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The Link Up: Ryann’s New Favorite Denim Shorts, Jess’ Go-To Good Mood Song & Sara’s MUST HAVE Skin Serum


design by roman alonso | photo by stephen kent johnson | via architectural digest

Hello friends. We hope you had a lovely weekend and are staying safe and healthy. In case you missed it, this week we hosted our very first Zoom Happy Hour Q&A with Emily on the EHD Insider Community and it was so. fun. Thank you to all who attended and submitted questions. If you want to attend the next one and have a little cocktail (or mocktail) with us, sign up! Now, here is what team EHD is into right this week:

This week’s featured home tour isn’t so much a tour but an appreciation of Hans Wegner’s Iconic Wishbone Chair and one of its greatest admirers is Roman Alonso of Commune Design (an EHD design firm favorite). He says he has 24 in his home because they are so comfortable. Y’all 24!! We have to say that we love the red one he is showing off in this shot but also THE READING NOOK. Everything about it is just wonderful. Can you pick a favorite detail? Is it the wallpaper accent? The patterns on the chaise? Tell us in the comments:)

From Jess: Last week I discovered musician Tommy WA (via Shoppe Black) and I love everything about his smooth folk style. Listening to his music will make your body involuntarily (but joyously) sway and immediately smile. He only has a few songs on Spotify (Riverbank is my favorite) but his Instagram has more. Check out his song/video and make your Sunday much much better:)

From Ryann: Let’s talk denim SHORTS!! I love denim shorts as I am sure I have previously mentioned here and I recently found my new favorite pair. They are roomy and have just the right amount of stretch. They are called The Perfect Jean Short for a reason (and right now they are 40% off!).

From Sara: This upcoming election is gonna be a BIG one, and if you don’t live in a battleground state you might be feeling a little helpless as to how you can make a bigger impact. Well now, via Vote Save America, you can adopt a battleground state. Choose between “adopting” Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, then get emailed a tool kit for exactly how you can support organizers and volunteers on the ground in those states (and I promise it’s not just donating money). You can also make sure you’re registered to vote or register to vote if you need to!

Also from Sara: I got this vitamin c serum a few weeks ago and have really liked it. I feel like it’s super skin brightening so far! Velinda once told me that vitamin C is the second most important thing you can put on your skin (first being SPF) and I’ve used a vitamin c serum every since.

From: Julie: When you are trying to design your own ‘purple moment’ in your bathroom and come across this all out purple tile design by Ayromloo Design. speechless.

From Caitlin: Okay, I have about a million money management apps on my phone and I always burn out on them, but I FINALLY found one that I really, really like! It’s called Albert, I’ve had it for a little over a month and it does a ton of standard budgeting stuff, but my favorite feature is that it can auto-save funds for you. I’m notoriously not great at remembering to “pay myself first,” but Albert analyzes my checking account and automatically pulls nominal amounts into a savings account. I’ve already saved 70 dollars without doing anything! (I know it’s not a fortune, but it’s A START, okay?!) It also told me how much I was spending on subscriptions ($121! Was I accidentally subsidizing all of America’s Netflix accounts?! No more!) and it was able to negotiate me a lower rate on my internet bill! The best part is that IT’S FREE but they also have a pay-what-you-want tier where you can text experts for real-time advice on your own finances. (I decided to pay $7/month because I love the app and sometimes I need help from someone smarter than me.) PS. I’m still a Robinhood loyalist for stocks…but Team Albert for everything else.

From Mallory: Been looking for a snakeskin summer sandal to replace my snakeskin winter boots and OH BOY I found her (and she’s only $60, originally $138!!) You guys know how I feel about a deal.

That is all we have for you today. Have a lovely Sunday and come back tomorrow for a REALLY fun reveal. xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Roman Alonso | Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson | via Architectural Digest

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The red Hans Wegner’s Iconic Wishbone Chair, the rest of that space is just a visual mess to me: overwhelming and way too cluttered. YMMV.


I’m glad I’m not the only one. I know minimalism is “out,” but the pendulum really need not swing quite so far in the other direction.


My mileage varies a lot then because I love everything about this room. It’s not “cluttered” at all. It’s inspiring.

Thank goodness we all get to live how we want. 😉


I respectfully wish you would try to keep politics out of your posts. Save them for the EHD Community.


I respectfully disagree. Thank you EHD for continiously having these converations publicly and using your platform so thoughtuflly! Hope you have a great day!


