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by EHD Staff
image by Erhard Pfeiffer via Dwell | design by Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

Hello friends, and welcome back. This week, we invited you into Emily’s living room here AND here (with lots of sofa and vintage chair talk), we made a case for leveling up your tile with grout colors, Brian stopped by and gave us insight on being married to an influencer, and Emily reviewed a ton of boots. What a week. But now, we’re back with your regularly scheduled programming: The Link Up. Let’s get to it:

No link up is complete without a home tour and this one, via Dwell, does not disappoint. The architecture is super modern, while the decor is midcentury/boho/eclectic and it’s SO GOOD.

From Emily: “This book, by artists Jesse Chamberlain and Jimmy Marble (whom I love and have followed for years) is just what the title, Dream Baby Dream, suggests: dreamy. I actually bought one of his pieces for a Secrets From a Stylist episode years back. It’s incredibly weird and cool, but with a happiness about it that is totally inspiring. And fun fact, I knew them both separately before they met and got married (and had the MOST inspiring wedding) and now have a baby. It’s a great book/gift for anyone who loves inspirational and out of the box art and photography.”

Also from Emily: “Thimble sent some dresses to Birdie and now that she is only in ‘dress phase,’ I’m SO glad that I have some that are just incredibly cute (and handmade) versus the Elsa and Anna nightgowns she wants to leave the house in (which we don’t really protest because, WHY?). And while I’m on that note, Pepper is a small kids company that makes the cutest stuff and now that the kids aren’t growing out of things so quickly, I might actually buy some.”

Jess finally got a facial after about 10 years and her facialist highly recommended Naturopathica’s Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel for a deeper clean that helps the years of sun damage and generally brightens. She uses it twice a week and LOVES how good it makes her skin look and feel.

Peaky Blinders is Veronica’s favorite show right now, and it’s finally back on Netflix for season 5. The show follows a crime family in the 1900s lead by Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, and it’s just so good and binge worthy.  

If you are looking for even more spooky cinema, this is a great list of horror comedies to watch this month. Sara loves getting into the spooky mood, but she is also TERRIFIED of actually being scared. So a good horror-comedy is her go to. Harry Potter is also an all-season option (duh).

From Arlyn: “I’m a meat eater, but I like to have at least a day or two where I cook without it, so I tried this vegetarian bolognese recipe this past week from Pasta Social Club (one of my favorite accounts) and I’m OBSESSED with it. It uses Beyond Meat, but I’m sure it could easily be swapped with another meat substitute…or just ground beef, TBH. It came together in under an hour with deep flavors that would normally take me HOURS to get in a ragu.”

Mallory recently found a boutique that has a bomb sale section and super cute clothes. It’s called Stevie Sister. “I just got the cutest jumpsuit and skirt on sale (for 40% off the already reduced sale price). Bargain shoppers unite!”

Veronica bought these boots after Emily tried them for the boots review post yesterday, and it’s safe to say we all LOVE them, and we want to buy immediately. From Veronica: “They are a chunky boot but are surprisingly lightweight when worn and you can’t even tell they have a slight heel, which is great because you can wear them all day comfortably.”

If you are a suffer of dry skin like Julie, try this Burt’s Bees Hydrating Overnight mask. From Julie: “I’ve used this once so far but woke up looking less haggard than usual. Millennial’s swear by it cause it has their favorite ingredient, Avocados.”

Ryann is really into this Madewell x Dickies collab. It’s the perfect blend of two brands that she loves, and she is especially pining after this jumpsuit (because we all know EHD loves a jumpsuit).

That is all we have for you lovely people today, and EHD is OOO tomorrow (so no blog post), but be sure to come back Tuesday for something special. See you then xx

  1. Maybe Brian can offer a link for the male readers.

    1. I see links for tv show and movie recommendations, skin care, a home tour, a pasta recipe, photography book–pretty gender neutral stuff!

  2. After recommending Dwell the other day and then seeing it here today, I feel like a bit of an influencer myself! 🙂 If so, it makes me feel like we’re all in a dialog together, which is cool.

  3. Help me out!! I cannot get to the vegetarian bolognese recipe. Please??

    1. Second! The link in the blog post takes you to an odd Instagram page.

      1. Yes! That’s where the recipe lives. It’s in her Story highlights to follow (I don’t believe she has her recipes on her website yet).

    2. Hi Elle!

      The recipe is actually in the story highlights on Instagram I linked to because the recipe isn’t written out anywhere I don’t believe. But here’s the gist:

      hot italian sausage (use Beyond Meat sausages for vegetarian)
      2 tbsp white miso
      1 tbsp tomato paste
      4 cloves garlic, minced
      4 tables butter, divided
      1 medium yellow onion, chopped
      1/2 fennel bulb, chopped
      Worcestershire sauce (a few splashes)
      1 cup red wine
      vegetable stock

      Season and sweat vegetables in 2 tbsp butter over medium heat until translucent (not browned), stirring occasionally. This should take about 5-10 min.
      Add garlic, stir to combine and cook very briefly until fragrant (about 1 min).
      Add “meat,” breaking it up until it becomes a mince.
      (If vegetables begin to brown, add a small amount of water to prevent burning. Cook until sausage is browned, then add tomato paste and miso pasta.
      Stir to coat and caramelize tomato paste slightly (about 1-2 min)
      Deglaze pan with red wine and scrape up browned bits from bottom of pan. Add a few dashes of worcestershire sauce.
      Simmer until wine reduces slightly, then add stock to the “meat” is only just submerged.
      Cook 30-45 min. If sauce thickens too much, add more stock to loosen.
      Finish sauce with remaining butter and adjust flavors to taste (more miso, worcestershire, salt, pepper).

  4. thanks for these links, guys!

    just a note about the shop section on site. just moved into a house and it’s SO helpful. i have found that there are quite a few products that are no longer available which can kind of be a bummer. i’m sure it’s a pain to keep updated but might be worth doing a sweep to remove discontinued items when you get a chance. 🙂 it really is a great a resource so thanks for your hard work on it!

    1. I’m so glad it’s been helpful! And we’re trying to stay on top of those broken links!!

  5. Those boots are amazing!

    Mariya | https://www.brunetteondemand.com/

  6. Aaaahhhh, what a lovely environment. Just assume that sitting here and watching snowfall in winters, a cup of coffee and performing essay writing services with a refreshing environment and peaceful mind. Nothing can be so joyous than this.

  7. heheheh to Julie’s Millenials joke. I am a Gen Xer, but I have a real soft spot for Millenials. People get on them for being so unsure and asking questions and saying that adulting is hard, but… adulting *is* hard. And, I probably wanted to ask the same questions when I was younger but I was too embarrassed and so I just stumbled through life for about 15 years in quiet desperation trying to figure it out on my own. I could have been happy so much earlier if I had asked for help.

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