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The Link Up: Em’s New Favorite Daily Read, Ryann’s Perfect (And Affordable) Jeans, And The Resurfacing Face Mask That Changed Our Skincare Game


Well, it’s Sunday and we’re happy to have you here. While we all take a breath and learn from this traumatic week/what we need to do to fix our deeply broken system, we thought it might be nice to have some consistency this Sunday with our link up. Before we continue, it’s important to talk to your kids and if you’re a teacher, your students, about what happened this week. Here’s an article from NPR that’s a good read if you’re trying to navigate that conversation. Alright, now let’s dig in to our favorite things this week.

This week’s home tour comes to us from Lonny. It’s an oldie but a goodie that we wanted to revisit. Vintage furniture collector, Cailin Wunder enlisted the help of Transition State Design to help make her 1937s home feel unified. It had been renovated several times by many previous owners before she moved in, so the task to make it flow together was a major feat. But they turned out with this sculptural, captivating beauty and we are NOT upset about it! We want every chair in this house.

From Emily: One of our favorite people (and former EHD editorial director) Arlyn is doing a daily journal (yes every single day) on her blog. I used to approach blogging like that – just wrote about whatever the heck I wanted to that day, but things shifted and grew and you know the story. But there is something so refreshing and real about just reading someones daily journal. If you want to connect to someone who we feel is DEFINITELY worth connecting to head over there and check out Arlyn Says.

From Ryann: I am one of those people that wears jeans every day, even while working from home. They just simply make me feel good, look good, and thus I perform better and am more productive. My new ALL TIME favorite jeans (that are under $100!) are these that I’ve been wearing every day for like a week straight. I love them so much I even bought another pair so I can wear them non stop. They have a good amount of stretch but are thick and have that classic denim look, they are perfectly high waisted and the inseam is a bit longer so they really elongate your legs. It’s like someone finally figured out how to make a classic looking jean for curvy girls. Praise be!

From Mallory: When earth-shattering news events happen, most of our team checks to see what one of our favorite bloggers, Joanna Goddard has to say. Her posts are incredibly articulate and nail how we’re feeling every time. The best part is she leaves her posts open-ended so others can comment and give their insights as well. Her post following the events at the Capitol this week was wonderful and the comments section is filled with awesome links and various resources from her readers. Check it out if you missed it. We’re also here for anyone who needs a hug right now 🙂

Also From Mallory: This video came up on my Instagram a few months ago about “The Cosmic Crisp,” a new apple variety that apple researchers have been creating for years. It’s a mix between the Enterprise and the Honeycrisp and they literally CREATED it out of the two. Now let me tell you, I love a Honeycrisp. A lot. And when I first watched this video I was like…there’s no way this could be better than my beloved Honeycrisp, but I must give it a shot. We’ve been searching for this apple for months now every time we go to the grocery store and I JUST FOUND IT THIS WEEK. We bought like 8 Cosmic Crips and a few Honeycrisps to taste test. We took a bite of the Cosmic Crisp (it was delicious) and then a bite of the Honeycrisp…and it literally made the Honeycrisp taste like water. Flavorless. Dull. No crunch. I am never going back, guys. It’s the most balanced apple…a little sweet with an amazing crunch. I almost ate the core it was that good. If you want to try it you can order them online at Target (I haven’t seen them in store yet) or you can try to find a farmer’s market or a store that specialized in produce (that’s where I found them) because I have yet to find them in normal grocery stores… Keep your eyes peeled though because Cosmic Crisps are coming and they’re coming fast.

From Albie: Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice by Michelle Obama New year, new intentions…or something like that right? After the emotional & mental beating we all took in 2020, setting intentioned and getting ourselves reset for the new year has been a top priority for me. I remember eying this book a year ago and, for whatever reason, not getting it — I guess I was naive/arrogant enough to think 2020 would let me skate by on my own discipline & will power. HA! Not to say it hasn’t been a good year in its own warped way, but if it’s taught me nothing else, it’s taught me that resilience is a muscle that needs constant exercising. This journal strikes me as a great one to have in my arsenal to get ready for whatever 2021 might hold so *adds to cart*

From Caitlin: I need to sing the praises of two recent purchases! First off – my mom recently threw a tennis ball in the dryer with a down vest to keep it fluffy and I was just like, “NO, STOP, THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!” I ordered her a set of these dryer balls – I have my own back in LA and love them – and it no longer sounds like the dryer’s on the verge of exploding once a week, which is a real treat. Second – I read about this resurfacing face mask on Cup of Jo last year and their post was basically like, “this is the only beauty product I splurge on AND it’s a facial in a bottle.” That’s a pretty tall order buuuut I had a Nordstrom gift card and I waaaaaas already buying those dryer balls so like…why NOT give it a whirl? ANYWAY – if you also suffer from dry/sensitive skin, turns out that this stuff is 10000/10. Thanks, CoJ!!!

