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Best Planter Roundup

You’ve all heard my rant about planters, lampshades and frames – all things that tend to cost way more than the actual plant, lamp and artwork that you originally bought them for. I’m going to make MILLIONS, nay BILLIONS of dollars with my planter, shade and frame empire someday.  

But at the same time the right planter can be a total conversation piece and absolutely worth throwing down some cash for. You can use it over and over again, change out the plant if you kill them and often, on their own they can also be great sculptural elements.  




1. Male and Female Busts, $300,  My friend Joy has these and I LOVE them.  Great with succulents or flowers or just on their own. They aren’t cheap, but such a great gift.  

2. Dinosaur, $14.50,  Cute and cheap.

3. Glass Tripod,  So beautiful

4. Wig Planter,   I can’t find where to buy these, but they are so awesome.  

5. Pocket Beastie Planter

6. Flower Me Happy Pot, $79  YES. In so many ways.  



1. Blue and White, $60.  This company has a lot of great handmade planters. 

2. White Beaded Planter, $92,  LOVE.  

3. Wood and Leather Planter Holder,  I’m not sure if this is still for sale, but i love them.  

4. White Drop Hanging, $150

5. Vintage Mid Century Planter,  Where can i get my grubby little hands on these. 

6. Faceted White Planter, $76   From Pigeon Toe Ceramics, a Portland company that i love and sell on Opensky.



1. Geometric White Planter, $68

2. Yellow Pod Planter, $186,  I’m most likely buying these for a client soon.  

3. Blue Okura Planter, $895,  I mean, if you have an extra $900 grab yourself this Jonathan Adler planter

4. White Wall Planter, $72, So simple and pretty.

5. Marbled Planters

6. Bloombox  For the equal lover of tech and plants.  

7. Striped Planters baskets. These are so fun, colorful and smart.  


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