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Art for The Fig House from Jaime Derringer

Oh, hey, Jaime Derringer. Remember that one time we went to the Project Runway finale together in New York and you gave me a lot of advice about blogs and social media and I didn’t even know that you were secretly a super talented artist?

Most of you might know Jaime as the genius behind the HUGE blog DesignMilk, which is all about design that is new and innovative. I find out about SOOO many designers, materials, pieces of furniture, and architects here. She kills it.

Well no more secrets Jaime because your work will soon be displayed (and for sale) at The Fig House for all to see. Plus, I follow you on Instagram so I know what you are up to — I see the ‘drawing a day’ AND I WANT ONE.

Meanwhile friends, feast on the beautiful art from this blogger powerhouse:


There’s a total energy about these that I LOVE. It feels bright, easy, happy, and young — like how I used to be when I drank.  And you want to know the most exciting part? You can purchase these bad boys (well maybe not these, but she has a ton of others for sale that I love):



So be sure to check out Jaime Derringer’s site and buy her art because it’s really, really good and at a GREAT price point. You know how much I love art that I can afford. Thank you Danielle for introducing me to Jaime’s work; once again you killed it both y’alls. Follow Jaime on twitter: @jaimederringer and Instagram: @jaimederringer, too.

To see more of The Fig House artwork that we are featuring go to this post, this post, and this post.


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