much better mainly because I know what I get – I know how magical that vacation will be. I know how worth it it is. Besides I’m way busier with Charlie and the business which keeps me distracted. It’s going faster, and while my hormones are stupid and irrational, and I feel incredibly bloated, I know that its temporary and I’ll get through it. Man, hormones are a bitch, right? I would say ‘Poor Brian’, but he’s already in First Class, watching The Fast and The Furious series and wiping his hands wastefully on hot towels over and over again. Ok, fine, to be fair to him he’s actually been awesome – taking Charlie a lot (yesterday I went to yoga and a massage) and buying me endless amounts of pink berry.

Oh and you show a lot more, way faster, the second time around. Let’s face it, I hadn’t exactly gotten rid of my pooch so when Brian was like ‘Wow, you are showing so much more this time!’ I thought to myself Well, I’ve kinda been showing for 16 months now….  Only now I can actually wear fitted clothes to show it off.

Boy or girl? We would be happy with either. The idea of two boys, ages 2 and 4, sounds scary but also VERY fun and in a lot of ways I picture myself a mom of boys. Besides, we have one and he’s awesome and I know how to do ‘boy’ already. But we both want the chance to have a little girl and I don’t know if we’ll go for three kids, so yeah … a girl would be pretty welcome. We’ll let you know soon (this week!!!!!).

emily_henderson_brian_charlie_pregnant_hi_res (11 of 12 edited)

So it’s on. At least a few times a day I remember that I’m pregnant and I get a burst of serotonin and excitement. I look at baby photos of Charlie and get so excited to have another little one … probably because he was mellow  and while I’m pretty sure you don’t get two mellow babies in a row, we are bracing ourselves for a different experience. But totally grateful for whatever little personality we get lucky to have.

October 21st, folks. It’s all happening … Inside my quickly growing belly 🙂 Wish us luck.

*Thanks, Jessica for snapping these new photos of us.

P.S. Our first pregnancy announcement, and Charlie’s birth story. 

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Congratulations to you guys!!! Fantastic news! I hope your nausea begins to ease up VERY soon. If it helps at all, you ALWAYS look fab. Sending lots of love your way <3




Congrats! I’m due Oct. 22, ours will be 29 months apart. Your analogy is ridiculously accurate, esp. since all forms of transportation give me crazy motion sickness this first trimester. See you in business class soon!

Our first (a son) was stillborn in January. Seeing this post, made me incredibly happy for your family. I wish you all the very best! Cherish those little lives, Emily! You’re the luckiest woman on earth! 🙂


Amanda, I am so sorry for your loss. Experiencing such grief after the hope and excitement of a pregnancy must be brutal. Sending you healing thoughts.

Amanda, I am so very sorry for your loss. All the best to you… May your heart be healed and your arms filled with a little life very soon.


So very, very sorry. My heart broke for you reading this. May yours be filled with peace.

amanda sambrano

Someday, someday, someday. <3 I don't know you, but my heart goes out to you.


Whoa, Amanda! Way to hi-jack the post. Do you think that this is the appropriate time or place? Trauma doesn’t exclude you from using manners.


Clearly you’ve never had a miscarriage, Jamis. Amanda didn’t hi-jack anything. I’m sure since Emily HAS had a miscarriage, she understands what Amanda was trying to say. Joy and grief can exist in the same space, you know, and one need not diminish the other. Anyway, CONGRATS EMILY! Can’t wait to watch that bump grow!


I was so hoping this was your news!
Couldn’t be happy for you!


Congratulations from a Mom of three.


Awwwwwwwww….congrats!!!!! The world needs more Henderson babies because lets face it…you make cute ones!!!


Congratulations! We’re expecting our second on October 15th so I’m just about at the thirteen week mark. You’re right about how early you show the second time around – while I wish I could make the old pants + belly band routine work a bit longer, I’ve got to get some maternity clothes for this fast-growing bump.

Ahhh! I’m so excited for you! Congrats on getting pregnant so easily this second time around. What a sweet growing family you have 🙂 I hope you sail through to the second trimester like, stat. But you already have the nicest bump and look so wonderful! And don’t worry about any weight you might gain Emily, you’re one of those people that looks really beautiful with or without some extra lbs. So just do what you can to enjoy yourself (aka carbs and naps)!

Congratulations!!!! My three boys are all 19 months from one to the next. Let me tell you, it’s a crazy ride, but I love it!! They have instant playmates! It’s the best!


Oh Emily!!! Best news ever!!! Your family is getting bigger!!! The second baby’s delivery/recovery is so much easier on you and your body. So no fear. And your flight analogy is truly perfect.
—- BTW “Free Baby!!” is hilarious!! I have to use that. I always say “your welcome” when I see my husband hugging our daughter or petting her head or loving her. But “Free baby” is way better.


Congratulations! Please SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP as much as you can. And don’t feel guilty about it; your body is doing the most amazing work right now. Just lie back and let it happen.


Congratulations!!! So excited for you and your adorable family. I love your flight analogy- so perfect and spot on! 🙂


this is the best news ever! congratulations! and THANK YOU for being honest about your past struggles. so happy for you and the fam! xoxo


Congratulations!! All the best to you and your family! 🙂

Janice @ Life Begins at Thirty, Right?

Congratulations!!! I’m with you on the first tri – it really is the pits for most women!! Load up on those carbs. If you can’t do it now, when can ya?!


Congratulations!! I loved your lovely rendition of being pregnant. I have four children three of which are 12 and 15 months apart! So tiring but so much fun at the same time 🙂

PS: I’m such a huge fan of you and your work.


