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Art Round-up: Florals

Hi there! It’s Danielle from The Jealous Curator back with another artsy (and affordable) round-up for you! And now for a little history lesson … as long as there has been art, this has been a favorite subject matter of artists (just ask van Gogh). It was trending then, and it’s trending today: #florals

Oh! A face full o’ flowers! This is the lovely work of American artist Clare Elsaesser. Her Etsy shop is called “tastes orangey” and it is full of amazing things. Originals from $225, and prints of these flowery ladies for only $65! For real.

Speaking of real:

These gorgeous studies of flowers in glass jars are all from a daily painting project by American artist Lisa Daria. That’s right, she does one of these amazing little pieces (most of them are 6”x6”) every day … and you can own an original for only $100. What?! Yes, it’s true.

And now, for something completely different, yet still super flowery:


Fresh cut flowers. Get it? ‘Cuz it’s collage? No? OK. Beth Hoeckel is one of my most favorite artists ever. She exhibits her work all over the world, but if you pop over to her Esty shop you can pick up one of her prints for only $50! Oh, and don’t miss her prints on Society 6 too! So good!!!

OK, last one. Walking  your dog is nice, but isn’t it so much nicer when you’re covered in flowers? Yes, yes it is:


Sarah Walton is a UK based artist, and the woman behind these fantastic pieces. All of these are available as prints for only $32, and I’m quite sure if you’re looking an original embroidery piece from Sarah, you could give her a shout through her online shop.

So, that takes care of #floral — I’ll see you back here in two weeks for another round-up. Until then, I hope you find some affordable art that you absolutely love for your home

~ Danielle (aka The Jealous Curator)


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