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Big announcement !!

If you’ve run into me lately you might have noticed that I am in an extremely good mood, and while Charlie surely has a lot to do with it, so does the news that I’m sharing today: I’m going to be the next Bachelorette. Kidding. I am incredibly happy to announce that I’m the new Target Home Spokesperson.

I’ve always shopped at Target, in fact I remember when they opened in Brooklyn 8 years ago and all of New York got soooo excited. We’d schlep out there, buy everything we could just to take a $100 car service back with our goods, but we didn’t care because we were excited to get our hands on their pieces. As a stylist, a store like Target is priceless because its one stop shopping. You can buy everything – from pillows to lampshades, to books, stash boxes, tools, prop bags and shoes, furniture, towels, food props, just EVERYTHING. It just makes my life so much easier.

In the last few years their home collections, (Threshold, Nate Berkus‘ and Room Essentials) have been killing it. I find myself there ALL of the time buying stylish and yet totally affordable pieces like these bad boys:

Target Media

1. Blue lamp shade | 2. Triangle pillow | 3. Vase | 4. Tufted bar stool | 5. Nightstand | 6. Side table | 7.  Tufted bench | 8. Jute stool | 9. Area rug

Those are just a few of the pieces that I’ve been wanting lately. I went to the headquarters last week and met all the product and development team (hundreds of designers and artists) and got a sneak peek into what is coming out this year and trust me, you’ll love it. It just gets better and better and I’m so proud to be partnered with them. They are a smart company, doing smart things, designing stylish pieces, with lots of extremely exciting and innovative partnerships (like my friend Joy’s new line). I literally and figuratively buy what they sell.

Read more about it over at the Target Blog A Bulls Eye View, where you’ll get a few photos of my family and I growing up and what my main philosophy in life is. Bold, I know.

Thanks to y’all for reading all the time and to Target for bringing me this opportunity. Its going to be an insanely fun year.


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