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Bar Napkin Brainstorm Workshop

Last night I went to a dress rehearsal for Bar Napkin Brainstorm – the workshop by pretty much some of the smartest, most fun creative, entrepreneurs I know. They asked me to watch and give feedback, and I said yes not because I’m a good person but really I’m just a whore for free business advice – and I got A LOT of it. I was skeptical because I go to and speak at A LOT of conferences (I’m speaking at the RE:make conference tomorrow, actually, in San Francisco) and very often the information is either too abstract to apply to your life or too obvious to inspire anything new.

But these dudes were totally inspiring with practical solutions. I wrote down like 7 things that I’m going to sharpie onto my window in front of my desk to remind myself to do daily – even though I’m moving, and that sharpie is a permanent marker – it will be a gift for the next renters that live here. Your welcome, strangers.

This workshop is run by the collective that you have all probably heard of, Sharkpig (the production company), The FlashDance (the party collective), Our Labor of Love (the photography collective), Smilebooth, Yeah Rentals, Max Wanger is involved as are like 20 other cool people. You might specifically remember Sharkpig from one of my last videos and Yeah Rentals from the baby shower I threw. Its one big group of crazy smart and generous dudes and they are pulling their brains together to teach what they have learned on how to be successful as a creative in business.

our labor of love

Plus they are handsome and very well-mannered – clearly the kind of guys that would throw down a cardigan in the rain for you – a really cool, worn leather elbow-patched, vintage Pendleton – a la ‘the dude’  – cardigan that is.

Here’s what they are focusing on (in their words):

(1) ReCharge your batteries with Brian Morrow (Sharkpig)
brian is our dreamer. he has the big goofy beautiful ideas that we all wish WE had. he is a loudmouth hilarious jerk with an insane range of interests. if he doesn’t fire you up you might need a defibrillator.

(2) ReThink Success with Michael Antonia (Flashdance, YEAH! Rentals, YEAH! Weddings)
michael is the heads down pragmatist of our crew. he is the one dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s… always starting a new project, endeavor, or business and somehow consistently producing quality work. with 15 plus years of marketing & advertising experience michael looks at a “problem” and see an opportunity.

(3) ReInvent your business with Whitney Chamberlin (Our Labor of Love, Smilebooth)
whitney is our connector. you will see him at any event holding court with the person in charge and he’ll be telling them that they NEED to get together with so and so. he has been the spark that has ignited probably 100 businesses. with a few ground breaking companies of his own he has pioneered many of the things that the event world takes for granted. his resume and accomplishments are staggering. need something? ask uncle whitey!


To sign up for the workshop or to learn more about their hair products go to their site.  Meanwhile, to find out if Bar Napkin Brainstorm is right for you or your child, please watch this video.

Don’t let job un-satisfaction happen to you and your family. Like Carbon Monoxide and untempered glass, its a real killer.

Bar Napkin Brainstorm from This Happened on Vimeo.



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