I agree. This is a VERY important election during a frightening and unprecedented time in our history.
Please register to vote. We need the orange dictator out of office pronto.




Oops, I meant to reply to keep politics out of it!


Yes, it strikes me as borderline unethical to become an activist in another state’s elections This goes for activists of all political persuasions.

Certainly, my outlook about most things in society is very different from Emily’s. The last time she raved about an issue, I was annoyed enough that I Googled (for a long time) until I found two designers who don’t post about anything but *design*, their husband’s birthdays, beach trips, recipes, etc. Love ’em.

::sigh:: but they just aren’t as interesting as EHD, so I still keep reading here.

For example, I didn’t *like* Roman Alonso’ reading nook or Tommy Wa’s music, but it was totally enjoyable to find out about Hans Wegner’s furniture and watch videos set in Ghana. Thanks for sharing!


Wow, now I see how easy it is to make typos on this platform. That’s “elections [period] and Alonso'[s]

I’ll ease up a bit on rolling my eyes at spelling and grammar mistakes!



Is there anyway to turn off comments especially on the weekend or maybe forever??

love your site and come here from a break from everything…


I strongly disagree; I don’t think it’s unethical at all to volunteer in a federal election. The same two names are at the top of the ballot, regardless of which state one lives in. Not to mention, particular swing states have been gerrymandered and voter suppressed within an inch of democracy, and voter outreach in such states in crucial to ensuring a free and fair election. Vote Save America is essentially a GOTV campaign, mobilizing people across the country to reach out to folks of all political parties to make sure they’re registered to vote and informed about how to do so in November. Regardless of political party, we should all be active participants in the electoral process.


Disagree with Debbie.

Irene, I hope you’re fighting hard against lobbying in politics then!


Kara, I’m not that familiar with lobbying or much else that has to do with high-powered businesses. Now that you mentioned it, a quick search showed me the practice is something I might be likely to fight against.

(Tried to think of a way to relate this to design so as not to contribute to more pure political talk here, but don’t know enough about lobbying — yet. I want to learn more: my search did show several mass-market furniture companies are involved!)


I also respectfully disagree! I love EHD before, and I love them even more now for bringing politics in. Keep up the good work, EHD!!


This is a lifestyle blog, in which the content creators share what is relevant to their lifestyle. You can vote with your feet and follow one of the many other accounts that do not discuss politics. Otherwise, it’s rather evident that EHD will continue to discuss whatever they want on their platform, particularly when the content is about what the creators are into that week. Just because you include the word respectfully, does not make the request respectful.


BEauuuutiful home tour!! – also the view in that first shot and the blue cubic floor tiles in the kitchen just give me total heart eyes. I also love that lamp in your header shot – I forgot what its called but it just always makes me grin when I see it in a space 😀 As for the ‘political’ side I would like to contribute this excellent youtube project that shows you how to register to vote in literally any state: Maybe that’ll be helpful to some if you want to but are overwhelmed with the how 🙂 Have a happy Sunday everyone!!


*how to vote not just register – though getting registered ist obviously part of it, but it also includes info on when polls will be open in your state, what kind of identification you need and all the resources you need to look things up


Love the links! My brain gets tired of hunting for things on the internet and this Sunday section lets it off the leash to go gambol about merrily investigating random things it didn’t know it wanted to know 😁 My bank account is not so thrilled I’m now aware there’s a 40-50% off sale at Madewell, but *I* am!

Maxine Becker

Thanks Sara for promoting voter registration and importance of postcards. This is a very important year. Exercise your right to vote!


For anyone who wants to see more inspiring Book Nooks, I recommend a 2019 coffee-table book called “Bibliostyle: How We Live at Home With Books.” The picture up top looked so familiar and I realized I’d seen this room before — in this book. It includes Roman Alonso’s library and many, many more inspiring small personal libraries.

Highly recommend. Plus the cover is a gorgeous teal!


It’s good that you had a positive experience with Robinhood, but the app has been shown to create serious problems for other users:

WOAH, this story is wild!!! yeah, definitely would not recommend taking out home equity loans and hoping to recoup millions of dollars!!! but as a regular user (since their beta! over 6 years!) just looking to invest without trying to pump out quick returns, i’m super happy with them.


Love those bookshelves and reading nook. I love folk music, so I thoroughly enjoyed the link to Tommy WA’s music. Denim cutoffs are great, but I have too many to count (my weakness). Vitamin C serum is magical, and I might need to try this one. Purple tile, while not for me, is s joy your look at. I love colorful spaces as a voyeur. And vote! Register to vote. Get people to vote. Encourage mail in ballots. So important!

