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From the age of 3, dancing was Julie’s life. Then, in her junior year of high school, she got mono, bronchitis and a sinus infection within two months…once that all cleared up, she promptly got into a car accident where she fractured her left thumb (she’s left-handed) but had to wear a cast up to her elbow for three months. So there went dancing and in came design. If she weren’t a designer, she’d want to be a trapeze artist, and has taken classes on and off for 10 years after she saw her first Cirque Du Soleil show (current show count: 7 and she even got to be part of the Mystere show in Vegas…#bestnightever). She’s backpacked over 700 miles in one summer attempting the PCT but had to stop cause…feet. (Don’t worry, she will most likely try the whole 2,660-mile thru-hike again in a couple of years.) She will eat all of your chips and drink any IPA someone puts in her hand.


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