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Art for The Fig House from Nike Schroeder

Oh, folks. I’m a genius. Not because I’m a genius, no, but because I hire people, like Danielle Krysa (aka The Jealous Curator) who are genius’ who then find amazing artists for my projects and then I look VERY good because of it.

For The Fig House I wanted original art to adorn the walls, but i’m not necsssarily in the art world with a million contacts. So I hired Danielle to curate it for me and she has found some incredible local artists that are showing there and obviously i’m going to feature them on the blog to show off my new cool art world connections.

The first artist that just sent me a sneak peek into the final pieces we are installing is Nike Schroederand her work pretty much speaks for itself. Its really, really incredible and I would own it immediately.  Its sculptural, colorful, soft and organic but within this graphic shapes and structures. I LOVE them.

Nike Schroeder

nike schroeder

And then, of course, this insane one:

nike schroeder

If you are interested in buying some of her work you can check out the Maciel Gallery in Culver City where she is showing right now or obviously just go check it out in person if you are in LA. To see her brilliance in full, go to her website, Nike Schroeder, and like her on facebook HERE. 

Thank you, Nike. Its a huge honor to have you involved in The Fig House project.  In case you don’t know what is happening with The Fig House check out the posts here, here and here to get fully updated on all your new L.A. event space needs (and yes, you can start booking it for September now, contact


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