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The Link Up: A GREAT Soup Recipe Emily Wants To Try, Jess’ Secret To Sun-Kissed Looking Skin, & Ryann’s Favorite Pen


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Picture this: It’s Sunday. You are holding a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee and you just settled into your favorite reading spot. The morning air is cool and refreshing so you open a window to let a quiet breeze linger in. This is your long-awaited ME time and you feel very at peace. This sounds like an idyllic way to read this week’s link up, right?? Well, even if this is not your current situation, we hope you can give yourself a little self-care moment (whatever that means to you) as you enjoy this short and sweet Sunday read. Let’s get to it:

First and foremost, we must talk about today’s featured home tour, courtesy of our favorite Australian interior design website. That dining room up there is straight out of our rattan-loving dreams (and do we even have to mention those double pendants?? they are TOO good).

From Emily: “Well, I’m VERY upset that it took me this long to find out who Matty Matheson is. I’m going to make his chicken soup recipe this weekend. It takes 4 hours to make!!!”

From Mallory: “Veronica is tired of hearing me talk about these so I’ll share them with you. They are the best protein bars in the entire world. They have real ingredients in them (what a concept) so they need to be refrigerated. JUST GIVE THEM A TRY. They’re super filling AND nutritious (best flavors are peanut butter and cookie dough IMHO).”

Jess got this matte bronzer as a gift and now she is hooked because she looks like she has life in her face again (her words). It’s big so it should last a long time and gives Jess her ideal “natural” sunkissed look.

From Caitlin: “Warren’s staff goodbye was so beautifully said that I cried a lil. I can’t believe the race looks SO DIFFERENT than it did this time last week. I’m excited to see how many people have been inspired by the journey of these candidates and encourage any of you who may be interested in pursuing public office to check out one of my favorite orgs, She Should Run. It’s a nonpartisan non-profit that provides women with a framework and roadmap for running for office! They have an incredible incubator that you can work through on your own time and a great parent’s course for anyone currently raising on mentoring a girl with an interest in service. I just love seeing women in politics, y’all!!!”

Have you ever picked up a pen, used it, and felt viscerally at ease?? That’s what Ryann feels when she uses this pen that her boyfriend bought her as a Christmas gift. It is beautiful, compact, and writes so smoothly. It’s the perfect writing utensil as far as she is concerned.

Veronica bought this belt from Target and loves it. “I’ve always wanted to hop on the snakeskin train, and this is the perfect subtle way to spice up any outfit!”

Julie’s flyaways have been out of control lately and she needs your help to tame her locks. She has tried (what feels like) everything, from serums to sprays. Everything either seems to leave her fine/thin hair greasy or so stiff and the flyaways still stand straight up like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. So she is looking for all and any suggestions in the comments below, thanks to all in advance!

Alright, that is all for now. We hope you have a lovely Sunday and see you back here tomorrow. xx

Fin Mark
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Spray hairspray on your hands, gently run them over your flyaways and voila. Works on my fine hair. I use Kristin Ess hair spray (all my hair products are Kristin Ess actually). It’s a female founded company and is sold at Target so double win!

I’ve tried that trick and it doesn’t seem to work on my hair but I wish it did cause it’s so easy and I already have that hair spray. Thank you for the suggestion!

I’ve tried the trick and it works on my hair! Excellent suggestion! makes my life a little easier 🙂 Thanks


The intro to this post describing the ideal Sunday morning is exactly what I’m doing right now plus the addition of birds chirping! Thanks for making me appreciate it 🙂


Julie – Olaplex No 6 Bond Smoother or Sebastian Microweb Fibers! Both are great on frizz/flyaways. A little goes a long way!

I will definitely check this out, thank you so much!


Bought my daughters each a Hair Feel Stick for Christmas and keep stealing them to tame my own alfalfa sprouts! It’s like a tube of mascara filled with a lightweight gel- and it works!

hahaha, I literally laughed out loud at, “alfalfa sprouts” It is so true and I will only be referring to my flyaways with that term now. Thank you also for the suggestion!


Anything from the Living Proof No Frizz line is a win in my book.

Can I leave some feedback on the new site? It’s quite laggy for me what with all the ads but what I really dislike and find off-putting is that the latest post shows the headline under the photo and the photo is HUGE so when I open the site on my laptop all I see is the top 10th of a giant picture and I have no idea what the story is about. More often than not I just give up and move on to another blog. It’s a lot easier to read on my phone and while I get that you’re probably trying to optimize for mobile, if the site isn’t easy to read on the rare occasions when I’m on my Chromebook, I’m just gonna move on in that moment and it makes me sad to think I’m missing posts. If I could see the text at the top (and not just a wee little bit of a picture), it would probably grab me enough to scroll down past the enormous picture and read the post.

