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The Link Up: EHD’s Go-To Decorative Pillow (psst it’s 50% Off), Ryann’s Chelsea Boots, The At-Home Gym Reveal You Need To See


Hey all! Another week down of 2021… I think we are all taking it one day at a time. So please take care of yourself this week everyone. Now let’s get into the link up!

Did you see Orlando’s incredibly creative and inspiring new at-home gym?? Well, I think we can all say that we are both really happy for him and extremely jealous. It’s SO freaking great. Note: As he disclaims at the beginning of the post, he discusses body image, weight gain and loss, fitness, etc. While it’s beautifully written, but if that’s something you are not wanting or able to read about then maybe just skip this one. Again, we all need to take care of ourselves<3

We’re smitten by this home tour by Colombe Studio via Remodelista. Everything about this space is so special. That powder bathroom makes us want to use red paint more (especially with that mismatched bathroom tile trend)…why does it work SO WELL?! AND THOSE DOORS. And the KITCHEN?? Scroll through all the photos, you cannot (we REPEAT CANNOT) miss this one.

From Emily: What I love about this relatable house tour so much (beyond being in Portland) is the story at the end about marriage, love, and finding yourself in your life. The way she talks about how supportive her ex-husband was/is made me smile and tear up – I was so, so happy for her. 

From Jess: One of my dearest friends is an artist and finally just launched her website where you can buy her work! She meticulously creates these insane “strange portraits” with ink pens. The time that goes into them is remarkable. It would be such a cool piece for someone who wants something different and who likes supporting artists/small businesses.

Also from Jess: I know that we may all be a bit tired of the “spark joy” culture that took over 2019. But y’all. I just saw Marie Kondo’s new line at The Container Store and have my eye HEAVILY on it. First, this bin is so pretty. You know I love me a grid pattern. And second is the incredible extra large flatware drawer organizer (I guess it could work maybe work for jewelry too). But why I love it so much is because it would fit perfectly in my enormous flatware drawer. This is may be the answer to my “why can’t I find a fork” prayers.

From Ryann: Madewell is having their secret stock sale and because up to 70% off is too good a deal to pass up, I went through the rabbit hole and checked out every single item they have marked down. I practiced great self-control if I do say so myself, by asking myself “do I really need it??” more often than I care to admit. There was just one item I felt YES, I actually do. I love classic black Chelsea boots and have had a pair from Urban Outfitters for years but they are truly beat to hell. And not in a cute way. So when I saw these and checked out the price tag and reviews, I was like, OKAY GIRL these are it. I am hopeful they will be another staple boot that I cherish and wear for years and years

From Albie: It takes a brave soul to get white cookware, and even though that level of bravery isn’t a badge I wear, I can’t help but drool over this set. The stylist in me immediately sees these and thinks these would make great props for a kitchen photo session. Can you see it? But I didn’t just check these out for the looks. This is the first set that ever brought die casting to my attention. I love the idea of having a singular unit so that I’m not fussing with the screws of the pots while washing. The design of this set was really thoughtful, for function and aesthetic. P.S. it also comes in black so thank me later.

From Mallory: The other day we were talking about our favorite Instagram accounts we follow and Caitlin and I realized we’re both OBSESSED with Black Lacquer Design (also named Caitlin). Her work is SO fun and everything she’s designed makes me want to live in it immediately. If you don’t follow her, now’s the time!! And I mean WHAT a cool and sexy name for a design firm, COME ON.

From Caitlin: Hear me out: I’m obsessed with the round velvet pillow from West Elm. Like, yeah, there’s something to be said for the aesthetic value of shaking up your throw pillow arrangement with a fun shape (and believe me, we’ve said it in almost every post about styling pillows!) but MAN, this thing is the perfect size and thickness to use between your knees at night. I’ve had one since 2018 and the black ones are on super sale ($19.99!) so I just ordered one to use while I’m still hiding out at my mom’s house. Like, something that looks cute AND it can make you feel better when you wake up? SIGN ME UP.

Also From Caitlin: O.M.G. This is an ultra long piece but it’s so, so, so good. I don’t even know how to begin to describe it (Tom Hanks? Bookstores? Cancer? Independence? Tornadoes? Yoga?) but I promise it’s worth it. (PS. Arlyn also recommended this on her blog so you KNOW it’s REALLY good. Also, here’s a link to Ann Patchett’s book of essays because you’re gonna wanna read it the minute you finish. She’s so talented!!!)

The end. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next week!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Colombe Studio | Photo by Kasia Gatkowska, courtesy of Colombe Studio | via Remodelista

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Re: storage bins — Gone are the days when I buy storage bins. I use shoe boxes for everything now!


I use a lot of shoe boxes too! Recycle, re-use, upcycle.
No. Plastic involved!

yes, one hundred percent agree!

Roberta Davis

It’s been a while since I read Marie Kondo’s book, but didn’t she kinda say NOT to buy fancy organizing bins and such?


