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The Link Up: The Novel Emily Read in 24 Hours, Ryann’s Life-Changing Duster, and The $13 Kitchen Essential We Never Knew We Needed


T’was the link up before Christmas, guys! Welcome, welcome to this week’s list of random products, articles, and general things we love and love to share with you. We’re glad you’re here. We want to thank everyone who joined our blog brainstorm zoom/happy hour chat this last Thursday –– we had a blast and hope you enjoyed! We’d love to hear any feedback you guys have so feel free to comment below. Also, if you have no idea what we’re talking about, then check out our Insider Community where you can get some more info on what’s goes down around there. Alright, enough blabbering, let’s dive in:

Haaaaave you heard the news?? Our favorite person Orlando Soria (who had an awesome guest bedroom reveal on the blog last week btw) designed Gus Kenworthy’s house and it was featured on Architectural Digest!!!! AH. Not to mention it looks AMAZING so we had no choice but to make it our featured home tour for the week. We can’t stop talking about the dining room…specifically that park studio pendant above the table (@park studio please release this pendant so we can all buy it). We also love Gus Kenworthy so this whole project was just a treat to see. You must check it out.

From Emily: It’s been a while since I read a novel in 24 hours. I started Dark Matter Saturday morning at 10 am and was done by noon on Sunday (fine 26 hours). Obviously, I had to ‘parent’ and cook/clean the house but every second that I could get away to finish it I did (with Covid we are lucky enough to not leave the house so I have way more lounging time if I get my ‘chores’ done). It was thrilling from the first page so no ‘it took me a while to get into it’, no it just flew. I read a lot of ‘easy to read books’, and this one was no exception however it still felt I was learning and it was thought-provoking. It’s a thriller that you might call sci-fi, but it’s about time, identity and yes, some love and posed a lot of questions about life, purpose, satisfaction, fulfillment, etc. I immediately started one of his other books (by Blake Crouch) Recursion and it’s also really good. Warning – Recursion is adrenaline-inducing so there was one night where I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about it. My heart was pounding, I was kinda creeped out and HAD to read it so be warned about that one.

From Mallory: There’s a tool that I had no idea existed that’s literally changed my life. I was complaining to my sister about this sweater that I had just bought from a neighborhood boutique that was getting pill-y REALLY fast. She waltzed to her room upstairs and handed me what I first thought was a sex toy, then she turned it on and rubbed it all over my sweater and the little pill stragglers got sucked up and it looked good as new. I was SHOOK, so now I need to get one for myself. NOTE I’ve tried it on a bunch of sweaters now and it works better on some than others, but regardless it will take away SOME sweater pills and make it look better than where you started. I’m a big fan.

From Arlyn: Okay, we’ve all heard Sara (and Brady, #throwback) sing the praises of the Thymes Frasier Fir candle but I’m here to tell you that the Thymes Frasier Fir essential oil is EVEN BETTER. The smell fills my entire 1,400-square-foot apartment and I don’t have to stress about leaving an open flame flickering if I leave the room for a bit. I’m a convert. 

From Albie: I honestly don’t know how I have survived as a wine drinking adult without an electric wine opener but after accidentally breaking our manual one, both my husband & I felt like it was time for an upgrade. Best $13 spent…maybe ever. I am not above a twisty cap wine bottle, but for the ones that come with a cork, this has been so clutch! Did I know what I was doing at first? Nope, not a clue. I made it way more complicated than it actually is and now it’s my new fav kitchen gadget. 

From Jess: Since I’m 99.9% my brother has never read this blog without me sending him a link, I feel pretty safe saying what I got him for Christmas. Let me first say that my brother LOVES to work out. We are different:) So when I asked his fiancé what he wanted for Christmas she said that these trainers were at the top of his list. If you also have a gym living person in your family I feel that my brother loving this brand means it’s a really good one. The man likes to research.

From Ryann: Guys. I’m in love (with my new duster) and I don’t care who knows it!!! My home gets so incredibly dusty because A) we have a dog who sheds an absurd amount and B) we have a lot of shelves and crannies that collect heaps of dust. But all that is no match for this duster and my home is 10000x cleaner because of it.

That’s all from us folks! Wishing everyone safe and happy holidays. We are so grateful for all of you! See you next week xx

Opening Image Credit: Design by Orlando Soria | Photo by Zeke Ruelas | via Architectural Digest

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For Mallory and (anyone else with pilled sweaters), I highly recommend the Gleener over those electric de-fuzzers. It’s so much gentler, just as satisfying, and I think it actually works better.


