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The Link Up: The Only Flip Flops Emily Will Wear, Caitlin’s Dream Shorts, The $26 Summer Dress and Julie’s Acne Cure


Happy Sunday folks. It’s been a VERY hot week so we hope that this weekend you were able to find some ways to cool off and enjoy a little bit of summer. We also hope that you enjoy this week’s link up:) Let’s jump right in…

From Emily: These are my favorite (and affordable) flip flops ever. Not sure why they are more comfortable and durable than others, but I guess it must be the fit in between the toes that is small enough that it just feels more comfortable than most. I love the rose gold color.

This week’s first home tour is the kitchen of Charlie and Kevin Dumais. And would you believe us if we said it was an Ikea kitchen?? Well, you should because this warm, textured kitchen IS!

From Caitlin: I’ve spent the past 4 months in pants with a stretchy waistband and I don’t think I can ever go back to wearing anything with a zipper or a button. I NEED TO BE COMFY…but it’s hot out now and I don’t think I can handle sweating in leggings anymore, so I grabbed two pairs of loose shorts last weekend. My verdict is in: I’M OBSESSED WITH BOTH OF THEM. First off, I got these linen-blend shorts with cute pockets that are truly a goldilocks length (not too short, not too long) and then these high-waisted pull-on shorts in a cheery rainbow stripe. They both feel like pajamas but they LOOK like I’m trying, which is really all that matters. They’re also at the perfect rise where they don’t rub and then get bunched up near my crotch (y’all, sorry to write this in all my shorts reviews, but there’s NOTHING more annoying than pulling shorts back down!!!) and I’m just in love with them. They’re both under $50 and come in a range of sizes and WOW, I hate wearing shorts so you know these are good!!!

If you love modern design and some outdoor content, look no further than Erin from Apartment 34’s newly renovated backyard. It’s so beautiful and her cedar soaking tub is what dreams are made of.

From Sara: If you love spending time sporting in the outdoors, then you’ll know the equipment needed can get expensive fast. Access to this equipment can really hinder who does and doesn’t participate in outdoor activities, like camping! Two passionate BIPOC folx have created a GoFundMe which is pooling donations in order to create and distribute basic camping kits for other BIPOC folx. They aren’t charging anything for the kits and are completely donor-funded. Your donations go towards creating kits that include a 2-person tent, two adult-sized sleeping bags, and a cooler! They’ve recently gotten a LOT of requests, and anything you can donate will go directly towards building and distributing more of these kits. Here’s a quick blurb from one of the folx involved about why these BIPOC camping kits are important: “As BIPOC we’re far less likely to have access to the beauty of our national parks, camping sites, and hikes. Access that is vital for those in need of freedom, healing, peace, and fun that comes with it.”

From Julie: I swear to you, I have really been trying these days to take better care of my adult acne riddled skin but despite my best efforts I still get those super cute and not inconvenient at all pimples on my chin. So I did what I hate doing and ‘splurged’ on some beauty products. I use the term splurged loosely since the one that I LOVE / will be buying again and again is only a $28 product. The Meltdown Blemish Treatment by Blume has helped my skin sooo much and it’s made from all-natural facial oils like black cumin seed (antibacterial/anti-inflammatory), rosehip oil (soothes/brightens), & chamomile (calms that angry pimple) so it smells so delicious!

From Mallory: I realized that I didn’t own a summer midi dress and I thought, what am I doing with my life?? Shortly after this realization, I found this one from Nordstrom Rack for $26 and I’m now living in it. It’s comfortable enough to wear when you’re at home all day but it’s also cute enough to wear to a picnic, dinner, or really any place where you’d see people. Plus there’s a cute lil leg slit so your leg can give the world a small, but classy “hello.” I’d recommend sizing one size down if you want it to fit tighter on the waist 🙂

It’s no surprise that when Arlyn (EHD alum) started her newsletter a few months ago that that was just the beginning. Yesterday, she launched a full-on website and it’s amazing! We are so happy for her and so happy for us because now there is a one-stop-shop for all things Arlyn. Go check it out!

From Jess: Please take a second today to sign The Crown Act petition. What is it? Well, “the CROWN Act prohibits discrimination based on hairstyles by extending statutory protections based on race to hair texture and protective styles in state Employment, Housing, Education Codes.” That’s right in 43 states it is STILL LEGAL to discriminate against someone for their hairstyle. Natural hair is just that, natural and yes, completely professional. Thank you to Tabitha Brown for making me aware of this act. If you don’t follow her, you are in for a joyous TREAT.

From Ryann: I finally bought myself a new bathing suit for this summer because as I mentioned here, I refuse to let summer 2020 go to waste. It’s from our favorite swimwear brand Summersalt and I love how the bottoms have a high leg and are a little cheeky and the top really supports the ladies.

From Caitlin: SORRY I’m so chatty, just have one more link because I couldn’t wait to tell you that I committed to the wallpaper I showed y’all in this post and I ordered it on Friday!!! After a full year of living in my apartment with no changes, I’m finally progressing on my first MOTO space!! ANYWAY, some of you brought up some (very valid) concerns about ventilation, so I’m spending today hitting my walls with a fresh coat of this to prevent any mold/mildew from growing behind the wallpaper. (To that end, I also fell down the rabbit hole of the brand’s blog — I wanted to see if anyone had used the product in a similar way — and now I’m newly obsessed with the idea of painting a room this shade of green. Maybe my bedroom’s up next? I have 2 north-facing windows and 1 east-facing window and this looks like it’d be SO COZY.) 

