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Emily Henderson

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by Emily Henderson

Max (and Margaux) Wanger is to wedding photographers what Michelle Williams is to actors – young, smart, ALWAYS beautiful, intriguing and insanely talented. Brian and I got married young and broke, but in 3 years we will be celebrating our ten year reunion and a lot of our best friends in LA weren’t at our wedding so we’ll probably do some sort of vow renewal party, in which case one Max Wanger will be hired to shoot it.

But meanwhile he doesn’t just do weddings and parties, nay, he (and his beautiful wife) are fine art photographers as well.  You may remember when I used his print at Bri’s house:

max wanger
photograph of the photograph by Laure Joliet

He has a lot more prints at his print shop. Many of which I would please like in my new sons room, thank you.

Here are some new ones that I hadn’t seen before, that I love. There is such a quiet happiness about all his photographs, which I can’t get enough of. Like him, they feel reserved, yet full of energy.  Mellow, yet with an unpredictable eye.





Come see his work and 9 other artists that i love at the Fig House. Opening in just a few weeks, folks.  How VERY VERY VERY exciting. Click here to see the rest of the artists for The Fig House.

To see more of Max’s work and buy some of his prints visit: Max Wanger, and follow him on twitter/instagram at @maxwanger


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