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Growing up in Los Angeles, Ajai (pronounced like Asia) found love for art and interiors early on. She believes this came from all the weekend visits her family took to model homes as children. Her mom would make a day out of it. We’d grab a bite to eat and go on a model-home viewing spree. This was always so fun to her, and inspired her enough to go home and rearrange her room (playing around with space and scale) just like the model homes she’d seen. Later on, she got into painting and went through a ship stage (she painted ships all over her bedroom walls, and even talked her mom into letting her paint a big ship in the half bath). She’d save up for new paint colors and paintbrushes. She fell in love with story-telling through art and interiors, and the belief that we are our homes, and that good interior designs are the spaces that truly reflect the people who live in them.


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