Wow – beautiful and exciting news!!! What a wonderful blessing and surprise!!


I think you could do stand up. Seriously, this is one of the funniest descriptions of being pregnant I’ve ever read! Should be published in all those parenting magazines. So very happy for you all. And you look more beautiful than ever, so forget about that pooch and enjoy the ride!


Oh my! Congratulations!!!!!

Your metaphor is spot on for me too. Our girls are 22 months apart. So much fun! And, honestly, easier all the way around. I felt like a champ after number 2. I am sure you will too!
Having two of the same sex meant instant playmates, but also rivalry that we hadn’t necessarily expected. Can’t wait to see how they do together. Boy or girl, your family will always be your center 🙂



I knew it too. 🙂 Congratulations Emily! I have two boys and they are great. Two very different personality and they are 22 months apart. You will be fine. You can do this; no sweat. 🙂


YAY! Congrats to you all! I have 2 boys 22 months apart and it’s a handful but fun – you can’t go wrong either way 🙂


Hah! I had a hunch a a few weeks back where I mentioned it in my
comment here. Somehow one can tell from the glow :-))


Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and your family.

How exciting! congrats!



Emily, Brian, Charlie and little baby Henderson, the pictures are precious, your news is tremendous, and the flight analagy, hilarious! Hearty congratulations! Go eat some carbs now 🙂

YESSSSSSS!! So many YESES!!!! I’m thrilled for you guys. Charlie is going to be the best big bro. Cannot wait to meet this new little nugget 🙂 Congrats guys!

YAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAY! All the joy in the world to you and your little family!



I’m so excited for you and your growing family. I’m a mom of 2 and we have had so much more fun with the addition of baby (now preschooler) # 2. Congratulations!!!!

Congrats!! So exciting, and that TV thing…it’s even more handy with two! 🙂

Wow! Wasn’t expecting that so soon! Congrats and best wishes, it truly takes courage to do it again so quickly. Awesome news, please keep us posted. Btw your pregnancy metaphor totally fit in with my experience too, like, word by word….


Wow – so I almost commented on your last post suggesting that maybe you might be…And then I stopped myself because things like are not appropriate to ask about… But I was right! Haha! Congrats!

Congratulations, wonderful news. The more the merrier!


Congratulations! My little man is about a month younger than Charlie, and we’re expecting another baby boy in July!

so excited for you and your family. i really like the pregnancy analogy you made. i am not a mother just yet but it is exciting to see how much you truly enjoy parenting.


Yay! Congrats. We just welcomed our second boy last fall (they are 25 months apart) and man, it is a crazy ride. Working full time with 2 littles is sort of insanity, and there are many moments when I feel like there is no way we can be doing a good job of it (what with the house being a hot mess 90% of the time, the fact that my husband and I have been on 2 dates in 6 months, and then the 2 year old ate a sleeve of Peeps before 8am the day after Easter – with permission). BUT once the baby is old enough for them to start actually interacting and laughing at each other, it’s, like, the best thing in the world, and all the other stuff blurs into the background and you’re like, “high five hubs, look at these deliriously happy kids of ours. We’re doing a fine job.” It rocks. Just you wait 😉




Congratulations, Charlie Henderson! You will make the best big brother, ever. I can picture you grilling shrimp on the deck and sharing your (real) eggs! Have fun with your Dad and give your Mama some quiet time!


Hi Emily! My husband and I met you at the Target registry event that David Stark did in NYC a few months ago. We were so excited!! haha AND – I am pregnant, too! Due 10/10!!! This will be FUN! xo


SUPER HAPPY for you all! Congratulations!!!


I’m so so so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!!

heather c.

Congrats! Mine our 15.5 months apart. It is hard as hell (not going to lie) in the first phase, but as they get older (currently 3yr and 4yr) I have to say, it is a lot of fun. They play together and become best friends – Charlie will be a great big brother! Oh, and work life balance…yeah, balance never happens (total myth). Pretty much handling chaos daily is the new job. Congrats again to the whole family! What wonderful news!!

Congrats! How exciting!




Congratulations!!! And as a humorous side note, my Ruby and Charlie Henderson were born on the same exact day, and now I am also pregnant again and due October 25. 🙂


WHAT. That’s crazy!! If they are born on the same date then we have to have them meet. So fun. xx



thrilled for all of you, may the ease of getting the baby continue through his or her birth and life. xoxo


YEEEAAAHHHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS EMILY and family!!! That is just the best thing to hear on a Monday! I don’t know why, but everytime lately that I would open your blog, I would think, I wonder if Emily is pregnant! I don’t know why I was thinking this, but I am soo glad that you are! I love how open and honest you are about your journey to get pregnant — It is so nice to hear – so many people struggle, but no one really talks about it — We need to talk more — so people know they are not alone!! I struggled too — took us over 2 years to get pregnant with a miscarriage, then had our son in Sept 09, then the following July we found out we were, but then miscarried the following week — UGH! Then got pregnant in March 2012,and had our 2nd son in Dec 2012 — 2 Boys are AMAZING!! It really is nice, when you have all the toys and the baby “STUFF” — a sweet little girl would be amazing too! As long as its healthy!!! Don’t forget to ask Charlie what he thinks the baby is – kids are… Read more »


THANK YOU. Good Idea – i’ll ask him. We are going to tell this week, and i’m sure its a hard concept but I’d love to hear his thoughts. I mean, i’d love to hear his thoughts in general 🙂


My best friend is pregnant with twins and we asked we asked her 3 year old what he thought she was going to have….he said ninjas. Haha! We tried to ask him if they were going to boys or girls and he just kept insisting on ninjas!

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