I agree. I use The Laundress’ sweater comb and I prefer it to the electric one. No batteries to replace.


Yes I came here to say the same thing! I am *not* a gadget person, but the Gleener is great! I had an electric de-piller before and this thing is wayyyy better! No danger of rips or snags or dead batteries…just new looking knits!

Wow!! I’ll try it out. Thanks everyone for the rec 🙂


Gus Kenworthy’s dog’s name is BIRDIE?!? ❤
Orlando did an amazing job…kight airy spaces, cozy dark sophisticated rooms…love it!
The pic of the two of them, sittin’ there with their guns….cute!

I was about to buy a mop today when this amazing woman who cleans hospitals stopped me and suggested a whole ‘nuther type of mop right there in front of my eyes, but I thought it was a floor duster thingo.
Nope! Man….this thing is life changing!
My hands and arms are weak due to illness and this baby’s light, easy to use and easy to clean, so it’s ready for next time!

Maybe a topic on cleaning??? For the New Year clear-outs?
Just the big four (vacuums, mops, dusters and bathroom cleaning gear). Oh, and please make sure the products are globally available?


Global availability seems like it could be a challenge to assess with different brands and trademarks sometimes covering the same items. Especially for anything electrical like vacuums. You talking every country/every voltage?
Meanwhile, don’t leave us wondering about that life changing mop – do tell us more, whether it’s globally available or not!


The world has pretty much the same big brands like Dyson, Miele, Kleenmaid, etc. Price points and voltage are irrelevant coz of the exchange rate…we deal with it and then look the product up in our country. The mop!! It looks like a floor duster thing. The base it a rectangle of microfibre with a velco vack that soooo easily attaches to the base of the telescopic handle gizmo. She added to forget cleaning products and use Methylated Spirits in a squirty bottle (and to NOT buy the model with the built-in dispenser coz it breaks). The Methylated Spirits can be diluted in water, but it’s good to go on almost all sealed surfaces and even raaw wood. I have a house full of sealed jarrah floorboards (solid wood, we don’t have sub-floors in Australia). I’m less frustrated by my s ruffy dawg’s messiness already!! It’s so easy to remove the microfibre cleaning rectangle too…one foot on each side and pull the mop handle off. Handwash or throw in tge machine to clean! BRILLIANT!!! Secret = this was at Kmart!! Unbelievable price (and things cost more in Aussie than thd US)… $5 for the handle gizmo and $7 for the… Read more »


Yes, please do tell us what this magical mop is!


And the mop doesn’t need a whole heap of pressure, with the squirty bottle of Methylated Spirits, to clean.
My arms are weak and my hands are often numb and…I can do this, easily.
It doesn’t look like anything special, but the thing actually works! For real!
(She even told me to go to a $2 shop and buy the refill cleaner pads…they were $2 for two!) I reckon she had angel wings tucked under her dress.


Ditto on what the floor mop looks like! I’m super intrigued.

Kristy Hicks

aaaand what kind of mop was it?


I’d add mini vacuums aka dustbusters to the list too. Already have a vacuum I love (BLACK+DECKER POWERSERIES Extreme Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Blue (BSV2020G)) but I realllllly need a dustbuster for my upholstered furniture. Because pets and kids.


I had a dust buster and was sorely disappointed…it just didn’t do much at all.
I’m keen on an affordable cordless upright vacuum suitable guttsy power for dawg hair on area rugs (not dyson coz nit affordable and I have a corded one already).


The Dyson animal vac is grrreat, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to manouvre.




The artwork on the bedside table in the AD tour tho 🙂

Curious how the Frasier Fir oil is used. Diffuser (Muji humidifier style? Reed?)? Something else?

Barbara Jane

I second the NoBull trainers… my husband has 3 pairs, and I have the trainers and the runners myself! Highly recommend for HIIT type workouts, especially. 🙂


good post

Caroline Charles

I’d never heard of Blake Crouch, but downloaded on this recommendation. Now in the last three days I’ve read Dark Matter, Recursion, and the first half of Wayward Pines. Thanks so much for the recommendation! Hugely appreciated. By the way, those first two books REALLY reminded me (in feel, tone, and adrenaline) of Patrick Lee’s ‘The Breach’ and sequels. If you loved the Blake Crouch I think you would really love those too!

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