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Last month Better Homes and Gardens featured me and a few shots of my home in their ‘Style Maker’ issue – which was ever so lovely. Better Homes has a MASSIVE audience so a feature, hell a mention, is a very good thing. Thank you VERY, VERY, VERY much. Click on through to see how it looked and get some behind the scenes as well as a gif with a toddler.


I think I was 24 weeks pregnant when we shot this and we were trying to enhance that belly with the belt. It was before I redecorated the living room with neutrals for fall, so you can get a glimpse into how it looked right before the big transformation. I actually shot the whole room right before we switched out the color palette because I loved it so much as it was, which I’ll show you soon.

A little behind the scenes for you . . . When we shot it we were pulled back (see below) with the intent to crop out the top (the string art) and the bottom (the solid blue rug). Obviously, I love that art and I’ve now hung it in the dining room but we wanted it to feel different from the Domino feature, so we put that pretty abstract there instead for the shot.


We cheated the runner to look like it’s larger version, but didn’t move the big rug (mostly out of my own laziness). The double rug situation made it into the magazine!

Emily Henderson_Better Homes and Gardens_PDF

It’s so funny to see the space like this, now that I’ve stripped so much color out – definitely makes me want to bring a little bit back in – although maybe I’ll wait ’til spring.

Rug | Abstract Blue Painting Vintage | Painting by Brenna Giessen | Half Moons Pillow | Table Lamp | Task Lamp | Tall White Vase | Geo Vase | Leather Chair | Blue Vase | Shoes | STYLED The Book 

We tried some options with that kid, Charlie. Brian and I were just talking tonight about when it might be time to stop putting Charlie in shoots and on social media (it’s a complicated issue as I LOVE that I can be with my kids during work hours and I physically can’t help myself from Instagramming him on weekends). This shoot definitely didn’t help the case against it. Look at him:


Red Belt | Dress Similar | Charlie’s Pants Similar | Charlie’s Sweater Similar

To really drive the cuteness (and exploitation) home, check out this gif:


GAH. I can’t stand it. It’s 3:30 am, my baby inside is KICKING and MOVING and threatening to pop out any second (but isn’t . . . COME ON) so looking at these photos of my child, even 5 months ago makes me so happy. I know that every single mother feels this way (as we should), but it’s so hard to not think, my gosh,  he is the most wonderful child on the planet . . .

Thanks Better Homes and Gardens for the lovely feature. I hope you all picked up the September issue that featured other Stylemakers as well. xx

*Photos by David Tsay, Make-Up by Danielle Walch, all care of Better Homes and Gardens

Want more maternity fashion? Look no further: Muu Muu style | ‘Play Outfit’ | ‘The One Where I Hold A Piano‘ | ‘The Work Outfit’ | ‘The One With Bearcat’ | ‘The Denim Dress’ | ‘My Crop Top Round Up’. Also last time I was pregnant I wrote this ‘Maternity Must-Haves‘ post which I need to update, but it’s still pretty relevant. Lastly if you want to watch the birth of Charlie (yes, you read that correctly) go HERE.

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Kristen F

Congrats on the feature! Straight blowing up! Look at how far you’ve come and pat yourself on the back. I hope you’re able to find balance with your new little one when she arrives as all the juggling sounds dizzying. I know you have to get it while the gettin’s good, but take care to take care of yourself too. All your readers want to see you as rested as possible and happy and don’t mind if you put family first. For a few months, anyway. 🙂

Dawn J

I love seeing you in these magazines and on TV!! Congrats on another gorgeous feature!


I feel like you’re a Kardashian now, you’re everywhere I look! Congrats girl, you deserve it. Too funny that the rug made it in the final cut.

hilarious. i wish there were more emilys and less katrashians! ahh!

all these magazine spots are great! and the target ads of course. keep ’em coming! 🙂

Pat M

Love all the blues. The link to the rug doesn’t work. This is a very serious problem!!! Drop everything and look into it. Thank you.

Rebecca Hart

Love these photos. You look great! Beautiful mom!


I don’t get it. {imagine stoopid look on face} What dreadful but extremely unlikely scenario are you imagining is going to happen with all the pics of Charlie on social media?
Have you been to


It’s not about something happening to him, it’s about managing his privacy. At what point do you stop documenting your kid for the public? At what point are you sharing more than would make your child comfortable when they get older? Very fair concern, I think.


So great! And that lamp! Alas, it’s not available in my state and they won’t ship it (sorry for all the Target laments). Otherwise, keep the adorable gifs coming!

Charlie IS the most adorable toddler on the planet! My 17 m/o isn’t too bad either 🙂

Sending you positive thoughts with your upcoming delivery!!! Loved this gorgeous feature!

gurrrl, you are kickin’ it now! everywhere! i’m kinda proud to know i’ve been following you on this ride for years 🙂


Just want to say, I love how much attention you are getting these days! You deserve it all – I absolutely love your posts; they are sincere and I never feel like I’m just being sold something. Your love of what you do really shines through everything you put out there (including Charlie :)) You are so inspiring to me. Never stop!

I can’t wait to get the magazine, you’re a terrific stylemaker, just the best!


I still love the blue version of the room. And that dress…forget about it!


You are sure getting a lot of mileage out of your built-in triangle shelving unit. I love how every time I see them, they look different. It is such a great feature of your home.


Just you wait Em, because watching your older child meet your new baby is heartlmelting on a whole new level. My second boy was born 11 days ago and my older son is showing this incredibly sweet side that I’ve never seen before. I fell in love with my family all over again! And your heart really does grow with more children, it’s amazing. Congrats Emily, you’re almost there!!

1. You are so cute.
2. Every time you wear those nude pumps I keep telling myself…go find some nude pumps!
3. I am realizing I dress similarly in cut and you have become my most recent fashion icon. I so enjoy seeing YOU incorporated in your design shoots. Something that not a lot of other bloggers do. It really adds life to your photos.
4. And the room is absolutely fabulous. Love the blue.

Very nice feature, congrats! I like seeing your cute boy on the photos, they are so lively.


That brushed golden lamp that made it to the cover of your beautiful looking book is so pretty;-)!!

Where can you buy it? And can it be bought anywhere in UK?

Kind regards,



I did see the feature in the magazine as I subscribe. I think there’s another designer (eclectic) from that magazine that I really took to..he has a book out as well. you and Charlie are adorable as’s sweet to see his smiling cuteness (mine are in the moody teens now..oy). How exciting that your little girl is almost here! 🙂

Christina Gliati

I love you very much Emily! I hope everything goes well for you I can’t wait to hear from you that the princess arrived! All the best to all of you. Kisses!!u

Oh that sting art…I’m still so in love with it! Happy Nesting!


Hi Emily – just finished reading your book and loved every minute. Thank you for producing such a wonderful book. It took three days to finish as there was so much eye candy to absorb. My upstairs neighbour has now borrowed it. She spotted it last night when she came down for drinks (and admired my new vignette!). I’ll shortly be buying another one for my Mum’s birthay. I know she’ll love it!

Such a great feature! You always do such amazing work!



Hello! I’m purchasing the runner that you “faked”, but in the full 5×8 version. Do you have any thoughts on its quality, etc…? It looks really great!

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