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Turn an awkward space into a cozy reading nook …

One day, a few months ago I started designing this room below. It was not quite a hallway because it was really big and had shelving, etc. But it wasn’t quite a room because it was in the middle of the  house and had 5 entrances into it. It was VERY awkward. Almost as awkward as the one time (many times) that I said ‘thank you’ to the 3 random strangers before i stepped off the elevator. They didn’t push a button for me. I just accidentally treated them like a bunch of bellmen, when they simply had also ridden the elevator. (This has also happened getting out of a subway car, by the way).

Very awkward. Like this space:

Clearly I knew we needed to, you know, finish the walls, refinish the flooring and furnish this bad boy. So I started playing around with my favorite Hague Blue paint, some new sconces and some vintage furniture. But it still didn’t quite feel right …

Progress Makeover
So I decided to turn this space into a VERY cozy little reading nook with a library feel which included a portrait of a vintage sailor and other such VERY necessary decor elements for a vintage library feel.

Naturally, I decided to make a video about the makeover to show you the ‘AFTER’:

So much less awkward, right? In fact, dare I say even cozy? This room was a total problem and now its one of my favorites, seriously.

This makeover video was produced by Sharkpig and brought to you in partnership with JBL, and to reward you for watching, TWO of you will win JBL charges (portable and blue tooth like the flip, but they charge your phone as well). I use this on a daily basis in my house and while styling because I don’t like music too close to my face while working but I don’t want it too loud, and yet I want it to be really good sound – i’m high maintenance like that. I have the gray option but it comes in green and blue, too.

JBL Charge

All you have to do tweet out or Facebook the video and then comment that you did – you have until October 14th to enter. It’s super gosh darn easy. I’m just trying to get people to watch these videos that Sharkpig and I spend so much time producing. Do us a solid, folks, if you like the video  … share it. Meanwhile subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to make me and my future baby really happy. Think of the children.

To see more of this same house makeover, check out this video:

Comment away. Win a charge.

This post was in partnership with JBL but all design, words and opinions are my own. 

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