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Austin stole my heart, and liquid killed my computer

AH!!! My computer is broken so i couldn’t blog.  I’m at the mac store right now, secretly blogging, these ‘genius’s at the ‘genius bar’ (which is not an actual bar by the way, boring) haven’t noticed yet.  

So here’s the deal, lots of announcements:

1. Secrets is not airing til July 2nd, there will be reruns of course, but the second season starts July 2nd and then you are in for 13 more episodes…. although this date might change, i’ll keep you posted. 

2. I was in Austin for the week shooting my episode for HGTV’d (which debuts this monday on HGTV) and its been insanely fun.  Great crew, great city, amazing family….full of a lot of bbq, 100 degree weather, lots of bands and even more 2-stepping (remind me to tell you the one about the old texan man who whilst dancing with me told me that i ‘woke up his third leg’.  i’m not kidding. i about died and i just kept repeating over and over in my head….don’t forget that phrase, whatever you do, whatever he says next DON’T YOU FORGET IT.) and i haven’t.  Thank god i have pictures.   OH he also told me that he had a friend who’s daughter was a doctor.  Yep, that was the story, that a woman he knew was a doctor, a gynecologist actually so maybe that tickled him.  Clearly this was at a super old cowboy bar, and i’m not at all implying that this represents texas, but it was so funny (and he was so cute) so i had to share. 

3. I need more artwork for the show.  AND if you live in LA and have a cool studio then it would be great to shoot at your studio, what we call a ‘shopping segment’ and then use your art on the show.  Send links and photos if you are interested, and if i don’t get back to you don’t take offense, it has to be right for the client.

4. Does anyone know any furniture builders, sculptors, crafters, etc etc that would also want to do a shopping segment.  like a ‘i had an idea and no i’m going to meet with someone to look at my options’ kind of place.  So it would need to be a studio or shop.  Antonio does a lot of these and as much as i don’t want to copy that punk (i love him by the way) I think i could have my own spin on it now and again instead of a store.  

That’s it for announcements, but i do have a question:  where do you guys want to see me shopping? It is sooo hard to come up with new places every week, 2 a week, and we can’t repeat.  We can’t go to any store that is a chain (which is sad because i actually really love West Elm, CB2 etc and buy so much there that it would be an easy segment).  I’ve done so much vintage that i don’t want it to start to feel redundant, i’ve done architectural salvage, mom and pops, but if you can think of any type of store that i haven’t really hit yet, please let me know.  Hook a stylist up.


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