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Anne Sage: 5 Things I Would Save In A Fire

You know how you don’t really appreciate your friends that host the big thanksgiving dinner til the year you are the one doing it? Or maybe you don’t even listen/care to your friend’s harrowing birth story til you are about to have a baby? Well, I’m in the throes of REALLY appreciating all of my friends that have written a book right now – including Anne Sage with her new book ‘Sage Living‘.

To celebrate the book and to give me some fun original content Anne has listed here the 5 things from her house that she would save from a fire – mainly because I thought that would be way more fun than a serious review. Click on through to see what those are.

But first …. here is my official review of the book (which is on the back cover): “Anne Sage’s new book “Sage Living” breaks down the relationship between our home and our happiness. It’s no secret that our home makes us happy, and in turn our happiness makes our home, and this book points out the connection in a way that is relatable and doable. Plus, it’s a reminder that perfection is totally boring — the most interesting homes are ‘flawed’ yet completely compelling and inviting.”

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From Anne:

The five things I’d save if my house were burning down? First of all, since pets aren’t ‘things’ but rather furry demanding people, let’s assume that my two cats and two dogs have already escaped unscathed. Then we’ll also take it as a given that my boyfriend George Costanza­ed past the women and children and shoved his way to safety. Now here’s what I’d risk life and limb to grab:

5 Things Anne Sage Would Save From A Fire

1. My sleepytime pillow. You know those people carrying a pillow like a security blanket through the airport? Yeah, I’m one of those. A decent night’s sleep is worth the mocking sneers of fellow travelers, and I simply don’t trust hotels or hostesses to meet my pillow needs. I’m all about firm but flat, really more like a ledge for my head than a pillow at all. Mine is a $7 Target pillow and no matter how heated life gets, it always has a cool perspective waiting for me on the other side.

2. My couch. Mothers have been known to exhibit superhuman strength when their children are trapped in burning buildings, and I’d expect no less from myself when it came time to haul this baby out the door. My decade-­long quest for the ideal couch ended when I stumbled on this black leather sofa from Lamps Plus. Its tufted bench seat means I don’t feel like the cushions are devouring me, and its clean lines make it versatile enough to adapt as my style evolves. Plus it’s acquiring the perfect patina as it ages, and I’ve worked too hard on that butt divot to lose it in the flames.

3. My custom moon painting. When I was a kid my dad would drag me into the yard to view the night sky through his telescope. Back then I thought that if you’ve seen one crater you’ve seen them all, but something those reluctant astronomy lessons must about must have stuck with me because when I saw these Kristine Claghorn paintings of the moon, I had to have one. Kristine kindly created an extra large one pink one just for me,  and it hangs next to my TV to remind me in my dad’s voice that I should turn off Netflix and ‘go outside for Pete’s sake!’

4. My Little Dude. This petite table by furniture designer Eric Trine is the first thing I bought for my apartment when I moved to LA three years ago. Today it’s everything to me. Literally. I use it as a sturdy step stool for hard ­to ­reach places, as a meditation seat during my sunrise Chakra groundings, even as a standing desk with my laptop on the kitchen counter. The Little Dude has now been discontinued, but I fully support the campaign to bring him back. Because life is better when you’ve got a Little Dude at your beck and call!

5. My white Ikea tabletop. Easily the most photographed object in my home, the Linnmon table stands at the ready to be a white surface for Instagram flat lays. I simply screw in the legs and its a chic modern desk for my actually nonexistent home office. Or just add a linen cloth and boom, I’ve got the foundation for a rustic table setting. Buy why not just replace it after the fire, you ask? Well, the price has gone up a few dollars since I bought mine—and if my house has burned down, I’ll presumably need that $3 for a hemp milk latte in which to drown my sorrows.

Anne even made a video to promote the book – one that really tells the story that you’ll find within those pages. Watch it and then if you are so inclined support her by buying her book. 

Thanks, Anne. And good look there with that book.

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7 years ago

Really like this format of a post (although I would prefer if the pictures were with the appropriate bit of text so I don’t have to scroll up and down all the time). Could definitely handle a few more of these 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  Louise

Totally agree, I was going to comment the exact same thing.

7 years ago

Anne had me when she used “George Costanza” as a verb. So. Good. Can’t wait to pick up a copy of her book.

7 years ago

I totally want to see your house now and read your book. And I died when I read… ‘George Costanza­ed’…. seriously, hilarious.

7 years ago

I’m dying over that couch. Is this the same one?
Also, how long have you had it? I’ve got two little monsters and hesitate investing at the moment. But I do love it…

7 years ago
Reply to  Rachel

it is most certainly THAT couch. you found it.

7 years ago

Absolute coffee spit take at the George Constanza reference! I wasn’t familiar with Anne before this post, but I will definitely be checking out her blog and book asap. I really enjoyed listening to her philosophy on creating and living in your home; instead of it having to look “perfect” it just has to be perfect for you and those you love. Thanks for introducing me to this lovely lady!

7 years ago

While I love all of your recent posts, I gotta say, I am DYING to see your baby girl’s nursery! When are you gonna spring that on us??? I have dreams about foresty wallpaper sometimes… 🙂

God, this post makes me wonder what I would save if there were a fire. Time to go ponder life.

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

7 years ago

Having evacuated during an imminent threat of a wildfire approaching my home it’s truly amazing how quickly you are forced to make decisions. My partner and I joked that we should create a new board game called, “Evacuation”.

Those possession that are the most irreplaceable and the things that are essential to rebuilding your life (documents, professional clothing, casual clothing, family heirlooms, art, etc.) you take. Suddenly editing your closet becomes simpler. You see what you like and don’t really care that much about. You say goodbye to things that you’ve collected but ultimately don’t change your life for the better or worse. You also quickly say goodbye to those things that won’t fit into your vehicle. That’s the real decision-making tool before it’s necessary to flee and get to a safe place.

It’s a great mental process. We were fortunate to have our community saved and able to return to our home. Still there was a peace of knowing that you had the essential elements that made your life possible.

7 years ago
Reply to  Darren

This is really beautiful, Darren.

7 years ago
Reply to  Darren

Darren, Well said. I recently had a fire in my apartment building and had to evacuate in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, we could not take anything with us, only had time to grab a sweatshirt and cell phone, but we were let back in later by firemen to take what we could, and its amazing how little your “stuff” matters at that point– when you are grateful that everyone is safe, everything else seems replaceable or less important.

7 years ago

Photographer Foster Huntington has a great photo blog that deals with this same idea, called “The Burning House” where people can submit pictures and explanations of the things they would save. He even has a great book out about it. (I was stoked to see the picture I submitted in there!) I definitely recommend checking out the blog. It really makes you think about the things that are truly irreplaceable.

7 years ago

Loved the hemp milk latte reference! (And George Costanazaed, too!) I’ll have to check out this book. 🙂

Getting the book! You two are cute and could be sis-tahs

7 years ago

OK, this is eerie…the same day that you posted this, there was a fire in my apartment building! Everything is fine, but there was a lot of smoke and three fire trucks came to the scene. In case you are wondering, I only grabbed three things: my purse, my phone, and my cat 🙂

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