Also From Caitlin: Does anyone here have any experience with a Hydrow? My rowing class was my preferred form of fun cardio pre-pandemic (spinning? HIIT? Gonna be a NEVER from me, thanks) and I want to get back into it, but I’m not sure if I should go the WaterRower route (what I’m used to using) or if the screen and classes on the Hydrow are worth the splurge. Please advise????

From Jess: If you want an incredible Instagram or TikTok account follow go to Elladj Balde’s ice skating account right this moment (Insta and TikTok). This was the first video I saw and was hooked. Now it’s been a minute since I watched professional ice skating but this other video almost brought me to tears. Also, last year Elladj also cofounded the Figure Skating Diversity and Inclusion Alliance to help to “foster a more diverse and inclusive figure skating environment worldwide through policy change, program development, and funding for the next generation of athletes.” Pretty damn awesome. PS. I immediately texted Caitlin asking if she’d seen his account and well DUH. Caitlin is an actual professional ice skater so clearly knew about him. To think I thought I was going to introduce her to someone in her world, silly Jess:)

Also From Jess: I am ALWAYS looking for a phone charging cord in my house and when I do it’s never long enough for me to happily lounge while using it. And yet it took me until last week to order some. I bought two of these and really like them. If you also suffer from this, just do yourself a favor and buy one or two. It took a couple of minutes and now I never have to worry about having a charging cord.

Thanks everyone for tuning in! Here’s to hoping this week is better than the last. And as always please wear a mask. xx

Opening Image Credit: Design by Transition State Design | Photography by Aaron Leitz for Transition State Design | via Lonny

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Ack honeycrisp is also my favorite but so hard to find consistently around us, I’m excited to get on Mallory’s applefluencer train!


Me, too! On the search for the Cosmic Crisp!


I would skip the Hydrow and get a Concept 2 or WaterRower. Both are highly rated and about half the cost of Hydrow. Plenty of rowing workouts/apps available online and you aren’t locked into the Hydrow for workouts. I purchased the Concept 2 a few months ago and love it.


Second this as a longtime rower.

Sam D

3rd this from another rower. Concept 2 is the way to go.

Lisa Kimmel

Concept 2 is amazing and happens to have fantastic resale value.


Mallory, thanks for the review for Cosmic Crisp apples. I just noticed them yesterday at the store and was intrigued by the name. Now I regret not getting them. Next time, for sure!!


Wot the?! Target sells apples??🧐 Yeah baby! Cup of Jo and here are my MOST favourite blogs! Between the two, like everything is covered! Then, there are the others where I scroll, look, maybe, scroll… I luuuuurve Arlyn Says! I just wish I got the posts each day. I’ve said that I don’t even though I’ve subscribed … I only get them … sometimes? Hhhmmm. The woman’s keeping her mojo with writing every day. Let’s help her stay true and FOLLOW bu subscribing (it’s free). Her writing is SO authentic. Yaaay Arlyn!🤩 Um, Ryann? Please, don’t use terms like “psychopath” willy nilly. A certain President appears to actually be one and I’m not sure you’re clear on the word’s meaning by usjng it the way you did? Yikes!🙄 That home tour … the mix of furnishings is wild, but it works? Like, kinda, maybe? Some rooms are better than others me thinks, yet different us always refreshing to my eyeballs. 😉 BTW: great resource for talking with kids about the very scary bedlam.👍 I read this earlier today (reading EHD is my reward at the end of each day, in my jammies, sitting on my bed, away from my own… Read more »


The jeans link isn’t working!


Ditto this and I am SO curious!


Both the jeans and the charger links are broken.


