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Best Holiday Gifts requests.

I’m extremely hard to shop for. I mean, i shop for a living – literally.  I always get anxiety around my birthday because i know that people are spending money on stuff that i probably won’t wear or use.  It makes me feel terrible.

I know i’m not alone.  

So to combat that (and grow readers, hello)  i’m working like a crazy person on this massive holiday gift guide that is going live on November 1st. (its like an E-mag with LOTS of awesome content and hundreds of gift ideas).

I really really want it to be something that people can reference constantly for actually GOOD gifts. It’s going to be for everyone – for tweens, for angsty teen boys, for bosses, requisite relatives, coworkers, moms who have it all, for teen daughters to convince them you are cool, etc, etc.

And you bet your bottom dollar its going to have a big ‘What I, Emily Henderson, want for Christmas’.  I’m no dummy. 

I have 500 awesome things picked out that i think are dope, but i don’t want them to be too design-y or pretentious or too ‘me’.  

So this is me, asking you:  

WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS/HANUKKAH/KWANZA or for your BIRTHDAY if you don’t fall into those categories?

What would be that gift that you would actually be excited about, happy to get and not anxious about how you would respond to the gift giver.  We all hate that moment when you open a gift and you think, ‘Awesome, this slapchop will fit perfectly in that cupboard next to the set of motorized candle holders’.  Perfect.

Consuming can be insanely wasteful, and i hate waste in every way.  I hate all the wasted time, energy, thought and money that goes into bad, last minute, expensive gift giving. So i’m really, really trying to highlight stuff that people actually want.    

Am i asking you to do some of the work for me? kinda.  But bring it people: What do you want? What does your son Johnny want? What does your uncle Ralph want? And if you are a boss, what do you want from your employees? What do you want from your friends??? What do you want from your daughters/sons?


If we are going to consume, may as well do it without waste, right?


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