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Announcing Styling How To's

The last few days i’ve sat down to blog and…. NOTHING.  Total blank.  100% not inspired.  Yes, i’m easily distracted by the Bear in my lap and pinterest and then of course my client work, but i always am and normally i can still come up with something to blog about.  

Sure, i could show you how i am very  much on the fence of buying this crazy splatter paint chair:

I mean, its definitely a ‘looking at’ chair versus a ‘sitting in’ chair.  But there is something so 80’s and awesome about it, and it wants to be in my entry so bad.  Unfortunately its $400 which is too much for a chair i don’t need.  (OR DO I NEED IT????)

But doing ‘show and tell’ everyday seems kinda boring on the blog (don’t worry, i’ll still do some…i’m too excited about stuff i buy not to show you).

This weekend i was on the blog  YoungHouseLove looking at their kitchen redo ‘how to’s’ (NICE JOB JOHN AND SHERRY, seriously) and i remember thinking, ‘These guys are crazy good at teaching what they know and showing step by step how to do it’.  They impart so much useful information – no wonder they have such a following.

And that’s when i realized that i need to be doing more ‘how to’ styling posts, because that’s what I know and thats the information that I have to impart.   

So good news, people. Hold on to your brass animals, because original styling posts are happening starting next week. 

Mr. Orlando (who is my amazing assistant and very good friend/partner in crime) is going to start joining me at least 1 – 2 days a week (starting next week, i’m headed to NYC today) at my house where i’ll do more of these kind of original ‘how to style’ posts.  I need somebody to help me focus but also to have fun with because when you work for yourself you can get easily distracted by RHOOC. 

My question to you is what do you want these styling posts to be?  

What do you feel like is the hardest thing to style?

I did a lot of styling tips on the show, but either A. you might not have caught every episode or B. seeing certain tricks again doesn’t exactly hurt anyone.  

Here are my initial thoughts:

Coffee table styling (because this is easy to get wrong)

Mantel styling


Easy flower styling

Bed styling

Gallery walls

Dining table styling (formal and casual)

The idea would be to have more ‘take away’ for you (and get more readers with original content).  

Its hard when you do something so naturally for so long to know what exactly people who don’t do it need help with.  

Oh, there will be lots of ‘Moments’.  Lots of ‘layers by layer’ jokes and yes, SECRETS…..(from a stylist)


(All photos of my old apartment and were styled Me, and shot by the awesome Terilyn fisher)


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