The Ann Patchett piece recommended by Caitlyn is transcendent, truly beyond beautiful. It is indeed about all those things that Caitlyn mentions – Tom Hanks and bookstores for sure. But for me, it’s mostly about the gift of making a genuine soul-deep and timeless connection with another person, and sharing with them the deepest mysteries of life. I am a different person now for having read this story and so, so grateful to you, Caitlyn, for sending it my way. <3


I feel the same. That article took my breath away.


Absolutely the most beautiful essay I’ve read in a long time. Soul feeding, for sure.


Agreed, the article was stunning and now Ann Patchett’s blog “Ann’s Blog” is bookmarked for a casual morning tea read while at the office and I’ve shared it around to my reader friends. Highly recommend.

Love Love Love the gym tour from Orlando, both for how beautiful it is and the messages within.


Emily, I loved that home tour when I saw it on CoJ too! I cried happy tears. The back story is especially moving. And, I thought of you seeing those colourful stairs. Her partner, Michelle’s, murals are so great… do you think, maybea pn EEG mural could be happening in your Old Girl city farm?🤗 Caitlin, mowed all the lawns today (there are a LOT) and it was 36 degrees Celcius!! OMG! I need to sleep with a pillow between my legs tonight, not velvet, just a damned pillow. So. Exhausted. Ha! Ooooh, but doesn’t my fairy garden look luverly now? Yaaaaas!! 😍 Bookmarked the essay to read another time. Saw it via Arlyn, but forget, so thanks! x PS: WHY are you still at your mom’s?? The Colombe Studio tour looks very stuffy-Fronch! Not really my thing, but variety is the spice of life. I saw Orlando’s gym the other day. IF I was a gym person (I much prefer the outdoors and nature), ooh, this is it! I love his use of the TV program to fill in for the missing people in his gym. But HE is the cute guy … he just has to look in… Read more »

Kat van der Hoorn

Rusty! I knew it was you over on COJ! I always love your comments here so was thrilled that you read the story over there. Thank you so much for your kind words and celebration of Michelle’s murals – I agree, she is wildly talented (and a joy to work with, which is a nice perk.) Also, I lived in Australia for two years (BrisVegas, baby!) so we were continental neighbors for a bit. Anyway, so grateful for your support and sending you big hugs from Portland.


Kat, heeeeeyyyyy…I’m in Perth!
Oooh, I just love the house and the murals are so unique. My fav is the gold nature one in the bedroom. Gorgeous!
Sending you some Aussie hugz, (mate) ha! xx


Caitlin. Thank you so much for this essay recommendation – I just devoured the whole thing. It was amazing.




Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for sharing Ann Patchett’s beautiful essay. She is one of my very favorite authors. What a gift to us all.


I love the remodelista tour. The details are so amazing. I’m looking to repaint my living room and that white is so dreamy. I’m not familiar with the paint company though. Does anyone have a recommendation for a similar paint color in Benjamin Moore or other more accessible brand?

Roberta Davis

Orlando, you are such a sweetie. Albie- I like these pans. Do you know if they are really good pans? As in- really non-stick? Easy to clean? Because we are looking for new pans and I already returned some to the restaurant supply store because the finish got ruined the second time I used them- warming up soup!


LUV the Green Pan brand – i’ve never had pans clean so easily!!!!!

Kat van der Hoorn

Oh, my, GOSH! What a morning to wander over not only to my favorite blog, but my favorite post of the week (Emily, the link up is part of my Sunday morning ritual) and see my house and my story here! Emily, I am so, so touched you enjoyed the story, am so grateful for your kind words, and am thrilled beyond measure that you’re moving here to Portland. We need more bright and beautiful spirits like you and your family. All good things, Kat (and of course, Michelle!)


Portland is absolutely the spot Kat!
Such a creative spirit embedded in that place.


Ann Patchett’s article (such a simplistic word for such an unbelievable piece of writing) is one of the most sublime things I’ve ever read.

Thank you for the link.


Jess! Does the wraparound cabinet and desk that Colombe Studio designed for the home in Poland give you ideas for your turret office?


Thank you for sharing Orlando’s gym!! Since he doesn’t post every day I don’t check back very often, and I was definitely looking forward to this reveal! (And it turned out great and the post is so personal and relatable <3)


He is totally worth following on Instagram! He’s so hilarious, insightful, & talented.


Could Emily please please please share the link for the kids jigsaw Charlie was using in her stories? I’ve searched for so long with no luck.

Thank you!!

PS Orlando’s gym post was so thoughtful and inspiring. And I saw Kat’s house on CoJ and thought the story was beautiful as well.


The Ann Patchett essay was unbelievable. It was filled with such emotion and soul. I didn’t want it to end. Thank you Caitlyn

For those who want more, here’s another wonderful Patchett essay about her fathers:


That Ann Patchett essay is an example of one of the many reasons I keep coming back to this blog. Thank you.

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