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Jess Bunge (bun-ghee): DC born, Southern California raised, 5’ 3” and 3/4s (unchanged since the 7th grade), eldest child, ex-Irish dancer, theatre major with a motorcycle license but can only safely drive a scooter. As a young gal, she collected “bad guy” Disney figurines, was truly obsessed with Hanson (Zach forever) and at age 8 hit a grand slam off of a bunt. Later in life, four days after graduating from SFSU, she moved to NYC for five years to then go down under to Melbourne, Australia before finally landing in LA. So after four major cities, three significant relationships, two hairstyles (side part and center part) and one Jess, she’s pretty grateful to be where she is. But please note one of her greater accomplishments was overcoming a solid medium stutter.


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