Jo Shalmers

Yes. Vote save America. Which boldly should only link people to voting to President Trump. As he is the only hope our nation has to save us from Anarchy, Marxist, terrorism, burning our nations cities down, looting, rioting and maintain LAW and ORDER. Oh and the capitalist that keeps all you designers going

Shame on you for abusing your talents to be so boldly leftist and liberal

Republicans buy sneakers too


I was just driving around my city and, strangely, didn’t see any anarchists burning or looting anything. They must have taken Sunday off.


Well said Jo.



Is there anyway to turn off comments especially on the weekend or maybe forever??

love your site and come here from a break from everything…


Shame on you for supporting Trump’s cruel and inhumane policies. I guess you must like babies in cages, the murder of Black folks by police, denying people health care because of their economic status during a deadly pandemic, and letting the obscenely rich pilfer from working folks while paying zero taxes. Not to mention the rampant corruption and outright greed in Trump’s administration. But sure Jo, we are really worried about your buying power and how you might boycott this website or whatever you’re implying.

Jane 2

Man this makes me so sad. We are out there fighting for your rights too. I wish you guys got that. If we win, you win too. Please reconsider voting for someone who actively supports white supremacy.


I find it interesting that Caitlin was complaining about all her subscriptions- especially in this period when EHD is promoting her subscription site.
Unfortunately this newsletter has lost its sparkle. I’m sure all the energy is going into the paid subscription.
$9.99 a year maybe but $9.99 a month.
Really- I would have to live on the site to make it of value to me.
Sorry—- but I did greatly enjoy the spirit of the past newsletters.

i mean, there’s a difference between paying for a content subscription vs. a service subscription. the community isn’t just an ad free version of the site – it’s a place to get help from designers and likeminded people that would ordinarily cost hundreds! hopefully you can pop by and join us with a trial 🙂


Is there anyway to turn off comments especially on the weekend or maybe forever??

love your site and come here from a break from everything…


Love this idea. Discussion can live on the premium site.

Also, I am 100% for EHD doing premium subscriptions, but I have to agree that it was weird to call out subscriptions as an area where folks should cut back just a few weeks after launching a subscription site? (between music, video, and newspaper subs, I’m well over $120 before even getting into this community, but I think it’s important to support the art and media I love to keep it going!)

Also not loving the tone of the “i mean…” response above…further reason to remove comments, keep your efforts where you can respond mindfully and skip the h8rs!


Ironically, you are the one spamming the comments.


Just don’t read the comments. Right??


I agree. I LOVE the link up. But this one was my least favorite. Maybe it’s bc of the subscription?? Maybe not??? We’ll see I guess.


I laughed out loud when I read Maria Killam’s blog and saw that she just added some Wishbone chairs to her kitchen. Not in red, but pretty nonetheless.

Rinda Healey

The leather chair in the reading nook!!!! Details, please?

Susie Williams

A design blog promoting politics? I would think that you would promote unity which this country needs now instead of dissension. You have your right to free speech but so does everyone else.


But not on EMILY’S blog. This is the space for Emily and her team to express their points of view and exercise their right to free speech. Read or don’t; comment or don’t. That’s *your* right in this space, Susie.


Yeah, exercising your right to vote is so leftist!

Are you kidding with this?


It was Sara’s post specifically promoting the Democratic Party that is “so leftist”. It really rubbed me the wrong way. Yes she has a right to promote her party but the way it reads is that she is assuming all readers are Democrats.

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Caitlin, thanks for bringing up budgeting! Regarding personal finance, I would strongly discourage the use of any “free” saving or investing apps. Pretty much every bank has auto-transfer features, so you can route a percentage of your paycheck to a high yield savings account. Some employers can even pay directly into two separate accounts so that it’s truly out of sight, out of mind. Basic priorities should be to save a starter emergency fund of three months’ essential expenses, max out your 401k or personal IRA, beef up the emergency fund to six months, and then invest in index funds. Buying individual stocks is basically a hobby, in my view. If you are excited about saving $70 you are probably not in a situation where investing is appropriate. I say that without judgment because I’m in the same boat! In my opinion, those micro-transaction apps are not only shady but also discourage you from taking an active approach toward your savings and goals. It’s a lot easier to save when you think about what that $70 can mean in the future, rather than needing an app to take it away without you noticing. I use YNAB for budgeting and setting… Read more »

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