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Art Roundup: Birds

Dear Emily’s Readers,

OK, first things first … I am so excited for Emily and Brian! Crazy exciting news! And if you have no idea what I’m talking about you better go and read her post from yesterday! On that note, how about an artsy roundup that’s perfect for someone who’s just starting to nest. Yep, that was my clever way to lead into this very tweetable post on an always trending subject : BIRDS

Aw, sweet little love birds on salvaged wood. The work of American artist Dolan Geiman is so charming and folksy, but it also has a modern and graphic feel. Dolan has all sorts of amazing things for sale: prints, paintings, and quite a few of these gorgeous mixed media constructions. Check out his site to find your perfect love bird.

So, from birds in love, to birds in flight:

Oh my goodness – delicate birds cut from maps and pinned carefully into place under glass. These amazing paper-cut pieces are the work of British artist Claire Brewster. All of these are originals, so if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind flock of paper hummingbirds, check out this shop.

And now, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite painters:

I have been coveting these paintings by Toronto based artist Amanda Happé for about two years. Oh, the wood grain, the cardboard boxes, the rainbows, the text, and of course, those gorgeous birds. I. Love. Them. Again, all of these are originals, and are available by contacting Amanda. But if you buy one, maybe you shouldn’t tell me. It might make me too sad to know that it’s on your wall, instead of mine.

And finally:


Birds on the beach, who also happen to be birds on plates! Laura McKellar, an amazing artist from Australia, teamed up with Mozi to create these hilarious & beautiful melamine plates. They are available through Mozi, and you can buy them right here.

I hope you love these sweet little birds as much as I do. And to Brian and Emily …  I’m so excited that your nest is going to have a new little chickadee in it! xo ~ Danielle {aka The Jealous Curator}


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