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Beach house inspiration

You might know that i’m not the biggest beach girl.  I find the ocean to be really big, I find sand to be kinda annoying and I burn like a mother in the sun.  I like the days when we go with friends with picnics, otherwise give me a river anyday or an Oregon beach which is insanely beautiful….a la Twilight.

But I’m working on a modern beach bungalow, which is decidedly not boring.  I’m collecting inspiration pics now.  I don’t want to give away too much (the client might be reading) but here is where my little brain in going right now:

I love the clean modern vibe, yet totally romantic and vacationy.  my spellcheck thinks that vacationy isn’t a word, and so i ask you, sir. spellcheck, what do you call something that is like a vacation?  ding ding ding, the answer? ‘vacationy’.  wikepedia that s**t.  And no, that is not cursing if you put the little stars in there.

Love that hanging chair.  Brian won’t let me get one because he thinks its a ‘can i actually sit in this chair’ kinda chair, which is a bummer for guests.  Not exactly inviting.

So clean and white.  I’m actually not doing a bedroom, but I love all these images. they make me love the beach.

This one was shot by James Baigre and I picked the flower.  

Need more living room modern beach inspirations, send them my way….

OH! and my segment on Nate Berkus airs on October 4th, so set your tivo’s people.  And people have been asking when the show airs, and it won’t be until Spring. I promise the second that I get an air date you will be the first to know.  

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