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The Best DIY “Batch” Handmade Gifts

Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: How We Decked Our Halls For Christmas

Gift-giving happens to be a pretty big part of the holidays. Have you heard? Heck, we’ve made NINE gift guides this year alone. And while buying a gift for your loved one who “has everything” seems like an impossible mountain to climb, we find it can be even trickier finding gifts for the neighbors, teachers, coworkers crowd…that doesn’t break the bank. So to show that you care, why not make a gift that you can give ALL of those people? Say it with me…Batch Gifting. It comes from the heart, but you are saving time, money and a whole lotta brainpower. Today we have rounded up seven of our favorite DIY handmade (and thoughtful) gift ideas that will make your gift plate look muuuuuch lighter. Shall we?

1. Scented Candles

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Design by Caroline Burke of Burkatron 

We genuinely did not know making candles could be so easy. You basically find a cute vessel, heat up some wax, add essential oils, and let it harden (definitely go to the tutorial for all the deets). So simple and a wonderful gift (and pretty gift) everyone will appreciate. No candle burning at both ends for you with this idea.

2. Homemade Flavored Salt

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Design by Lauren Hendrickson via Popsugar

I’m pretty sure that if we took a vote in our office of what we could give up, either salt or sugar, sugar would win because everyone LOVES salt. These three handmade flavored salts are the cutest and I know that I would think this was such a fun and useful gift. So if you love to cook and your friends like to eat (I’m sure that’s at least 99% of your friends) then start prepping these babies asap.

3. Coconut Sugar Scrub

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Design by Lea Johnson of Creekwoodhill

We are already a big fan of Lea Johnson (remember her stunning home we featured??), but now she’s teaching us how to make a beautiful scrub that would be a wonderful gift to truly anyone in your life. Who doesn’t need a little self-care every now and then (more “now”, less “then”)? She says this one is great for getting rid of dead and dry, itchy skin.

4. DIY Lip Balm

Design by Caitlin and Mandy of The Merrythought

This is another one that seems intimidating but according to the lovely ladies of The Merry Thought, it’s a breeze. They lay out all the steps and make it incredibly easy to follow. Then once you are done, you have an incredibly thoughtful and useful gift to give out. Say no to the winter chapped lip.

5. Color-Blocked Soap DIY

Screen Shot 2019 12 06 At 3.13.13 Pm
Design by Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess

Sara actually gave us beautiful handmade soaps a couple of years ago and I loved it. It was so nice to be able to display a really pretty bar of soap and these ones are so fun. EHD approved!

6. Homemade Infused Olive Oil

Homemade Gift Idea Infused Olive Oils 2
Design by Luci Petlack of Luci’s Morsels

These puppies are perfect for those in your life who like to cook or dip bread. 🙂 They only take 40 mins to make and look awesome. One thing she says to consider is that they are only good for about a week. So make sure to make them close to when you plan to gift.

7. Homemade Lavender Sachets

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Design by Beth Huntington of The Renegade Seamstress

How cute are these!?! Yes, you do need some sewing skills but if you have those, then get on these. Every sock and/or undies drawer needs a lavender pouch so why not make it pretty?

Hope this little roundup either eased some present finding stress or sparked some creative ideas of your own. There truly isn’t anything like a handmade gift because they are full of love (and maybe some blood, sweat and tears). Happy Tuesday and see ya tomorrow!

Love you, mean it.




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Paige Cassandra Flamm
3 years ago

I love all of these! They turned out perfectly!


3 years ago

Not handmade, but always a big hit: a pair of cute printed socks filled with candy and such like a stocking, tied with a ribbon. I started doing it in high school and people still mention them to me.

3 years ago

Love these ideas! Totally trying out that lip balm and candle makinjng ASAP! Thank you for sharing! ?

3 years ago

I made Deb Perlman’s homemade gingerbread biscotti and mixed up hot cocoa for school teachers and both recipes turned out awesome! Next up is diy CBD bath bombs for the neighborhood peeps. I hope they turn out…

3 years ago

Yes I’m a big fan of homemade gifts! This year I made white choc, cranberry & pistachio rocky road for my friends, and gingerbread play dough with cute cookie cutters for my daughter’s toddler friends! Easy and very well received! I’ve also sewn little fabric pouches paired with eco friendly metal straws!

Tina Schrader
3 years ago

Thank you for these! Handmade especially conveys the “from me” sentiment. 🙂 Jist love these holiday posts.

3 years ago

These are fun. I switch between my grandpa’s homemade bailey’s recipe and an infused alcohol. I make a homemade “fireball,” cinnamon infused whiskey with a separate cinnamon infused simple syrup to customize your sweetness. People even give me back their empty bottles with a request for a refill next year.

3 years ago
Reply to  Bre

Bre this is a great idea!

3 years ago

You definitely don’t want to give up salt! A person will die without an appropriate amount of salt, I think it’s something to do with electrolytes.

Very interested in making some flavoured salt though, that looks fun and useful.

3 years ago
Reply to  Victoria

What do people use the lavender sachets for? I didn’t know this was a thing! The gold ones look a lot like condoms but I like the idea.

3 years ago

EHD team, killing it as usual. I do wish that the blog post page contained more than 5 posts, especially with how frequently yall post, I have to go through pages to find an article from even early December. Maybe I am just lazy, or maybe other people agree with me?! 🙂

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