That’s it for us and enjoy the rest of this weekend. Take a bath, read a book, go for an evening stroll, and please wear a mask. See you bright and early tomorrow xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Charlie and Kevin Dumais | Photo by Kevin Dumais | via Remodelista

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So many of the other items in this kitchen are custom, DIY, or elite brands that to call it an IKEA kitchen seems off. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like the phrase IKEA kitchen has lost its meaning other than … the cabinet boxes are IKEA.


Love these round ups, and I really needed some shorts recommendations so big thumbs up for that! But what in the world is “folx”?? I feel so very old and tired; I would’ve hoped a word as innocuous as “folks” was inclusive and neutral enough to escape word persecution!


Jane, I felt the exact same way when I read “folx.” I’m as liberal as you get, but changing the spelling from “folks” to “folx” is just plain ridiculous. (And yes, I’ve been seeing this trend elsewhere than just here.)

Kat van der Hoorn

Folx is used to symbolize the inclusion BIPOC and trans people. If you’re “as liberal as you get” and get offended by a change of spelling designed to make others feel more included, maybe spend 2 minutes googling the “why” instead of just complaining? Just an idea.




Hi Krista, I included an explanation with my experience of the term folx above. It’s been in use for quite a while and maybe I can help shed some light and context.


Oops, looks like I’m name twins with the OP. I should have put Jane 2 or something!


Persecution, really? If people changing the way they spell a word (not even forcing YOU to change how you spell it!) is “word persecution,” I don’t think you’ve ever been actually persecuted.


As a queer person in spaces where people say “folx” alot, my understanding has been that it is generally used by queer people to indicate inclusivity to the audience we’re trying to talk to or indicate. Usually that means we are signaling inclusivity for gender variance, and/or otherwise signaling a diverse group of queer people. That’s a very basic explanation which may not make sense or resonate with you if you’re not used to spaces that go to great efforts to value inclusive language, in pursuit of actual inclusivity. I haven’t found much credible education on the origins and as a writer, I would personally would err on the side of saying “folks” if I’m not specifically talking to an LGBTQIA+ audience or about queer people. I haven’t heard anything compelling arguing that “folks” is necessarily exclusionary language. I guess if you’re a non-queer person just trying be inclusive, you might think there’s no harm in saying folx to try to indicate inclusivity. But personally, I think it is definitely worth thinking why and when we use certain terms. For anyone reading this, I check in with yourself about if you are having a knee-jerk reaction to a new term.… Read more »


Thank you for sharing this perspective. I’m sure a lot of people are being exposed to new language right now, which can be overwhelming. Like you said, it’s important to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, rather than focusing on a personal reaction that is sometimes rooted in a relatively sheltered or even outright homophobic upbringing. I think there’s also a hint of classism in policing the language of others, or designating a word as “wrong” or “improper” – I have to restrain myself from my spelling snob tendencies because it’s really not cool, especially online where people are speaking casually and have different backgrounds or are speaking English as a foreign language. As you said, language changes all the time! As a cishet woman, I personally don’t use “folx” because I imagine it would come off as forced virtue signaling. But why would I care if someone else uses it, if the word resonates with them? I feel the same about “womxn” – to me it feels a bit odd because I would think “women” would be perfectly suitable. However, as someone whose gender identity has never been challenged or questioned, I imagine those words… Read more »

Jane 2

Totally! That all makes sense and rings true with me.

And thank you for bringing up how policing language or spelling can be a part of a bigger issue. I know people often think it’s harmless, and they just want to scratch the itch of making fun of a word or correcting someone’s language (I guess?). But it can really be a part of a larger systemic pattern of harm.

So nice to read your comment, thank you for replying!


“Word persecution” lol


How about highlighting Jewish designers as well?


Julie – if your acne is bugging you, it was sooo worth it for me to go to the dermatologist and get a prescription for tretinoin. Wish I had done it 20 years ago when I was 14!


Hi to the crafty DIY readers of Emily’s blog… does anyone know in the Dumais Kitchen how they DIY’d/made the cute brass light fixtures that used the existing old fashioned floodlight cans? I know I can easily get parts at lighting store or via Amazon… just not sure WHAT does parts are??? Any suggestions? THANK YOU, ALL


One of the owners is a lighting designer, so it might be a little more complicated than the average DIY. (This house has been featured in several publications.). I love the lights too.

But, there are all sorts of these conversion kits online that might work for you:


We did the same with our kitchen. Carcasses and fittings from Ikea and then we made the fronts. I wanted a shaker style with a beveled internal edge in a cream based white ( not pure white) which they don’t do. I also wanted a drawer height that dont supply ( we did 20cm, 25cm and 35cm drawer spacings)

I dont know why IKEA hasn’t cottoned on and produce paintable fronts like some other big box stores.

Tina Schrader

Great to see the continued impulsivity here. Keep it up! And those rose-gold sandals!


Old Navy has similar linen shorts for 1/2 the price. I bought 1 pair and went back and bought 2 more. Even my teenage daughter loves them.


Old Navy has similar linen blend shorts for 1/2 the price. Bought 1 pair and I loved them so much – I went back and bought some more. My teenager also loves them

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