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Bean bag mania

So i spotted this guy a couple months ago and i was all ‘worn leather brazilian 70’s beanbag?  yes, yes yes please.’  

But for who? and it was $1200 which is what i try to keep my sofa’s around so it wasn’t exactly bang for your buck (a phrase that i both hate myself for saying and subsequently find extremely useful).  But it did get me back into beanbags.  why?  because they are rad.  

But i skipped this guy and then it sold like crazy fast.  and now i regret my life. 

But that doesn’t mean that i’m not super into bean bags or papasan chairs right now.  I redid one last week in this ikea fabric for a play room that was supes adorabes and literally the most comfortable chair ever made.  and you can’t tell in this pic, but its massive, big enough for two adults.

 and now all i want is a tv room full of pappasan chairs and bean bags.  and kittens.  and puppies.  and nonexistent season 4 and 5 of Veronica Mars.  yup.  heaven. 



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