Maegan Kinvig

Spry a fluffy makeup brush with a bit of your favourite hairspray and immediately brush down your flyways before the product dries. Works great for stubborn, upright greys too!

Oh, I love this trick! I always spray on my hands and then even after washing them they still feel a tad sticky. Thank you!


Julie, former hairstylist here. You need a combo of the right product and the right technique. For product, try the Bumble & bumble does it all hairspray, or if that’s not enough hold for your hair, (like if your hair is very springy or coarse) you could move up to the style de mode spray. Technique! Hold the can a good ten inches away, for real. Do a quick swipe over allllll those frizzy standing up wisps. Quickly! Before it sets! Use your hands to smooth the hair in the direction you want it to stay. Now look at yourself— if your hair is still wispy looking, repeat the spray and smooth gesture until you get smoothed out. Once you’re no longer wispy, do one more light pass over your hair with the spray. Now, here’s the great thing: if your hair feels too stiff /shellacked at this point (unlikely with a lightweight spray, but not impossible)- gently comb or brush through the area you sprayed. The bumble spray is designed to be worked with/combed through, so you can actually touch it and move it and adjust it. If you get a few more wisps, hit them with a few… Read more »

This is the Holy Grail of hair advice, thank you thank you thank you!


Can’t really compete with an actual haristylist! But I will say what I found works well to combat my thin fine hair flyaways isn’t even a product … its night washing. My hair is always extra fluffy (not in a good way) rather than sleek after washing and blowdrying, and using product to combat it just gave it a weighed down stiff look, and then with all that product I felt like I needed to wash every day, which just made my hair dryer and more prone to flyaways… vicious cycle. Washing and drying at night fixed it. When I get up in the morning my hair has “calmed down” from the ‘trauma’ of drying and is already sleeker. But from sleeping on it there are some bumps and flips that I don’t want, so a teeny spritz of water and one of those curling brush things that blows warm air to smooth those areas and flip the way I want it to go, but not enough heat to make it fluff again. Totally changed my hair game. Bonus, morning routine is now so quick! 🙂 I do also like Living Proof Perfect Hair Day cream.


Hair: Christophe Robin No Frizz Care x Style. It’s magic.


Warrens’s goodbye made me cry too. ❤️


New Wash by Hairstory, it’s one product to rule them all. I have been using it for two years and will never go back. I don’t know why it hasn’t spread faster. BEST HAIR PRODUCT.

Margaret M

I trick I learned from having postpartum flyaways is to spritz a baby toothbrush with hairspray and use that to brush the hairs back


Clear mascara or brow gel is great for flyaways! And easy enough that I can manage it. 🙂

This sounds like the solution I needed, love a low maintenance fix!


That’s my trick too. The gel has a lot of hold, but it gets applied only to flyaways, so it does not weigh down my fine hair.

I use this one:


I use hair products (Amika’s texture gloss and hairspray) when my hair is damp. Mostly, I air dry from that point, but if need to time-wise, a warm hair dryer setting on the roots and a cooler setting for the rest works well. This routine has given me the most control with frizziness and flyaways. Most of my best hair days are thanks to my winter hat because it makes my hair smooth and shiny (no flyaways). One tip is to tilt your chin down and hair forward a bit at the roots before putting it on so it doesn’t look too flat at the roots. Sounds as funny as it looks (pom poms) because now I’ll use it in the summer before I go somewhere if I want to look more polished. 🙂


Eyebrow gel brush is a game changer!


I use the Kaweco fountain pen and love it. I also use the pencil! I found mine at a lovely little shop in Chicago that is a delight to shop in-

Sydney Soster

The Kristin Ess water-based pomade is awesome – I also have fine hair so I don’t use a ton, just a little bit to smooth fly-aways. Link on her website here:

I am going to Target today so I will pick one up, thank you! Fine hair unite!


Not sure if we have the same type of hair, but I find when my flyaways get too out of control it has to do with my haircut. I have curly hair, any my stylist will do some shaping with special thinning scissors. There definitely is a balance between getting the curls to form perfectly and getting flyaways! If I notice I am starting to get too many flyaways we just cool it on the sculpting for the next haircut session.


My tears would have been happiness tears upon hearing Warrens exit. I suspect in time she will become known as the Arron Burr of politics, for being the fool who attacked/shot down the most capable candidate Bloomberg, for no good reason, especially compared to everything he was offering.

Amy M

Matty is a little Canadian Treasure! He has a beautiful cookbook where he writes all about his family and their influence on his cooking. Great Canadiana.

I checked out the protein bars as I am on the lookout for a good one, but the main problem is the amount of sugar. Wow, these have a lot! Sadly, not for me. The chicken soup recipe is worth the effort, and oh so good.

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