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Awesome Yard Sale in LA on sunday, and Dollhouse challenge extended

You know i’m going. 

She’s my friend. And i’m only friends with people that have cool stuff in their house.  She’s one of my favorite people ever, partly because she has the coolest stuff ever – see how that works?

She started out as a stylist and three years ago she started  You know these guys:

mini heart

I have one, you have one, we all have a red sequin heart pin, don’t we? (those are the mini-s but i like the white background. the larger ones are $15 and the smaller ones are $10) How are those not already in your or your daughters/sisters and mothers stockings?

Anyway, she’s selling a bunch of dope stuff and i’ll be right there to buy it (after the Long Beach flea market).  I’m hoping she’s selling the yellow sequin vintage dress she wore on her 30th birthday because its crazy fun – not matter how much Brian told me i looked like i was a nutso whilst wearing it.  Actually,  Jen, you better keep that. It’s a Jen Gotch staple at this point.


It’ll be a party.  

Last photo by Max Wanger and look Bri is in there.  Hi, Bri.

And for all you who are doing the dollhouse challenge you might be irritated to know that yes, its extended because 4 of us (at least) aren’t done.  I got held up by my electrical, so i couldn’t wallpaper so i couldn’t hang art, etc – i mean, its literally like doing a real house.  I have more anxiety about it then i do almost anything else in my life – i’m not kidding.  

I’ve been out of town all December so far, so i’m hoping that now i’m back for 10 days i’ll catch up.  And then January i have 4 trips already including Alt Summit, which will be dope.  So let me know what is reasonable for you guys.  Feb 1st?  

Of course i’m done shopping, its just the renovation that isn’t progressing as fast – how very ’emily’

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