I’ve never used a Hydrow, BUT, when life was normal, I used to go to CityRow, which, offers the WaterRower + Screen and Classes. I’ve never used CityRow Go, but, my best exercise friend has one and loves it! Plus, I can vouch that the classes were great in-person, and I’m sure the remote version is too:


I can’t comment on the Hydrow per se, but I would like to share my new obsession with a piece of home exercise equipment I recently bought. Like Caitlin, I enjoy taking rowing classes, and really miss being able to go to my local gym. But I recently bought a really wonderful interactive treadmill from NordicTrack that is integrated with virtual coaching through an app called iFit, and I am obsessed! Similar to Peloton, it allows you to do live studio workouts with a trainer, but that’s not really my bag. What I really love about it is that it is integrated with Google maps, so you can plug in any route you want to explore around the world. Even better, there are thousands of workouts filmed in beautiful locations around the world. You can do a beach run in Bora Bora, a city run along the Seine, a hill run in the Cinque Terre, a snowy Turkey Trot 5k in the midwest, a trail run in the Grand Canyon, and many more. In the morning, I get to scroll through the menu and decide if I want to hike in the Swiss Alps, or jog around temples in Bangkok.… Read more »


Caitlin… when are you going back to LA??
Or have you moved in with your mom permanently?
Wondering if your house hunting has hut pause??
These burning questions and more …. 🤗

Susan G

Trader Joe’s sells dryer balls that work great, a four pack is around five dollars!

I woke up this morning to an alert from my blog about traffic and was like…huh?!? But a few seconds into my daily EHD scroll and now I see why. You guys are too good to me. Thank you Em for sharing! This writing every day thing…woof is it a doozy of a task but I’m enjoying it. Thanks to anyone who popped over, and to anyone who already visits regularly (Rusty!!!). Love you all!

Debbie Igram

visited, loved, purchased!


I believe Ryann’s jean link is broken.


Go for the waterrower! I’ve never been a rower but the reviews hooked me and I love it so far. The noise of the water is so relaxing/meditative, even when in the background. I also got the optional tablet holder, so I can zone out and watch a show on my ipad. Highly recommend!


Arlyn is a wonderful writer! Thank you for the reminder to visit her site, and bravo to her daily writing goal!

Wool dryer balls are the best!

Albie, Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” is amazing! I think I might need to reread it. I love her!


Suzanne, I listened to Becoming on an audio book. I loved listening to Michelle O read; it was like a warm conversation with a friend. Soooooo needed. Now I am listening to BO’s new book, and he is also reading it. Takes me away from the crap reality.


Char, I listened, too! So good, and yes, it feels like you’re in an intimate conversation. President Obama’s book is on my list to listen to. I can’t wait!


Check out IFit for rowing classes. If you buy a Nordictrack or Proform rower the subscription is included and I’m obsessed with the treadmill classes and have heard similar for the rower (subscription includes all classes).

Julie K

Hydrow for the win. Can’t recommend highly enough. The classes are engaging, and you see measurable improvement with the guidance of world class coaches. The subscription also includes mobility, strength,
Pilates and yoga. From what I hear, it’s the quietest rower on the market, and the closest to on the water feeling. The best part is the community. I have had the opportunity to work one on one through Zoom with the amazing athletes, and I have loved the support of the online community. The people I raced on the leaderboard have become friends, and I find myself cheering others in a way that I had not expected. We celebrate the milestones (meterstones?) together, and you earn Hydrow swag through these milestones. You get more than what you pay for.


I can’t open the jeans or charger links and it’s making my Monday morning intolerable! Lol!

Oh! I listened to a podcast on the background of the Cosmic Crisp about a year ago and it was super interesting! Washington State University is known for its apples, but they were not legally allowed to produce the Honeycrisp apple (I don’t remember why, but some kind of patent thing?). They were seeing the success of the Honeycrisp and were annoyed, so they decided to create their own yummy new kind. I still haven’t found one to try, but I hear they’re great!


I listened to that story as well. WSU does know it’s apples. Can’t wait to try one.

Consider me influenced! Went for the face mask, Caitlin. Thank you!


The link for the jeans and the charger cord don’t connect. Would love to check them out.

Maxine Hronek

Thanks for the tip on the Cosmic Crisps! Got a few at Trader Joes today (Illinois) WOW!!! So good!

Amelia R

I just received my WaterRower rental a few weeks ago and have been on it almost everyday using the Hydrow app. I am LOVING the Hydrow classes, I just pop them on my iPad and am ready to go. The app doesn’t display your metrics or track your rows but that seems easy enough to do on my own. When purchasing a major piece of exercise equipment, I for one want to stay away from anything with a built in screen since that’s the piece of tech that will become obsolete first. If I choose to purchase my WaterRower I am confident it will be just as relevant in 10 years as it is today and I’m not locked into an ecosystem (I’m looking forward to trying CityRow next). The WaterRower customer service has been topnotch. I appreciate that my machine is currently a rental since I haven’t decided if I want to invest in a major piece of equipment or if I will want to return to the gym in the future. Also, I love the sound of water moving through the machine, it makes my workout almost meditative. Finally, the WaterRower stands upright on it’s own without a… Read more »

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